1. I believe most Filipinos have Chinese blood.
    Kahit tihnan sa history, walang naging atraso ang China sa Pilipinas.
    Dapat nga, maging proud tayo sa nakamit ng kapwa natin Asian.
    Sa bansa ng mga puti, they look down on Asians.
    Naranasan nyo na ba ma-descriminate ng puti?
    Asia is for Asians. This is our century. Bagsak na ang mga puting mayayabang at puro giyera ang gusto. Isa pa, yung oil and gas sa South China Sea ay nanakawin lang ng mga pulitiko at negosyante sa Pilipinas. Hayaan na yon sa China.

    • Chinesekalang on

      alam mo pang Asian kalang., kung dati mga maiitim ang highest discrimination sa US ngaun wala na., alam mo bang malaki na ngaun ang utang ng China, 25 billion USD sa iilang taon lang, dahil sa korakot ng pamahalaan nila., ung housing project ng gobyerno nila na gumastus ng ilang bilyong dolyares na nagmistolang ghost tawn,. alam mo bang ang West Philippines Sea ang plan b nila, na para malutas ang problema nila ngaun, gusto nilang maging Imperiales.. gaya ng US, at ang Pilipinas ay maging Provincia na ng malaking utang na gobyernong China. kawawa naman mga tao dun nuh?. kaya bago ka mag comment wag kang maging one sided. Chinese kalang.

  2. LOL@ IamChinoy! Affected much sa call for boycott ng Chinese businesses. Bakit kaya? Lol!

  3. Eden Cachola Bulong on

    I am more than the age of a qualified senior citizen. I have read and watch the growth of Chinese in the Philippines. Sabi ng Lolo ng Tatay at sabi rin ng Loloko, walang nakarecord na batang Chinese na namatay, at ang biro pa noon ay “ginigiling upang maging Vetsin,” pero sabi nila yong birth certificate ng batang namatay na chinese ay ipinapangalan sa bagong dating na Chinese. Sila noon ang nagtitinda ng taho, puto, bote, dyaryo atbp. Intsik Beho ang tawag namin sa kanila, pag nakitang masigasig na maghanapbuhay ang Tsino, tutulongan ng mga nakakaahon ng kasama nila. In short, nagtutulongan noon ang mga ito hanggang sila”y naging malalaking negosyante, FILIPINO NA SILA. ipinanganak sa Pilipinas at ipinapakita nilang sila’y tunay na Pilipino. PROBLEMA ay yong bansang pinanggalingan ng kanilang mga Ninuno, gustong angkinin ang ibang bahagi ng bansa natin. KILOS NGAYON MGA KABABAYAN. PAG-ISIPAN ang pinakamagandang paraan upang di maagaw ang ating bansa. Ano kaya kung ang mga me dugong Tsinoy na Pilipino ang makialam rin.

  4. Maybe it is time to teach the bully a lesson and fight an all out war. We will lose but we will weaken the bully, then they’ll get what they deserve from their stronger enemies. The words’ “ANG MAMATAY NG DAHIL SA IYO”, is not in our anthem for nothing !!!

  5. Juan Dela Cruz on

    How To Read Country Of
    Origin In Bar Codes


    The whole world is scared of China made ‘black hearted goods’. Can you differentiate which one is made in the USA , Philippines , Taiwan or China ? For your Information … the first 3 digits of the barcode is the country code wherein the product was made.
    Sample: all barcodes that start with 690.691.692 until 695 are all MADE IN CHINA.
    471 is Made in Taiwan

    Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products ‘made in china’, so they don’t show from which country it is made.
    However, you may now refer to the barcode, remember if the first 3 digits is 690-695 then it is Made in China .

  6. Galing ng artwork. All out war na ba Philippines and China?

    Natatawa naman ako doon sa comment na boycott lahat ng establishment na owned by Chinese. Hindi ka aasenso kung ganyan ka magisip. Kahit saang bansa ka magpunta, may mga foreign investors or business owners. Pinoy ka nga pa english english ka naman. Bakit nahihiya ka magtagalog.

    • sigurado irereply nyan “ok lang ibang foreign investors as long as it is not chinese” :P colonial mentality kasi, haha.

    • I’ve seen how they run business, its not even near equal opportunity employment its more of use them till they drop ratio.

      You know what’s china’s means of controlling any and all economy? it’s business. Monopoly is the name of the game.

      From the source to actual distributorship is controlled by Chinese, and you will see the small retailers feeding off the crumbs of what they get and see how fat the supply line is.

      Example of a Business:
      Rice for example ( prices are brought down ) removes the opportunity for farmers to establish themselves.

      Prices balloons on the broker and distributor level and retailers have to settle for small portion of what they can take.

      Worst practice is they smuggle rice from other country, they kill off small farmers and control the pricing by flooding the market. tsk tsk

    • Chinoy, wala naman tayong pakialam sa China. Di tayo makikipag-Gyera sa kanila. Di natin pwedeng i-boycotts mga products from China.

      Pero di rin pwedeng basta-basta na lang tayo papayag na nakawin nila yung matagal ng atin.

      Chinoy ka ba talaga o Chino lang? Kasi andami kong kakilala na chinoy din pero mahal nila ang Pinas eh.

  7. Boycot all establishment owned and operated by Chinese, Philippines are for Filipino and not for people who only serves the benefit of a country that’s oppressing your country and your way of life.

    Chinese are only Visitor in our country and they should remain visitor.

    • boycott? sige umpisahan mo na sa mga popular businesses: SM, SMDC, BDO, PAL, PNB, Allied Bank, Chinabank, Tanduay, Asia Brewery, Fortune Tobacco, Megaworld, Empire East landholdings, Suntrust Properties, Robinsons Land, Robinsons Mall, Summit Media, Cebu Pacific, Sun Cellular, Universal Robina Corp., Jolibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Bench, Kashieca, Human, Aldo, Celio, Charles & Keith, The Face Shop, Pedro, Dimensione, Patchi, Yuchengco Group of Companies, RCBC, Zest-O, Zest-Air, Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo, Regatta…

      Just boycotting Cebu Pacific and PAL will cripple hundred thousands of OFWs. and don’t forget… IPhones are also made in China.

      The bottom line, nobody’s stopping you for making your own business, so don’t blame your failures to chinese business people. RACIST!

    • Marshall Laway on

      Unang-una, hindi matino na pag-iisip na nilalahat mo ang mga Chinese businesses. Mas-loyal pa nga sa Pinas ang mga Chinoy kaysa sa mga puro na kung may chance na mag-migrate sa ibang bansa ay mag-alsa balutan na.
      Pangalawa, hindi praktikal ang sinasabi mo na boykot dahil kapag bumagsak ang mga ‘yan, sabit ang buong ekonomiya ng Pinas.

    • Kaya di natatakot ang china sa atin kasi sobra dependent sa china products ang pinas, nakita nyo ginawa ng vietnam di sya umaasa sobra sa worth ng china or sino man na may affiliation to 2nd degree sa china.

      It’s not racism its giving opportunity to the native and the real filipino by blood and by birth. And consideration to all Chinoy who has no more affiliation with china. Independence starts in our mindset… Think about it. Well I guess you have a chinese blood.

      If Vietnam can do it why can’t Philippines.

    • hakkinell

      Racist???? really?? you should say that to your countrymen in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. You should leave. The Philippines for the Filipinos. One of the reasons the FIlipino people are not improving their circumstances is because there are too many Chinese. If you look at China, the Chinese treat their workers like dirt. With no respect and no care. I’ve seen it here.. Where in other western countries they respect and want to improve their employees conditions somewhat. The Chinese people are proud, arrogant, racist and do not care for the common people. How does it feel to be on the other side of the coin?

    • hakkinell – all the establishments you mentioned are owned by Filipinos. it doesn’t mean your surname is Sy, Tan, Go or Chan make you Chinese automatically. They are born and raised in the Philippines. They vote in the same precincts you and me cast our ballots.

      I don’t agree that we should boycott anything but doing something is always better than doing nothing. Let me ask you: What are going to do for your country? Are you willing to defend any threats, both foreign and domestic? That’s what I thought.

  8. if this be on a shirt
    i will be glad and proud to wear it just to show my support of our claim
    and to who who disgusted i am with MORON CHINA

    • While people are busy wearing shirts and laughing at the China’s map… China will have the last laugh when they take over the Philippine islands.

  9. Dear Editors,

    May we ask the permission of the artist if we can have this editorial cartoon be printed on T-shirts?

    Will appreciate very much your gracious reply on this :)

  10. Finally, the original map since ancient times of the world, Jurassic to be sure. We wiil win our case and soon will be dismissed in favor of the Philippines because of this map I tell you…