Ormoc to relocate quake victims to safer place


THE City of Government of Ormoc plans to buy a P6-million lot in four barangay (villages) for earthquake victims and those living in a danger zone.

“Mayor Richard Gomez has instructed us to provide houses that are livable. The cut will be 80-100 square meters per house with a backyard,” said Vincent Emnas, Ormoc City administrator.

The city will buy the lot and the houses will be built according to the budget from donations and other financial assistance.

Emnas said the new Ormoc housing project will be more spacious and have a bigger land area compared to the standard 40-50 square meters by the National Housing Authority.

“Most of the evacuees lived in a mountainous area and earned a living from agricultural products and backyard gardening,” he said.

Majority of the houses were totally damaged when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit a fault line last July 6.

Emmas added that the evacuees need to be transferred to a good location soon since some of them in evacuation areas are now disrupting traffic while some have no place to live.

Some have returned to their homes after some minor works but still a lot more remain at the evacuation centers for nothing to go back to since their houses were totally damaged.

Emnas said that target completion of the housing project is next year.



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