We now spend a lot of our waking – and especially weekend – hours at the mall. So it should fulfill our every need and more. Fojas describes this ideal home away from home.

■ A mall always serves two customers: the mall guest and the retail partner or tenant.

■ Customers go to a mall not only to shop but also for the experience.

■ A mall should provide a safe and secure environment for its guests. So, security guards examining personal belongings is part of that process, and while it may seem inconvenient for some, others see it as a sign they’re being looked after. And if a security canine looks bored, that’s because he/she has not sniffed anything suspicious like a bomb. Once they stand alert, that indicates there’s an explosive substance.

■ Spacious corridors and hallways of a mall enhance the retail experience because guests don’t feel crowded or hemmed in. Our escalators are designed to transport guests without having to go through each floor.

■ Malls like the Shangri-La Plaza should appeal to all generations. It keeps customers coming back.


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