‘There is an orchestrated campaign against me’, says Comelec chief


COMMISSION on Elections Chairman Juan Andres Bautista said Wednesday that there was a demolition job against him, maintaining that allegations by his estranged wife about his P1 billion ill-gotten wealth were totally false.

“There is an orchestrated campaign against me, perhaps the Comelec, the [2016] elections,” Bautista said in an interview on ANC’s “Headstart”, as he explained point by point all the accusations of wife Patrtcia.

Bautista said that he had done nothing wrong and would clear his name and “all will be explained in due time where these were [accusations]were coming from.”

The poll chief disclosed that he has filed on Tuesday formal complaints against his estranged wife for grave coercion, qualified theft and robbery, and extortion.

Bautista said he had long been advised by his lawyers to file the charges but did not do so for the sake of his children.

Bautista admitted that what was happening was one of the most painful chapters in his life, saying that he had not been dealt with fairly and forthrightly.

Holding back his tears, Bautista said that he was very concerned with his four young children who has since stopped going to school because of his rift with his wife.

Bautista said that he has brought up his concern about the children  to which his wife answered that “the universe will take care of them.”

Bautista’s wife has records of bank deposits, checks, ATM cards, financial records, among other documents to support her claim that Bautista did not truthfully declare his 2016 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth or SALN.

Bautista reiterated that all his documents were stolen by his wife 10 months ago and had not been returned to him, adding that many of the bank accounts were closed or non-existent, while the others belonged to his brother, sister and parents.



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