Optimistic on the Philippine market

Jeff Hurmuses, area vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific of Barracuda Networks Inc.

Jeff Hurmuses, area vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific of Barracuda Networks Inc.

You’ve probably heard it all too often—important emails missing, computers crashing and data theft, among others—these are some of the things we now have to regularly deal with both in the workplace and at home. As more and more people get access to the Internet, the threats increase dramatically by the day. But while most take action by installing the barest minimum security software, or sometimes ignoring it all together, there are many who do take these things very seriously. As Jeff Hurmuses explained, the more people understand the importance of the data they hold in their hands, the more realize the need to get better protection. He should know. Hurmuses is the area vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific of Barracuda Networks, a leading provider of security and storage solutions.

Hurmuses was recently in the Philippines to announce its appointment of Transition Systems Philippines Inc. as distributor of Barracuda’s solutions in the country. This means Transition Systems can now offer their customers a security suite across network firewalls, web and email, as well as application security and delivery. Hurmuses said that Barracuda offers solutions designed to solve mainstream information technology (IT) problems more efficiently while managing costs effectively, and this makes their customers quite happy.

He also stressed the significance of their move as a commitment to Barracuda’s intent of further expanding to the Philippines. He said that they believe it is the right time to get a stronger foothold in the Philippine market. “I don’t believe entering the market just for the sake of entering the market is the right thing to do if you’re just gonna upset your channels, your end-users because you can’t support the products properly.” This is why he said he made sure “Barracuda Networks has had quite a drive in the last year to ensure they have the right sales and support for their channels.”

Barracuda Networks Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-connected security and storage solutions. The company’s security products include protection for email, web surfing, web hackers and instant messaging threats such as spam, spyware, trojans and viruses. Its networking and storage products include web filtering, load balancing, application delivery controllers, firewalls and back-up. It was founded in 2003 and is listed at the New York Stock Exchange with its corporate headquarters in Campbell, California. The company has also been named the content security appliance and virtual appliance volume leader as reported by IDC in its Worldwide Quarterly Security Appliance Tracker, Second Quarter, September 2013 as it leads with a 14-percent market share.

As managing director for the Asia Pacific, it is Hurmuses’ task to spearhead the company’s business expansion in greater China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand. And right now, he said that he is keen on expanding in the Philippines. He said that his company recognizes the country’s aggressive economic growth and more Philippine companies are on the lookout for the best in security and storage solutions.

Enjoying the job
Like most global company executives, Hurmuses said that his job also entails that he constantly travels to check his company’s growth in the region. It’s a job he enjoys, he said, as his passion is really into IT. He reveals that his career spans more than 28 years of business management experience, with most of those time spent as the regional head of world-leading technology companies. During that time, it was apparent that he also kept his good-natured sense of humor, which showed during the interview. When asked how he unwinds, he broke into a smile and asked in return, “Are you asking me to dance? I am not gonna dance, until maybe after three glasses of wine.” He also reveals that while he looks caucasian, he is a little bit of everything, being of Greek and Canadian descent, but born in Hong Kong. His father was the bureau chief of Time Life Magazine and his job took them to quite a number of countries in Asia and all the way to the United States and Canada.

These days he is mostly based in Hong Kong and Singapore, to enable him to monitor the company in the region and be constantly in touch with his regional group. “Half the battle is hiring a strong leadership team and I’m very blessed with that,” he said. Hurmuses added that he is constantly trying to get in shape and while traveling at the same time, which he knows can be quite an oxymoron. Despite the busy schedule, he said that he tries to spend as much quality time as he can with his family. They have a house in Mykonos, Greece, where they regularly unwind, and this enables him to keep the family bond strong. In the end, he said that life should be a healthy mix of the things that one considers important. Finding joy in the work that you do, whether that means adding a milestone in your career, incorporating time to go to the hotel gym, or simply enjoying “dimsum” in a good Chinese restaurant, can spell the difference between work being a chore, or a life blessed with a great career.


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