Our cruel, heartless President


THERE is no reasonable explanation for President BS Aquino 3rd’s veto of the bill granting pensioners of the Social Security System (SSS) a much-needed increase of P2,000 a month. It was a cruel, heartless decision by a leader – we use that term here in the most cynical way possible – who is incapable of empathy, and has absolutely no conception of the day-to-day needs of ordinary citizens.

The measure, HB 5842, would have increased the monthly pensions of SSS recipients now collecting P1,200 per month to P3,200 per month, and recipients collecting P2,400 per month to P4,000 per month.

In his veto message, Aquino decried the benefit for favoring two million pensioners and their dependents at the expense of the other 31 million SSS members, and claimed the additional payouts would result in an annual deficit to the system of P16 billion to P26 billion.

To those two points, we have to ask: So what? What is the purpose of SSS, if not to provide the retirement safety net – and only a partial one at that – to millions of workers, who, it must be remembered, are not receiving a grant from the government upon their retirement, but are having the proceeds of their own contributions to the fund returned to them.

Let us say that again in moral terms: The original SSS funds came from the pensioners themselves. The government only added its counterpart fund to the pensioners’ contributions when they were still working. Therefore, this cruel president or any other President has no moral right to these funds!

Therefore, the President’s authority to control how much pensioners can receive must be strictly limited, because the funds are not his to dispose of: If the people, through their representatives in Congress, wish for the amount of pensions drawn from the funds they contribute to be increased, then the only concern of the Administration can be how best to accommodate that wish.

Some lawmakers have pointed out that Aquino’s veto might have been more likely to be avoided if another measure in the Senate that would have loosened restrictions on the SSS system’s ability to adjust contribution amounts would have been passed, and perhaps that is true. That is not, however, the only possible way that the increased funding needs could have been managed. But Aquino, who along with his lack of empathy also has a very poor concept of duty, did not even bother to seek alternatives.

Although it is considered very unlikely to happen, we hope that our legislators can find their own consciences and reject the President’s shameful decision by overriding his veto. If that does not happen, however, let the next president – whoever he or she may be – understand this very clearly: The adjustment of SSS pensions is desperately needed, and must be done at the soonest possible time. The excuse that it is “too expensive” cannot and will not be acceptable, and if offered will be regarded as another crass attempt to withhold the people’s hard-earned money from them, and deserving of the harshest political and moral consequences.


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  1. Up to now I am praying for us Filipinos to be guided in voting the right one. May our good Lord direct us in choosing the right one. Let us not listen to the flowering words nor not to be fear on them. Let the Lord choose for us.

  2. Ruben V. Nucum on

    The increased pension if granted is short lived. We see what we need today “bahala na bukas” Sa tingin ko increase the contribution of employer and employee spread over a period of 5 years to cushion the impact of the increased pension of 2,000.
    Maghinay hinay po tayo.

    • And what is your basis for saying that? Do you work for SSS as a high ranking officer that you know the current cashflow status of SSS?

  3. Wag iboto manok ni pinoy..walang pension na received mga pinsan at kamag anak ko last december..wala bonus o 13 month…walang kwenta walang kunsensya..yan pa kc ibinoto ng mga pinoy sana iba nalang…magagaya yan sa ibang pangulo sa kulungan din bagsak nya.

  4. nakaka walang ganang basahin dahil naka harang naman and ads ng The manila Times 3rd Buisness Forum!

  5. And for de quiroz to say, that bonuses are needed by his officers and employees, SSS is not gov’t.-owned, only controlled. Who is he to give out the money of members as bonuses? They are hired according to their talents to safeguard our fund not gov’t. fund. Therefore, they are already paid in doing their job. Who will authorize him to shell out bonuses to its employees? We, members of SSS not the officers. Fix the salaries of officers no more, no less. Do their job according to their mandate. How about if they fail in decision-making (i.e. investing)? SSS must not be covered by law (salary standardization) given to GSIS employees.SSS is a private fund.

  6. Kapiranggot na increase para sa pension hindi inaprobahan pero yung increase ng mga galamay nya sa SSS at GSIS approved in million pesos. sabi nga nya isasama nya sa libingan ang resposibility nya sa pagkamatay ng SAF 44,” BAT HINDI PA NGAYON “!

  7. Only 6 months left under this president. The next president, and congress, will do well to pass the bill.

    • For as long as you don’t vote for PNOY’s candidate,this will be aproved either by Binay or Dueterte.

  8. And I was anxiously waiting for this increment as my current pension is only just enough for paying the monthly electricity and water bills!.
    Subsidy for monthly utility bills could be an option for SSS pensioners?

  9. Only philosophers must be kings…… its true, only a man of wisdom has the karapatan to rule. Bobos have no place up there, otherwise we might as well vote for one of the monkeys in zoo to be our president. From the beginning, my family and I never voted for Aquino. I joined all the movements against President Marcos but after Pres. Cory was in power for a while, I realized that although she was a good person, she was not the right leader. I am a senior citizen and have no reason to complain as my pension from SSS is fair. May the good Lord guide us to choose the right leader for 2016!

    • amado dumaguin on

      how sure are you madam that the computation for your pension is correct…remember that it was put in the news that SSS made a mistake in the computation of SSS pensions of a large group of pensioners…after 1 year said computations is not yet completed

  10. what can we expect to such idiot president !!!he does not care , he is leaving the palace anyway. his interest are for those business people, not for an ordinary FIlipino, who is investing on this SSS just to have something when they retire.
    I hope when the election finish this idiot president have a special place in bilibid

  11. Marami syang pag kukunan ng alternatives para ma sustain ang SSS needed funds. Ang kita ng PGCOR, na hindi malaman kong saan napuponta ang malaking bahagi na income nyan na parang sya lang ang nag papasasa at ang kanyang mga buddys. Dyan sa nasasayang na pera ng CCT, na ginagawa lang palabigasan ng Local opisyals at sa National budget mismo ay poydi syang kumuha sa kanyang in billions na PDAF. Kaso wala syang puso na tunay at puro lang bunga ng kanyang mga kasinungalingan ang kanyang pinagsasabi na kayo ang mga boss ko.


      tama ka dyan ,,tayo ang BOSS kaso ginagawa tayong BUSABOS,,ILANG TAON ,Buwan ,Araw na lang o oras ang itatagal ng mga pensioner dito sa mundo d pa sila suklian ng tama sa kanilang pinag hirapan sa mahabang panahon na controbution sa SSS, TAYO ANG BUSABOS (namamalimos tayo sa sarili nating pera)

  12. This will surely affect all liberal party candidates in the coming election. My advice to these candidates, do not spent any more money, I will guarantee that all of you will lose 100 percent. I will surmise that this will be jail time for Pinoy because of the Fallen 44 . My advice to Pinoy, bring Kris Aquino with you in jail.

  13. The President has given the Final Solution for SSS – let the pensioner die one by one as they live miserably poorer than rats. The life of Fund will increase.

  14. Sabi mauubos ang pondo sa 2029. Ganun din sa USA mauubos pondo nila sa 2033 kung di sila kikilos.Kaya kilos na kayo CONGRESS & Phil Govt”RA8282 or SSS ACT 1997,SEC. 20. Government Contribution. – As the contribution of the Government to the operation of the SSS, Congress shall annually appropriate out of any funds in the National Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the necessary sum or sums to meet the estimated expenses of the SSS for each ensuing year. In addition to this contribution, Congress shall appropriate from time to time such sum or sums as may be needed to assure the maintenance of an adequate working balance of the funds of the SSS as disclosed by suitable periodic actuarial studies to be made of the operations of the SSS.
    “SEC. 21. Government Guarantee. — The benefits prescribed in this Act shall not be diminished and to guarantee said benefits the Government of the Republic of the Philippines accepts general responsibility for the solvency of the SSS.

  15. As far as I know, the government did not, does not, give counterpart funds for SSS or the pensioners, the counterpart funding comes from the employers.
    But, the government should, similar to the Pantawid Pamilya funds given that these retirees paid taxes too aside from their SSS contributions and are at the twilight of their lives. How can P 1200 sustain a octogenarian?
    Further, the SSS employees are government employees and as such are GSIS members !
    And they get paid very well by the government, with SSS funds ? I hope not.

  16. Pera naman namin yan na kinaltas sa sweldo namin at nagbigay lang ng dag dag na pera ang gobyerno, diba? Tapos ngayon i[pagkakait pa ng Mang-aaping Presidente na ito!
    Pero and mga tao niyang opisyales ng SSS ayt nagbigay sa sarili nila ng milyon-milyong suweldo!
    Makarma sa kayong lahat–lalo na si AbNoy Aquino!

    • Arturo cantonjos on

      Abnoy is not human. An animal born to a man’s body. They need the money for their campaign. He needs Mar (bahala kayo sa buhay nyo) roxas won presidential election. An ally to avoid him in prison and save hacienda from farmers.

  17. And to think his favorite campaign fitch is Kayo ang boss ko! Mr President your boss NEED THEIR MONEY BACK!Where is your campaign promise? Di ka kasi nakatikim ng kahirapan kaya di mo naranasan ang maging mahirap Alis ka na diyan!

    • Firet, Pnoy refused to adjust the income tax rate, now he vetoes the increase on SSS pension but he increased by twofold the CCT program. If he can find the fund for CCT and his billion peso discretionary fund, can’t he at least allocate some fund for SSS pensioners? How can anybody live on a P1200 or P2400/month pension?