• Our immature candidates are wasting our time


    SHAME on presidential candidates Rodrigo Duterte and Mar Roxas for demeaning what few shreds of dignity remain in our electoral processes with their stupid and irrelevant “word war” over Roxas’ academic credentials, and shame on the supporters of Duterte for encouraging him to continue. Even more nauseating is that the two exchanged threats to slap the other!

    The issue arose from Duterte’s accusation that Roxas’ claim to have graduated from the Wharton School (formally, its proper name is ‘The Wharton School of the University of Pennylvania) was false, and has since escalated into the two men trading childish barbs including challenges to a slap fight, a brawl, and finally, as just another indication that Duterte doesn’t know when to quit, a challenge to a duel with guns — publicly challenging someone to a duel is a crime under Article 261 of the Revised Penal Code, punishable by up to two years in prison, not that running afoul of the law is something that evidently troubles Duterte in any way.

    Roxas, according to a check of the publicly available records, received a BS degree in economics from the Wharton School in 1979. As several Wharton and U. of Pennsylvania alumni have explained, calling oneself “a Wharton grad” is typically reserved for those who have completed a graduate course there and received a Masters degree, so while Roxas did not lie about his academic credentials, exactly, he certainly appears to have misled everyone, which was an immature and avoidable mistake. Duterte, on the other hand, has only demonstrated that he has no bigger priorities than to drag out for an entire week an infantile argument over something that is ultimately irrelevant to national issues.

    Neither man is at this point demonstrating even the merest quality of a political leader, and certainly both are rapidly disqualifying themselves, if they haven’t already, from even casual consideration as potential successors to President BS Aquino 3rd (who if nothing else has proved that intellectual depth and academic excellence or credentials are not actually important to most Filipino voters after all).

    The entire drama is an embarrassment to the nation, an insult to the intelligence of even the dullest among us, and a complete waste of our time. Since we have very little hope that the two antagonists would do the honorable thing and quietly withdraw from the mockery of democratic process that their respective campaigns now represent, we demand that they cease and desist from this nonsense immediately, and focus on issues that matter.

    At the same time we hope that all voters — who appreciate that good character, maturity, and a host of other virtues are necessary to make a good president — remember that these two men do not deserve their vote in 2016.


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    1. Most of the readers above did not understand the strategy of Duterte. It is David against Goliath kind of struggle in terms of being in the news. Duterte does not have the money to wage a Media Campaign. He does not accept funds that will make him beholden to that person or that group. So how do you get yourself in the news? You hit the guy at the bottom with some smart-alecky comment and for sure the Newspapers/Radio/TV will pick it up. If you make statement that actually makes sense & is feasible – you wont find anyone to carry your message without paying them. It is as simple as that. To those who did not get it, look at the ‘acts of the person” – his accomplishments, his principles. If you are satisfied with the low pay, the 3-5 hour traffic, the eternal “temp staus”, the crime, the debauchery, the drugs, the corruption, the tanim-bala. the in-/out in the Bilibid Prison, the Yolanda missing funds, the dailiy torture ordinary people get from the present government then yes, vote for a clone of BS Aquino, vote for a Cake-whisperer, vote for an American Pasport holder.

    2. There are over 100 million Filipinos and it comes down to these clowns vying to be the leader of the nation.

      Then I almost puked when I read that a boxing champ (who is also a champion in absenteeism in congress) and a has-been movie bold star are running for senate seats. The country needs leaders with high intelligence and ‘honest and incorruptible’ politicians.

      My God, please have mercy.

    3. There was no other choice but to vote Binay or Miriam for President and Marcos for Vice president. Roxas and Duterte are bonafide graduates of MORON school of Stupidiatrics!.I hope they will not be included in any fake and unreliable surveys conducted by money making surveying and trending company. God Jesus Bless our country. Amen.

    4. i suspect that mr. ren fuentes comments is true.. Maaring nagdadrama lang itong dalawang kumag na ito. unang una, magkaibigan silang dalawa, kaya ito rin ang hinala ko. nadadrama lang sila para mapansin ang isa sa kanila..

    5. To the writer:
      I know you are an Intelligent individual but how come you don’t understand the political strategy of the “no-moneyed” politicians? what happened is that Duterte dragged Roxas into his own playing field. Because Duterte doesn’t have the capacity to pay broadcast media for his credit, he jump on to the moneyed roxas’ to have a backride and there it is… roxas is carrying duterte waving to the masses with smile… and the burden is now on roxas to drop or continue carrying him. but since duterte is holding on so tightly in his neck, roxas will have a very difficult time wagging off duterte from his back.

      • It is amazing to me –I am an mere tyro-beginner in the area of politics.

        I have lived in this country for 8 ys..Married a Filipino-

        -Regard this as my home .

        What continues to amaze me –Is how you wonderful people will bend over backwards to be fair..

        Allowing even those with a proven history of corruption to be given another chance !

        OK every one deserves a second chance –But these people have had more than one go around..

        We have gone from being the” pearl of the orient “–To the sick man of Asia”

        All because we want to be”Fair” to bogus officials ..Who time after time sink their Greedy claws into the public purse

        Is It not time that “WE THE PEOPLE” are fair to ourselves !

        Dr David M Meyer {PhD Psych}

    6. Kay Mr. Rodrigo Duterte,

      Malinaw na ang akusasyon mo kay Mar Roxas ay walang basehan at isang kasinungalingan ang pinakalat mo. Magpakalalaki ka na tanggapin ang pagkakamali mo. Kung gagawin mo yan, baka iboto pa kita kung sakaling ma DQ si Sen. Poe.

      Sa mga supporters ni Duterte,

      Lahat tayo gusto maging fair and clean ang election. Magsisimula ang pagiging fair kung kayo mismo ay hindi maniniwala basta basta sa sinabi ng kandidato nyo at pinapanindigan nyo pa sa kabila ng patunay na si Roxas ay nagtapos sa Wharton School.

      Kaming mga supporters ni Grace Poe ay nangangarap ng patas at malinis na halalan, sana kayo rin.

    7. Wala na bang ibang pagpipilian? My vote will not go to roxas and DEFINITELY not to DIGONG BARUMBADO.

    8. You know who gains from these mudslinging , Senator Grace Poe. It is obvious that Binay and Defensor is out. There are only three left and if the two wll have a gun duel , only Grace Poe will be left. These two guys have shown their weakness, Grace still has not shown her weakness.

    9. The Comedy should have a complete cast. It would be merrier if all the presidentiables joined in mud-slinging.

    10. Rora N Suppitsu on

      Sadly, many of the electorate are little better. I read one comment from an obvious Roxas supporter that said that Mar did the right thing because that is what a man is expected to do, something women wouldn’t understand. At this point, their respective candidates can do no wrong.

    11. hindi kaya palabas lang ni digong at boy pickup ang word war para mapagusapan si boy pickup?? tandaan natin na magkaibigan ang 2 ito at sabi ni bobit avila ng philstar, si digong ay para talaga kay boy pickup. unbelievable?? think about it. hindi ba napagusapan ng buong bayan si boy pickup?? sumikat sya kahit papaano, hindi ba?? ANG TANONG NGAYON AY TUMAAS KAYA ANG RATINGS NI BOY PICKUP SA PAGPAPEL NYANG MACHO MAN DIN SYA??? abangan

    12. I always chat with the driver about his choice in the coming election every time I ride a taxi. You will be surprised at the wisdom many of them express from the stupidity of a Kris becoming a candidate for senator or vice president to the certainty of victory of Bong bong should he choose to run as president. But the last nugget of wisdom I heard one say went this way: me: sino ang kandidato mo para presidente; driver: Wala akong mapili hindi na lang ako boboto. I actually was feeling the same way and I was happy to be confirmed by a common man whose thoughts deserve to be given value as expressive of the aspirations of the mass of ordinary folks in the country. I have decided to boycott the coming elections because like this driver “wala akong mapagpilian”.

    13. I agree 100% beloved Editor. The no. 5 basic principles of life is. Lead by Example. These two Presidential Candidates have a good education , but they used it into bad confrontation, and that is abortion. One is dodirty and the other one is Mar Ahas..It is good that Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago filed her candidacy and I do believe Sen. Miriam is our defense….!

    14. It’s wouldn’t be a circus without a bunch of clowns, the Philippines is well known worldwide for the clowns that run the country.

      • Hilaeious observation but I agree. The candidates are funnier than the three Stooges. It’s so funny that it is painful for the country……..but as H Daza has opined Filipinos are insane anyway….

    15. what embarrassment to the nation? what is embarrassing is the corruption like the laglag bala that even tourists have become victim. what these 2 candidates are doing are simply normal drama of Philippine politics, one is a trying hard candidate and the other a hard core candidate who will take no bullshit. And in today’s current situation, we prefer to take the one who can walk the walk and talk the talk, not just portray the image of a suave person with a perfect smile, we want someone who has the integrity and an unsurpassed record of good governance that no president has ever done and that includes every president we had. there were few who were not given much chance to prove themselves, but the rest, all crooks with secret accounts abroad after stealing from the people’s money.

    16. Yes, Duterte and Roxas obviously has shown their true Character of immaturity and Lawlessness. This kind of candidates should never Lead our Country . They spell Chaos and disaster to our Nation . Both a Big Liability for the Country . BSAquino has already done so much damage and Roxas a Clone of his administration must have to Go !
      We need Change and a Leader who can be Respectable in Words and Action by our countryman .

    17. leonardo o. odono on

      Mar and Duterte and the other candidates for President should watch a replay of the GOP presidential debate yesterday staged and telecast live by CNN. It was a very enlightening presentation of the candidates’ views and positions on the issue of national security that can guide American voters intelligently on who to choose to be their next Commander-in-Chief. Pity us Filipinos who have to endure a daily dose of slapstick discourse among the candidates and an almost endless debate on the disqualification of Poe and Duterte. We deserve to hear and know how those candidates will address the paramount issues of grinding poverty around us, of peace and order and of China’s behavior in the West Philippine Sea, among other crucial national concerns.

    18. Parang mga bata NA nag aaway yan ba any statesman nakakahiya sa harapan pa ng TV. ipinakita Nils and kakitidan ng kanilang mga utak. Yan ba ang mga presidentiable MA’s mabuti pa sa kanila so Gen. Marquez ng PNP Example ng officer at gentlemen.

    19. So the Filipino electorate know; Did you ever hear from Davao if ever Duterte liquidated any Chinese drug dealers/pushers? The answer is NO or NEVER. Why? Because Duterte can only deal with the ordinary people and not the real criminals. FACT: Duterte is a PAWN of China with the Chinese financing his ambition since he was a mayor of Davao for decades..

      • I agree that duterte kills only the small fry. We need him to go to Manila to kill the big fry – big time corrupt officials, drug lords and big time criminals who are operating even inside new bilibid.

    20. vote Andres Bonifacio for president in 2016 na lang, buti pa, or vote for general antonio luna sila pagasa ng bayan eh

      • sayang we were not around during the revolution. But you can see today the likes of Aguinaldo, mascardo and tirona who are controlling our government. We need an alternative candidate. You don’t find that with the illustrados of our present times.