• Orcollo advances in Reno one-pocket tournament



    Defending champion Dennis Orcollo posted three straight victories to advance to the fifth round of the 15th US Open One Pocket Championship at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada.

    After an opening round bye, Orcollo toppled Richard Wideman (4-1) in the second round, Mike Pankoff (4-2) in the third and compatriot Warren Kiamco (4-3) in the fourth of the double-elimination tournament.

    The 35-year-old Orcollo arranged a fifth-round meeting with American Shane Van Boening, who defeated Jesse Engel (4-0), Brian Butler (4-1) and Jeffrey Leonards (4-1) and Robert Hart (4-0).

    Warren Kiamco made it to the fourth round by routing Frost Scott, Harry Platis and Steve Smith before losing to Orcollo.

    Kiamco needs to win all his remaining games in the losers’ bracket to stay in contention.

    Carlo Biado was the first Filipino casualty, losing to Justin Brgman in the opening round (2-4) and Mika Immonen (0-4) in the losers’ column.

    The champion gets $5,700 cash prize.

    Orcollo has won five titles this year – the Derby City Classic 2014 Master of the Table, Derby City Classic 2014 9-Ball Banks Division, Derby City Classic 2014 14.1 Challenge, 2014 Jay Swanson Memorial and The Action Report 38.




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