• Oppositionists capture TV channel in Thailand


    The oppositionists has taken under control the TV channel PBS in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, on Sunday. Representatives of the demonstrators said they intend to use the TV channel for broadcasting their own announcements.

    In their speeches the opposition leaders stated repeatedly that the television, including PBS, give the one-sided coverage of anti-governmental actions and does not give proper attention to them.

    The police have used the tear gas against the oppositionists at the government compound in the city of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, on Sunday, local media reported.

    The clashes broke out on a bridge near the historical center of the city.

    Concrete blocks with barbed wire are placed around the government compound, which the oppositionists intend to capture. More than 8,500 policemen are guarding the territory around the building.

    In Thailand the oppositionists, who demand immediate dismissal of the government, launched a large-scale protest action on Sunday. The demonstrators are moving in 15 main directions, seeking to block the state institutions, agencies and TV channels.

    The oppositionists already managed to seize the territory around the governmental public relations department. PNA


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