Oust me, Duterte dares CIA

President Rodrigo Duterte CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

President Rodrigo Duterte CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte dared US officials to oust him as he maintained that he will not allow America to treat the Philippines like a “doormat.”

“You want to oust me? You want to use the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)? Go ahead. I said, I will put at stake my honor, my life and the presidency. What happens to me is really a part of my destiny. If I am ousted, then that is part of my presidency,” he added.

In September, the President claimed that the CIA, a civilian foreign intelligence of the US federal government, was planning to kill him.

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said officials are investigating the supposed plot to oust Duterte and that they already know the names of the people reportedly behind the plot.

“We take any destabilization move seriously whether it’s rumor or it’s A-1 information. It’s against the law…It’s inciting to rebellion,” Andanar had said.

Andanar said he received information about the supposed oust Duterte plan from “’credible sources in the United States.”

In a speech in Davao City, Duterte also told US officials to “assess” themselves, or else, they will lose their partnership with the Philippines.

“Assess yourselves because if you don’t, you will lose the Philippines,” the President said as he stressed that under his term, he will not allow the US to treat the Philippines like a “doormat.”

“As long as I am there, do not treat us like a doormat because you will be sorry for it. I will not stick with you,” Duterte said.

The Chief Executive said he has written letters to his critics – the US, the United Nations and the European Union – asking them to probe his war on drugs amid concerns over alleged extrajudicial killings.
“The Americans, [US President Barack]

Obama, [UN human rights officials], and also the bright boys of Europe … I wrote them a letter. It’s already done,” the President said in his speech at the launch of a business mentoring program at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City on Friday night.

“I invited the human rights [advocates], Obama, the [US] State department, and the EU. Come here, investigate me,” he added.

Last month, Duterte gave his foreign critics the green light to visit the Philippines and conduct an inquiry on the spate of killings of drug personalities.

But the President said he would cross-examine them after they complete their investigation.

“In return, allow me also to ask you questions so it would be equal. You can have your cake—pin me down—and eat it too,” Duterte said.

“What are you? Do you think you are lucky? You think you are brighter than me? Go here [and let’s see],” he added.

Duterte has been accused of using vigilantes to kill criminals in his home city of Davao, where he served as mayor for two decades.

Edgar Matobato, a confessed former member of the so-called Davao Death Squad, told a Senate hearing that he killed criminals and others on Duterte’s orders.

But Duterte denied ordering the killings, saying the deaths of suspected criminals in Davao were the handiwork of crime gangs and drug syndicates.

On Thursday, the President challenged US officials to withdraw their aid, saying he would “never beg” for it as the Philippines could survive even without their help.

“We sacrificed for you. You stayed here. You are still doing business here. I just swallowed that. We suffered during the last Second World War because you were here. Had you not been here, we would not have experienced so much destruction in the country. The Battle of Manila, 200,000 Filipinos died because you were here,” he said.

Duterte then reiterated that there would be no more joint military exercises between the Philippines and the US under his term.

Instead, the Philippines will open its door to other countries like China and Russia.
He, however, clarified that he did not intend to “antagonize” the US.

“But I say, try to give us a little of respect. You do not go around reprimanding a head of state,” Duterte said.

No word from Manila
He also gave notice that there will no longer be joint patrols at the disputed South China Sea.

But Washington has yet to receive word from Manila on the future of joint patrols between the Philippine and US militaries.

Asked if Manila had communicated with Washington regarding the curtailment of the joint patrols, US State department spokesman John Kirby answered in the negative.

“I saw those comments, and we checked with our colleagues at the Defense department. They’re not aware of any official notification of the curtailment of these activities. Here at the State Department, we are, likewise, not aware of any official notification of the curtailment,” Kirby told reporters.

“[W]e’re focused on the very real, very significant security commitments we have through our alliance with the Philippines,” he added.

On Friday in Manila, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters Washington had been informed of Duterte’s desire to end joint patrols in the disputed waters.

Duterte had said there would be no more patrols in the West Philippine Sea to avoid upsetting other claimants to the dispute waters, and that the October 4 to 12 amphibious landing exercises would be the last during his term.

Kirby however said the President’s comments run afoul of the close ties between the two allies.

“And we think comments like this, whether they are or will be backed up by actual action or not, are really at odds with the closeness of the relationships that we have with the people of the Philippines and which we fully intend to continue,” he added.

Outgoing US Ambassador Philip Goldberg told American businessmen on October 5 the bilateral cooperation and relationship between the Philippines and the US were strong and that commitments remained unchanged.


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  1. You guys will be a communist state in a year or two.congrtaz PDigong another 50 million Filipinos will be starved to death.

  2. Antonio s. Basa on

    Wil Pres Duterte’s aligning Ph with China make the U.S. attack US? What if we kept PNoy’s hard line stand with U.S. Vs China? Time will tell who is the wiser? For the sake of 101M Filipinos. Otherwise “we will have not only Spratly’s but Palawan not San Francisco California as the battlefront.”

  3. Leonardo Caparas on

    The president is clear.America feed us with word of support but empty action in case the country will be invaded.This means destruction and death of our country men similar to ww2 and the Mamasapano that left 44 saf dead. America is employing carrot and stick diplomacy and said thay will not go for war for the Philippines. It is better that we terminate our raw alliance to America who play mickey mouse with us showing their force but will never use it in time of invasion.

  4. i feel sorry for the philippine people to have such an ignorant person for a leader. no one in america needs or wants anything from you assbroke country. go with china a d russia, you deserve it.

  5. Chemical warfare is being used in the U.S. and Canada to kill drug users. Fentanyl and Carfentanal murdering hundreds of thousands of heroin users across the U.S. every year. U.S. Military lists both drugs as “Chemical” contaminants for wars. The chemicals are allowed to come in from China and dealers are left alone by DEA to so they can kill more people. Mostly white people dying.

    google: Deadly drug fentanyl has been tested as chemical weapon by military for decades.

    For decades before being discovered by drug dealers, carfentanil and substances like it were researched as chemical weapons by the U.S., U.K., Russia, Israel, China, the Czech Republic and India, according to publicly available documents. They are banned from the battlefield under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

    “It’s a weapon,” said Andrew Weber, assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs from 2009 to 2014. “Companies shouldn’t be just sending it to anybody.”


  6. Duerte is the single ugliest looking human on the planet. Lucky for him he is so beautiful on the inside the way he is so proud of having people murdered without even a fair trail. OK, so he is ugly on the inside too. He is just an ugly subhuman toad.

  7. It was said that Lee Kwan Yew once described PH as a “country of 40 million and one SOB” despite the finesse and eloquence of President Ferdinand Marcos. Probably most global leaders are looking at us the same way now under a bravado, expletive-uttering President Rodrigo Duterte. He insulted US President Barrack Obama and lately dares the CIA. It is a wonder what would we become again after this when like a pendulum we have swung to the other extreme of having another kind of Lee description. Whatever happened to foreign policy among 110 million Filipinos.

  8. The CIA is not responsible for fixing the election mistakes of the Philippines. The people who made the mistake need to fix it.

  9. The CIA was responsible for the Arab Spring in 2010. They caused countries like Egypt to collapse. With the help of Saudi Arabia, the CIA, who trained Osama bin Laden, also trained ISIS in order to destroy Syria. The US wants Syria under her control because it is the doorway to Russia from the Mediterranean Sea.

    The CIA also assassinated Ninoy with the help of Danding Cojuangco, Cory Aquino’s cousin, in order to start a revolution against Marcos, a US puppet, who started to cut the strings of the puppeteer.

    All of them were unprepared. This time, Duterte is waiting for them, to catch them red-handed. And this time, even China will send troops to aid Duterte if necessary just as Russia sent its military to aid Syria’s government against the US-Saudi sponsored terror group ISIS because the Philippines is the doorway to Asia from the Pacific Ocean.

  10. Rosaur Feliciano on

    Anything we say has to be supported with objective evidence, which the people appreciate for this is truth if the evidence affirms the truth.

  11. Ignacio Balbutin on

    Mr. President, nakakasawa na ata iyang mga anti-US tirade mo. Just focus on being friends with everybody and just be neutral. We need every country in the world to attract their investors. Just focus on your jobs as the President of the country and accept criticisms like a matured man. Please think of the country and not your leftist or rightist leanings

  12. We suffered during the last Second World War because you were here. Had you not been here, we would not have experienced so much destruction in the country. The Battle of Manila, 200,000 Filipinos died because you were here,” he said.

    How many more would have died had the U.S. not been here you fool.

  13. Duterte forget the CIA! Worry about your own people and army, navy airforce police getting rid of you.

    You have bitten the hands that feed not only you bu the Philippines

  14. America is just all talk but no major material or financial commitments to the Phil. Israel Egypt and Pakistan received more money and weapons than the Phil and yet they treat As colony.

  15. Oh please, Duterte is fabricating all this talk of the CIA to add drama and fool the public into rallying around him. Why would anyone believe someone who does not respect the due process laws of the country but instead encourages street executions?

  16. The Pilipino people will suffer more from all these speeches and tantrums by the President. The poor will became poorer and I am sure there will be widespread hunger and more crime and dead Pilipinos because of more drugs and more hardships. He will have to answer to our Almighty God if he still believes in God which I doubt.

  17. Federico infante lojo on

    After all the talks, Duterte seems not really intent of forging an independent foreign policy but one that in the end will be dependent on china and other communists regimes.

  18. He is killing victims of the drug trade. He will rot with the dealers. Killing the pushers and dealers, I can understand, They kill innocent people and suck them into becoming users. Killing the victims I can’t understand. What makes it sick is he is allowing the killing of “Suspected users”.

    Blaming America for the 200,000 death in Manila on America. Really? Wasn’t America there fighting side by side with Philippines against the Japanese? Weren’t the Americans also killed by the Japanese at the Bataan Death march.

    Duterte is a disgusting human!

  19. There are only two kinds of Filipinos who hate Duterte, the yellows and the druggists. Check ninyo.

  20. Jayne Gadugdug on

    Will we be forever a beggar and at the mercy of the US? Wake up pinoys!! Have some pride. If we work together we can survive thru thick and thin.

  21. You must be hallucinating, President Dudirty. You are doing a good job, like Trillanes said. You don’t need to be ousted. You are self-destructing anyways.

    • Why Orcullo, what has Ambassador Goldberg done to the Philippines. He WILL be replaced !

  22. Duterte is all talk but also afraid to commit the end of Us and Philippines relationship. He is just like a child having tantrums because he thinks he is bigger than any foreign dignitaries.

    In the end it will be the Filipinos who will suffer for his foul language and foolish actions.

    • Are you living in the Philippines right now madam or in U.S. ? Do you know the whole story of this domestic and international ganging to our President? Then if not try to research more and you will love PDU30 as majority of Filipinos do.

    • So what are your basis for your comments, do you really know the depth of the detail or the plan of President Duterte, the short and long term plan and the effect of those plan to the Filipino peole? just asking

    • Let ke humbly state, that the American “carabao” cares almost nothing if the pinoy “fly” on his back “revolts”. Mr.Duterte can scream and yell, curse and piss against the wind…he is and will remain mostly unimportant to the only super power on Earth. Coming as the datu of davao, he is just not ready and too old for the big league, so he is ignored and laughed at behind closed doors. It’s really a shame, but he asked for it. Economic, financial and military realities are hard facts. His buzzing around is just a minor nuisances, really, while he is digging his own political grave. As to jis snide remark about the P.I. being the “doormat” to the U.S. it’s funny….at $1.7 BILLION (dollars) per year investment,assistance and aid from America… The P.I. is not a cheap doormat. Oppsss…sorry I forgot he does not want it anymore… Welcome to the 200:1 dollar vs peso world and double poverty of the pinoy…

    • You don’t know dick about Duterte’s actuations, so shut the F up. You sound like one of those suffering from separation anxiety whenever there’s talk against the U.S. Time to outgrow your colonial mentality and dependency.