• Opposition hits ‘zombie’ cases against Binay wife


    THE United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) on Friday blasted the Ombudsman’s special prosecutor for its unusual interest in digging up decades-old charges against former Mayor Elenita Binay of Makati a move it said is being orchestrated by Malacañang.

    Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco, UNA secretary general, said the 2016 election is the sole motivation for the revival of graft charges against Binay, wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay, who has indicated his intention to run as president.

    “The dismissal of these cases are final and executory but the Office of the Special Prosecutor has willfully ignored the law and the Constitution in pursuing its mad obsession with harassing the Vice President’s wife. This is obviously a demolition job orchestrated by forces outside the Ombudsman’s Office,” he said.

    “Why is this administration so eager to pin down the opposition, in this particular case, the Binays? Given the actuations of the Office of the Ombudsman to revive ‘zombie’ cases, I can only suspect that there’s someone directing how the movie plot should take its course.”

    Tiangco said the administration’s double-standard justice is apparent in its treatment of political foes. “This administration can dig and find records of more than 10 years ago, but cannot release any recent records of DAP [Disbursement Allocation Program]. We are hoping the Ombudsman will not allow itself to be used,” he said.

    He called on the Ombudsman to resist being manipulated or pressured by Malacañang, since it is an independent constitutional body. “It’s just saddening that the Ombudsman is submitting to the whims of Malacañang to allow the administration to wring the cases for more media mileage against the Binays,” he said.

    The four cases being resurrected were dismissed by the Ombudsman in 2011 for insufficiency of evidence.

    Tiangco said the administration’s game are purely “empty black propaganda” adding that the spate of “cases being lodged against the Opposition are bound to collapse like a pile of cards.”

    “The filing of cases against Dra. Binay smacks of political persecution because these cases have long been dismissed and locked in the archives,” he added.

    He said members of UNA expect the sudden resurrection of cases, filing of legal suits and trumped-up charges against them with the intent of crippling the opposition in 2016.


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    1. Para kay ginoong Tiangco wala naman dapat siyang ikabahala kung walang kasalanan ang asawa ni Vice President Binay… Kaya mabuti pang tumigil na sa kadadak at hayaan na natin ang batas ang uusig sa may sala….

    2. Office of the Special Prosecutor has willfully ignored the law and the Constitution – its plain and simple as that. Binay is sure the next President.

    3. efren najito on

      Bakit ba hindi yayaman ang mga Binay eh lhat nagseserbisyo sa gob. Kahit magtanong kayo sa mga Contructor na dumaan sa Makati at kahit sa Pasig di ba kailangan ang pirma ni Mayor, Kumuha kayo sa kanilang mga City Engr’s Office ng Impormasyon ( kung talagang tapat sa tungkukulin?) eh malalaman ninyo kung paano yumayaman ang namumuno sa inyong bayan O syudad.( Kaya lang parang katulad yan ng nangyari sa nacloan na card ng isang Empleado jan sa makati na dinalhan agad ng ensaymada ang nacloan ang card at damay o kasama na ang kasamahan nya sa trbaho para hwag lumala ang sitwasyon na matakot ang mga depositor sa Bangko, na ang halaga ng na cloan ay P27,000.00) Ganon din ang nangyayari kapag nakuha ng BUILDING PERMIT, CAKE naman. O mga MAYOR tama ba ako?

    4. virginia guevara on

      May nasilip ba ang Ombudsman na Anomalya? Good on them, make sure you catch the big fish this time!

    5. Rep. T. Tiangco if Mrs. Binay did not get rich by any illegal means, like stealing from the government, then she has nothing to worry about. Let us face it, nobody trust elected officials anymore because of rampant plunder. I am glad for the country that somebody is running after these crooks, and be convicted for justice sake. I hope that the judges hearing these cases are brave and for love of country be strong enough to resist bribery.

      • If you knew the Binays before Jejomar was appointed as OIC of Makati, I think one can safely conclude that they were into corruption between now and then. Rags to riches story ang mga Binays.

      • Lemuel E. Orit on

        Why this Rep. Tiangco is afraid of? Was it because it was handled during the time of GMA and it was done with GMA’s appointee? With hogwash!..Sige tuloy!