• OsMak doctors, staff mum on Napoles’ surgery


    Up until Sunday night, TV crew and a few reporters kept vigil in front of the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak), hoping for word about the lone patient in the room on the hospital’s seventh floor.

    They all wanted to know if the patient, Janet Lim-Napoles, has undergone surgery to remove a cyst from her uterus.

    A spokesman for OsMak said late last week that the alleged pork barrel scam mastermind might be scheduled for surgery on Sunday if her personal doctors allowed it.

    But no doctor or hospital staff would confirm if the surgery pushed through.

    A physican at OsMak who wanted to be identified only as Doctor Bautista told The Manila Times that the medical staff was not authorized to reveal any information on Napoles’ condition.

    “We cannot give any information on Napoles, we are not allowed to do so. Only our medical director is authorized to speak,” Doctor Bautista said, referring to Dr. Perry Ishmael Peralta, OsMak medical director.

    “Hindi namin alam ang mga nangyayari sa taas [We do not know what is happening up there],” another physician, a Doctor Bauzon, said.

    The two doctors said the hospital cannot issue a medical bulletin on Napoles’ condition because Peralta is off on Sundays.

    Peralta had said if Napoles was cleared for surgery, it could be done on Sunday and that they could issue a medical bulletin the following day.

    But he added that Napoles’ private doctors from St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City (Metro Manila) wanted to review the medical tests before going ahead wih the surgery.

    The St. Luke’s team, which is composed of seven doctors, is led by Napoles’ attending physicians Elsie Badillo Pascua and Efren Domingo.

    Security at OsMak has been tightened since Napoles was transferred to the hospital.

    The security guards refused to provide information as to who visited Napoles.

    Peralta has said Napoles will be paying for the operation through funds raised by relatives and friends.

    Government doctors who examined Napoles found a cyst in her uterus that was causing abdominal pain and bleeding.

    Napoles was transferred to OsMak from Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, where she is being held on a serious illegal detention charges filed by her cousin, pork barrel fund scam whistleblower Benhur Luy.

    Dr. Santiago A. del Rosario, the head of the Makati Medical Center’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said the big question is the real state of Napoles’ health since that will dictate whether a major or minor surgery is to be performed.

    If there are no complications after surgery, Napoles may be discharged from the hospital in five days and returned to her detention quarters at Fort Santo Domingo, Peralta added.


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    1. Why is she considered “privileged” to be granted all her wishes. First, why not confined to a regular jail — why will the Government spend extra for her, when she was the scammed criminal who deprived the poor what is due them. Perhaps, putting her in the regular jail, might induce her to spill the beans.

      Having a cyst in the uterus is not a major risk to health. Just need to be taken out. Worse scenario is Hysterectomy – I for one, underwent that procedure but was out of the hospital in three days. Pray that the Doctors — not one of them — will conspire and say that she needs at least a month or more days in the hospital. God forbid.

      So clear that she is guilty, please impose what is just and fair to the people and country she robbed — put her in a regular jail and set an example to all — that crime does not pay.

      thanks. Am not spammer.