• ‘Our car, our rules’


    car620160614Unlike president-elect Rodrigo Duterte, Michelle Gonzales’ ascent to the South Eon Club’s helm didn’t involve a messy and divisive political campaign.

    “When we started, we were just a group of friends and I was in charge of organizing everyone,” she said. “There wasn’t really an election, but they appointed me as president the day we started the club.”

    Working with her fellow officers (comprised of vice president Mark Anthony, a secretary, a treasurer, an auditor and an advisor), she said she’s responsible for setting up the club’s activities, implementing the club’s regulations and meeting with sponsors.

    “I make sure to maintain camaraderie, harmony and respect among all the members,” she said. “I also help out in managing our Facebook group, filtering applications to the club and following up the other officers on the things we have to do.”

    Gonzales said she makes sure to get the input of the other members before making decisions for the club.

    “For instance, the club wants a badge or a shirt,” she said. “I post various designs on the Facebook page and ask for everyone’s opinion, which I think is a very important thing.”

    Although the club works together to achieve their goals, she said one of the biggest challenges she’s faced is the delinquent members.

    “We sometimes have members who get into the club and leave after a few months,” she said. “We’ve also had members who wanted to turn our Facebook page into a selling site, which is something we really want to avoid, hence the filtering of members.”

    Despite the difficulties in processing applications, Gonzales said she wants to make sure that the club doesn’t keep out those who want to join.

    “Our motto is ‘Our car, our rules,’” she said. “As long as we can accommodate Eon owners in the South, we would be more than happy to do so.”


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