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DFA20151011(This is a reprint of the speech delivered by Dante A. Ang, Chairman Emeritus of The Manila Times, during the relaunch of the paper on October 11, 2001.)

IN taking over The Manila Times, we were conscious of its distinguished history and tradition of excellence. We were also equally aware o the needs of today’s newspaper readers and advertisers.

The 103-year history of The Manila Times is a unique asset that we will conserve and build on. The new Manila Times will be a window to the past and a door to the future. The newspaper today has a singular role, a role modified and transformed by competition from radio, television and other outlets of mass information.

While in the past immediacy in the reporting of events was a must, today a newspaper is expected to be more nominative, delving more deeply and thoroughly into the meaning of the news and into the motives of those who make the news.

The newspaper today has an obligation to seek out the news, to ferret out facts, to expose mendacity, deceit and fraud in low and high places.

But certain standards are constant: fairness, clarity, accuracy and good taste. These will be the guidepost of The Manila Times.

What then can a reader or advertiser expect from The Manila Times?

We promise a straightforward account of daily events here and elsewhere.

We will provide thoughtful, incisive comments on these events and on the persons or institutions behind them.

Readers can expect pithy reports that could help the common folk navigate through the oftentimes uzzling shoals of modern life.

And they can look forward to fun and humor—gentle, satiric, or biting but always pointed and tasteful.

In brief, The Manila Times will be a national journal that addresses the information and communication needs of the modern reader without patronizing or pandering to him or her.

Our mission then is to inform clearly and accurately, to reflect on great decisions and events, to arouse the intellect, to excite curiosity and wonder, to honor the past and pave the way to the future, but always with the aim of sharing with our readers and advertisers our joys and sorrows, the triumphs and the defeats that are the stuff of our daily lives.


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