• Our Tanim-Bala country also world’s Journalist-Murder capital


    COLUMNIST R. TIGLAO is right, as he said in his column yesterday, under President BS Aquino, the Philippines has become the most violent country in the world, next only to North Korea.

    And, as today’s column of Yen Makabenta tells us in his piece today, “Of the five worst countries where journalists are murdered with impunity, only the Philippines, at fourth place, is not in a state of large-scale armed conflict. This was noted by the Committee to Protect Journalists in its latest Global Impunity Index.”

    The index shows that the Philippines is rated worse than South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Mexico, Pakistan and Russia and is only a little better than Somalia, Iraq and Syria.

    We wholeheartedly agree with the following statement on November 2 of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, titled “Murder of broadcaster is clear case of impunity.”

    * * *

    The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines condemns the murder of our colleague Jose Bernardo, correspondent of radio station dwIZ and columnist of the tabloid Bandera Pilipino, who was gunned down two days before the world commemorates the International Day Against Impunity today, November 2. We demand that authorities swiftly get to the bottom of his killing and arrest all those responsible, including the masterminds.

    The brazen manner in which Bernardo, the 30th journalist slain during the watch of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, was gunned down outside a restaurant in Quezon City, underscores the impunity with which media killings and other extrajudicial murders continue to be committed because of government apathy toward human rights and its primary duty, to protect the lives of its citizens.

    Under this administration, a large part of the blame should fall on Aquino, who has displayed a penchant for blaming practically everything wrong with his governance, or lack thereof, on the media, which can only embolden those who would impose the ultimate censorship – death – coupled with an utterly uncaring attitude towards the murders of journalists and human rights violations in general.

    This, after all, is the president who could not even get the numbers right on the November 23, 2009 Ampatuan massacre, the worst single incident of electoral violence in the country’s recent history and the single deadliest attack on the press ever recorded.

    And yet, the Philippine media in general remain free and independent because Filipino journalists insist that they remain so, despite the physical and, yes, economic challenges they face. Of this we are extremely proud.

    We call on all our colleagues to remain steadfast to our calling and on the people we serve to stand with us in demanding justice for Jose Bernardo and all other fallen journalists.


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    1. I am not going to dispute whether or not the title Journalist murder Capital of the world is apt or not…….

      But from pure;y personal point of view —

      I have lived here among the Filipinos,and married a Filipino..I have traveled back and forth to Australia many times in the eight years I have lived here —

      One thing that has always struck me is how different the level of violence is here as opposed to the west,

      ,It is so obvious in the west –Violence is just beneath the surface ;If you scratch someones car you will see a fight break out..

      There does not seem to be a level of tolerance that we have here …..We see a lot of knee jerk reaction in Australia..

      .I have not lived in America ; but it is plain to see, that there it is even worse….

      The notion of letting it all hang out ,,,Having no regard for authority …is the order of the day..Impulse control…appears to be non existent..

      From a personal point of view I have made my choice –By making my home here In the Philippines …

      There may be many things wrong –But one thing is clear people here take the responsibility of parenthood seriously ..Children are taught to respect adults and authority, and by and large it shows ,,

      I remain yours
      David M Meyer (PhD)

    2. What is happening at NAIA at present, the BOC and other government agencies related to activities of corruption, extortion (alleged because there is no official confirmation) is the AFTERMATH of some of President Aquino’s bad decisions and TOLERANCE OF ACTIONS DONE BY HIS APPPOINTED MEN. There are still some respectable government employees not being mentioned but few and far between. When Sec. Abad and Pres. Aquino’s DAP/PDAF plans were bared to the public, Aquino lost his power and credibility to correct and reprimand. So, i’ts heyday for those (relatives and friends included) who think they can’t be touched nor punished!

    3. The work should emanate from good conscience which president Aquino cannot have since his conscience formation all through the years were not out of love but violence and vindictiveness and the result now of his attitudes on decision making were not decisions and reactions not of a good father of the family or tantamount to bad faith. So what do we expect how our President and his Cabinets handle all these crimes and massacres happened to our country? They were all unsatisfactory and causes more troubles and shame of this country in the eyes of the world community. There is a battle of goodness that every human should be able to win for one to keep good conscience in our daily routine work in our own level of activity.

    4. >>> this is the symbol of the Philippines being a Agri-Industrial nation. Before we’re planting rice and corn, but due to corrupted government officials most of them stop and retired being a farmers. NOW SOMEBODY HAS FOUND A ALTERNATIVE…..PLANTING BULLET !!!