• ‘OTWOListas’ get early Christmas gifts

    OTWOListas will continue to enjoy Clark and Leah’s love story ‘through Christmas, New Year and even Valentine’s’

    OTWOListas will continue to enjoy Clark and Leah’s love story ‘through Christmas, New Year and even Valentine’s’

    The surge of Filipino fans from around the world who are glued to ABS-CBN’s most popular prime time series, On the Wings of Love (OTWOL), have reason to feel all Christmasy this early.

    Actually, they have several.

    At a mid-season press conference headed by the show’s extremely popular love team, James Reid and Nadine Lustre, the stars announced that “OTWOListas” (what the series’ followers proudly call themselves) will continue to enjoy Clark and Leah’s love story “through Christmas, New Year, and even Valentine’s.”

    Moreover, in response to public demand, the series’ first six weeks will already be out in DVD format, even if OTWOL only premiered in August.

    “The success of the show is just overwhelming,” James acknowledged, “most especially the global acceptance by fans [through ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel]. This is really a new feeling . . . achieve na achieve,” he added with a chuckle.

    Indeed, viewers young and old can’t seem to get enough of the nightly developments between Clark and Leah, whose love story began with the typical “marriage of convenience” between an American citizen and Filipina overseas worker.

    With the powerful chemistry between James and Nadine, though, the commonplace plot quickly took flight, winning not just sky-high ratings, but also big business for several ABS-CBN subsidiaries.

    To start with those who miss episodes of the show—as well as those who simply want to watch Clark and Leah’s “kilig” moments—have logged in almost four million views in September alone on the free online catch-up service of ABS-CBN, iWantTV.

    OTWOL collectibles are also almost always sold out at the ABS-CBN Store and its online counterpart (abs-cbnstore.com), from pillows to couple rings inspired by the series, as well as the OTWOL official scrap book, which has sold over 10,000 copies and is now on its second printing.

    Then of course, there’s the social media success, where James and Nadine find the inspiration to do better and better in every episode.

    “Nakakatuwa po mabasa at malaman sa mga fans ng show na kahit na matanda na sila, na-i-in love ulit sila pag pinanoonood si Clark and Leah,” Nadine shared. “Or yung nagsasabi na natulog daw po sila na may ngiti dahil sa OTWOL.”

    So precious are these discoveries for the young actors—who first rose to fame via Viva Film’s youth oriented movies Diary ng Panget and Talk Back When You’re Dead—that, despite what insiders say is a real-life romance developing between them, they have decided to focus on the demands of the show.

    “Friends lang po talaga kami and we’re concentrating on our work,” Nadine insisted. “Mahirap din po kasi [to get involved]kasi paano po kung magkaroon kami ng misunderstanding, maapektuhan pa po ang trabaho namin.”

    Perhaps that one “gift” that solid fans of James and Nadine are hoping for is still uncertain for now, but what’s sure is that they’ll continue to get hooked with the coming episodes of the show.

    According the production team, Clark and Leah will continue to face big challenges that will test the strength of their relationship now that they are in the Philippines.

    The next chapter of OTWOL will showcase Clark attempting to win the approval of Leah’s father, Mang Sol (Joel Torre) who was furious on finding out they married without his consent in San Francisco.

    “They will see Clark’s immersion in the Filipino culture of courtship that will involve him driving Mang Sol’s jeepney, among other exciting and more kilig scenes,” James ended with a promise.

    On the Wings of Love airs weeknights on ABS-CBN.


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