Order exhumation of Marcos remains, SC asked


THE Supreme Court (SC) was asked on Monday to order the exhumation of the remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos who was buried last week at the Libingan ng mga Bayani and to cite the Marcos family and military officials in contempt.

In separate petitions, martial law activists led by former Bayan Muna Representatives Satur Ocampo and Neri Colmenares said the Marcos family and some military officials should be declared in contempt for the unannounced burial of the former leader. They claimed that the High Court’s decision allowed the burial of Marcos at the Heroes’ Cemetery is not yet final.

Named respondents were Rear Admiral Ernesto Enriquez, Deputy Chief of Staff for Reservist and Retiree Affairs, Armed Forces chief General Ricardo Visaya, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos and children Imee, Ferdinand Jr. and Irene.

They argued that the respondents violated Section 3(d) of Rule 71 of the Rules of Court, which prohibits “any improper conduct tending, directly or indirectly, to impede, obstruct, or degrade the administration of justice.”

“The penalties under the Rules of Court for contempt is not and will never be enough to pay for the grave injustice this dastardly and cowardly act has caused to the Filipino people and history,” the petitioners said.

They maintained that the mandatory 15-day period to appeal the tribunal’s decision has not yet lapsed.

“The hasty, shady and tricky Marcos burial or interment at the LMNB violates doctrines of law that are not only clearly established in the Philippine legal system but are also so elementary. In doing so, the respondents could not have but acted in evident bad faith and contempt of this court’s jurisdiction,” the petitioners added.

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman also filed a petition asking for the exhumation of Marcos’ remains.

Lagman said the court’s decision is not yet final and executory.


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  1. Mga walang budhi, , dapat ay hindi na swelduhan (forfeit their annual salary,) dahil hindi nila ginagampanan ang trabaho nila sa Congress,,kundi sa kanilang pangsarili lamang.Napakasama ng inyong mga budhi, Kunyari pa kayong nagmamalinis, . naturingan pang mga Kristiano, yon pala mga alagad ni Lucipher.Di kataka-taka ang ginawa nyo kay CJ Renato Corona, nabulag sa pera na ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan, kaya hanggang ngayon maram pa rin ang naghihirap, nagdildil pa rin sa asin at walang makain sa araw-araw dahil sa kasakiman ninyo. Wala na kayong iginagalang, NO ONE Is Above the LAW.

  2. Those cadaverouslooking yellow remnants would exhumed pres Marcos remains to their heart content provided they would replace the vacated space with fu’ll heroes burial ceremony..

  3. Its more fun in the Philippines. First they don’t want the corpse of Marcos buried in the LNMB, now that its buried there, they want to exhume it …. are these personas for real> Are they Christians ? Even pagans and barbarians render due respect to their dead heads of state ……Even the Knights Templar during the crusades rendered homage to their dead tyrant Princes …… in the global community we appear worse than pagans and barbarians ……

  4. Hindi po ako abogado kaya nagtatanong ako kung pwedeng hukayin muli ang patay na nailibing na pagkatapos ang hatol ng hukuman? sa hatol po ba may nakalagay na hindi pwedeng ilibing hanggang hindi lumilipas ang labing araw at mayroon din bang nakasaad sa hatol na dapat ipagbigay alam sa mamamayan kung kailan ililibing, ito ba ay tungkulin na mga namatayan? Sana po masagot ito ng Abogado para sa kaalaman ng mga nakararami.

  5. They are asking the SC not to justify their very own inaction. After the SC decision dismissing their petitions, which in effect lifted the status quo ante order, these idiots ought to have acted immediately to prevent the planned burial which they already knew long beforehand although its exact date was yet unknown to them. They have nobody to blame for their own inaction, let alone demand from the SC to justify the same.

  6. These Aquino-lovers and bumbling Yellows want to exhume the Marcos remains from the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani and–hold your breath!–flagellate it to a second life and eat it too. They have become the nouveau “Walking Dead” in the time of Du30!

    • Lenia Hetherington on

      Ramon William Gusman, you are full of hatred, so may your descendants will also be hated by others, and your descendants may turn the tide against you. What a pity.

    • Ok lang hukayin, basta ikaw ipalit Ramon William Guzman. Biktima ka din ba ng martial law? isa si Marcos sa pinakamagaling nating presidente. putak ka ng putak, wala ka naman alam. Nautakan lang kayo, tantrum kayo ng tantrums.

  7. who are these people to asked that to Supreme Court anyway, Lagman et all are the one to bury while alive,.Peste , daot ka sa lipunan, wala kang ginawang buti sa Pilipinas. di ka pa mauna .

  8. Agapito Bagumbayan on

    “Lagman said the court’s decision is not yet final and executory.”

    hahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahaha dapat sa ganitong abogado eh kinukulong sa library

    • Kaya balewala ang batas sa atin eh. Supreme Court decision na nga, di pa rin “final”. Sangkatutak na lower courts na pinagdaanan nyan bago pa humantong sa Supreme Court, tapos pagdating sa kanila, pwede pa ring baliktarin. Anak ng teteng talaga.