Orlando shooter named as Omar Mateen, US citizen of Afghan descent — TV networks


ORLANDO, Florida: The gunman behind a mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, has been identified as a citizen of Afghan descent, US television networks reported on Sunday.

Quoting law enforcement sources, CBS News named the shooter as Omar Mateen, who was born to Afghan parents in 1986 and lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

The network reported that Mateen — who died in a shootout with police after the hostage siege — has no apparent criminal history and that authorities are investigating whether he had ties to Islamic extremism.

Police have yet to officially identify the gunman. AFP



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  1. David Michael Meyer on

    One cannot immediately, say this is a terrorist incident ..We have the fact that it is a gay night club..could be that the perpetrator–was extremist muslim with a hate against gays

    A while back President Obama; made the point that America had this kind of carnage/violence more than any other country in the developed world …He was howled down by the gun lobbyist ..

    The fact are there for all to see every day –We See this kind of thing happening –We can put it all on terrorist .In So many cases it is unrelated to terrorism

    ..The answer in my opinion is not having more guns ..The ideology of having a good guy with gun to deal with a bad guy with one ..Seems to be a short term answer–If an answer at all ..

    When i go back to Australia ; I am asked was I not in fear of my safety in manila

    –I say I am more in fear of my safety right there in Aussie ..

    This is a fact –the so called developed world –Is a more violent place in my experience than here in Manila….

    David M Meyer {PhD Psych}

  2. One week before the shooting, the killer told his father how disturbed he was seeing men kissing each other. May this serve as a warning to all the gays. Keep your homo acts privately and now publicly. How can I explain to my son if he asks me why two men are kissing? Gays used to be more decent and didn’t express their desires openly. These days, they not openly display their acts in the public, they even brag about it. This is a warning to all the likes of Vice Ganda.

    • This is a homophobic statement. You have a closed-mind, homophobic perspective, so let me help you understand: a gay woman or man has the same rights as a straight woman or man under the law in the United States. He or she also has the same basic human-being rights as everyone else. Just because you have a deep, burning fear of gays does not mean two of them cannot kiss or hold hands in public. It is alright for a man and woman to do so, so why, may I ask, are you concerned with how anyone else, other than yourself, is living their life. You have done good things as well as bad things in your life just like everyone else, including homosexuals. Why don’t you clean out your own house because you are in no position to judge anyone else. Shame on you.

  3. Ignacio Balbutin on

    With all the signs that US will be hit next after the bombing in France, it is beyond understanding how this man was able to carry a high powered gun inside the club. Time now for strict gun control in the country to prevent this kind of thing from recurring