• Organic agri promoted through composting


    As part of the government’s effort to promote organic agriculture and improve soil quality, the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) delivered a total of 166 Small Scale Composting Facilities (SSCF) worth P50 million to all regions of the country.

    BSWM Director and National Program Coordinator for Organic Agriculture Dr. Silvino Tejada, who is actively pushing for organic agriculture for the improvement of soil quality and biodiversity, said that they have completed distribution of the SSCF to its identified beneficiaries through the National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP) in early May year.

    “To address agricultural issues and major threats in the country that concerns the health of our soils, we have to promptly deliver our services as early as the first quarter of the year to have a strong partnership with farmer groups, state universities and colleges and Local Government Unit to promote organic agriculture,” Tejada said.

    Organic agriculture is a tool to combat land degradation, boosts the resilience of soil to water stress and nutrient loss. In addition, increased soil organic matter content improves soil structure, reduces soil erosion, provides microbial habitats, and serves as a source of long-term solutions to the health of the soils.

    “The real challenge is the ability of our country to produce a healthier and nutritious food and to increase agricultural production by 100 percent to sustain the growing demand of our people,” Tejada said.

    Aside from the promotion of organic agriculture, SSCF also encourages farmers to produce their own organic fertilizers, ranging from 60-80 bags of compost every 45 days to help farmers yield high production output and economic returns.

    Higher profit is expected because these facilities can provide the needed vermicast/ vermicompost of farmer-beneficiaries within the targeted 100-hectare cluster farms and sell its remainders from other farm owners.


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