Ouster 3.0

Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

We have been romanticizing removing a president since the days of Ferdinand Marcos, thinking that removal will always be good for the country. We removed Marcos (1965-1986) in 1986 with Cory Aquino, a direct aftermath of the Ninoy Aquino assassination. Then in 2001, Ouster 2.0 occurred with the Vice President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo taking over and holding power for nine years, the longest president to do so post Martial Law. Joseph Estrada was elected president in 1998. A power grab was also planned after discovering the 2004 election operations to ensure a GMA victory. That would have been Ouster 3.0 but the incumbent vice president then did not play the part and Arroyo mustered grit.

In those two instances, the reasons were different. One had it coming after more than 20 years in office and the sordid facts of Martial Law. The other was removed because of his way of life, governance style and loose talk about money coming from “illegal” sources. As to PGMA, she became captive of all players, dishing out favors in order to survive the gauntlet. We had the infamous Hyatt 10 to remind us of those days, a tipping point that bombed out.

Today, PRRD is only on his 82nd day of his term and already, talks of ouster are being mounted. In fact, the political industry is abuzz and nightly meetings are called to periodically assess the situation. Clearly, the recipe for Ouster 3.0 is being laid out: “extra judicial killings” (which until this very day, no operational definition has been accepted. The term itself is oxymoronic because there are no judicial killings); “cussing” the US president; the apparent pursuit of an independent foreign policy and the war against illegal drugs and corruption.

Why would a sitting president be ousted for these reasons?

The arena for the framing of PRRD is taking place on an international stage, done by international media. It is like the recipe of the Latin American democracies, paint the scenario, create the necessary plot and attempt to install a new order by removing the regime. The last of this modus took place recently in Turkey. It failed and the US had to deny, backtrack and mend fences.

So can an outside force take out a sitting president on account of his illegal drugs war? Can the icon of western democracy be party to the unseating of an elected and popular leader? On both questions we have seen examples of leaders being removed and nations being “rescued” to save democracy. When the human rights of those killed in police operations is more important than the 700,000 drug users who have surrendered and are willing to undergo rehabilitation, then truly we have a problem. We cry for the dead and we reject the living dead.

When the so-called security shield in the West Philippine Sea is sacrificed because of a new leader who, despite a victory before the international court, downplays the arbitral award in favor of collaboration with China, then we feel the after effects of a major fault line that shifted. Should we always toe the line as “little brown brothers?” Or as an independent nation that can chart its own destiny?

So who is violently shaking the bamboo trees? That ops are local. But clearly when a total stranger like Matobato becomes an international star, there is a public relations hand, K Street tagged, contracted to do the shaking before such publications as the Washington Post, the New York Times, TIME, Bloomberg and others. Ouster 3.0 is getting a page straight from the 1986 playbook. And when a former Philippine Ambassador suddenly found his voice and accepted an interview in a local, friendly channel, after six years of being quiet, you know there is something afoot.

But Ouster 3.0 cannot be implemented in the light of a very problematic November 8 endgame in the US. So, correctly laid out, PRRD has to engage with Japan and China more because these countries understand Asia for Asians. Promoting Asian values is often alluded to influences by Confucianism, in particular, “filial piety or loyalty towards the family, corporation, and nation; the forgoing of personal freedom for the sake of society’s stability and prosperity; the pursuit of academic and technological excellence; and, a strong work ethic together with thrift.”

Proponents of so-called “Asian values,” who tend to support Asian-style authoritarian governments, claim “these values are more appropriate for the region than Western democracy with its emphasis on individual freedoms.” “Asian values” were codified and promoted in the Bangkok Declaration of 1993, which re-emphasized the “principles of sovereignty, self-determination, and non-interference in civil and political rights. They included predisposition towards one-party authoritarian government; preference for social harmony; concern with socio-economic prosperity and the collective well-being of the community; loyalty and respect towards figures of authority; pPreference for collectivism and communitarianism.”

We did not hear any frontal attack from our ASEAN partners when PRRD explained to them Bud Dajo, did we? PRRD brought the glare back on ASEAN and among Asian countries when he decided to reframe relations with the US, China, Japan and Russia. Indeed, shared values and vision for an ASEAN Economic Community.

How do you therefore oust a Duterte? Hard because both chambers are controlled by Mindanaons and they hold on to that coalition by trumping political moves early on. Problematic because the soldiers and the police are rallying his offensives against illegal drugs and terrorists (PRRD holds the record of visiting the most number of military camps and meeting the frontlines). Dangerous because the people are with him, what with improved frontline services and a caring quotient never before seen in a leader. These and the grassroots movement being set up in every province. And he has not yet submitted the full list of officials involved in the illegal drugs trade. He has not even started with his list of tax offenders, right?

The oligarchs can spend their money and rally the Yellow flag but what they are missing is a clear understanding of why Duterte won in May 2016. If you are still in disbelief, wake up from such stupor. The least vetted, the one with not much plan, the late candidate derided with a single issue, the candidate who represented anger and resentment against the six years of Aquino is the sitting president. Live with it. And live with the fact that Duterte has done much in the 50 days and surely, the 100 days. Yeah, the mayor from Mindanao!

So, Ouster 3.0 will have to wait until the 91 percent goes down to 30 percent. Until Matobato gets the brilliance he so promised his handlers. Until another robotic wonder can come up with a more credible denouement. Until a smoking gun links PRRD with corruption and gangland style killings. But as it is, there is no reason for any ouster move. Would the incumbent vice president, if at all, orchestrate any grab? Doubt it. It is not in her DNA, even cheating is not. But she has to control her tendency to be swayed because it will be misinterpreted and that will always be her onus, being with LP.

Ouster has not done wonders for us. The mandate is there, respect it and let’s look for a common ground for Filipinos and our country. Clearly, “you cannot speak on behalf of a nation when you have no mandate to do so.”


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  1. thank you so much for fair and honest analysis of what is going on in our country i know there are still lots of journalist who’s commitment and integrity to their profession are highly valued…we really need people like you to save our country from going down the drain because i know media is a very strong player in the downfall and success of a regime. thank you so much Ma. Lourdes Tiquia.

  2. Excellent Madam Malou. Yeah, it’s very hard, problematic and dangerous to oust PRRD. Thank you for this very substantive article.

  3. Those planning a power grab at this time, if carried out, will be signing their own death warrants, including those of who they will use/pay as pawns and foot soldiers. They better think thrice, even more.

  4. any attempt to oust the president will absolutely fail because he is doing his job par excellence and results are gradually feel to everyone. we need leader with political will, with firm decisions whether right or wrong, full of actions and cares the welfare of his constituents.

  5. Edith Saronhilo-Caraan on

    Par excellence!!! This article expedite clearly point by point the logic and the anticipated failure of vis-à-vis Ouster 3.0. The more condemnation the President received both locally & Internationally the greater the fury fired by the Filipinos as a whole id est the 91% to contradicting parties & countries in defense of beloved President & the greatest is the concern, support, love & compassion they give to the President per se. There is no way that ouster 3.0 could ever be tempting to the desperate will of the Filipinos for a reengineered, corrupt free, drug free & conducive life in the Philippines that we so deserved that has been promised for the longest time by heartless traditional politicians. A lot has been actively engaged & vigilant of what really is happening in our country despite physical absence we are fully focused on what we sincerely want our country to achieve today & prospectively. Our President, solely is vital instrument to it’s realization combined with the interdependence of each of us whichever country we reside in as of today. Rest-assured that we will always be on guard so much more those genuine Filipino crusader in the Philippines. For the detractors I say, give it your best shot still your efforts will all be in vain. You are fighting a lost battle??????!!!

  6. Nice article…. balance writing.. all sides of the coin are presented. No sensationalize words.. brilliant analysis.. keepmit up!

  7. Filipino People need a leader like Pres.Duterte who has greater love for his country and countrymen.. Cleaning our backyard against with bad elements and the fact that corruption is very rampant in all government agencies . It is about time the Filipinos will rise again.. The Oligarchs always get favors from the past administrations.. It’s about time for the less fortunate Filipino people to have a descent lives..No fear and can live in a healthy environment/country.

  8. http://www.tribune.net.ph/headlines/lp-using-gov-t-resources-to-consolidate-forces-topple-duterte

    “She is the biggest labor exploiter. How can we trust her now to uplift the lives of the people from the laylayan as she fondly calls them” the source added.
    However, another source bared there’s more to the picture than what meets the eyes in Robredo’s appointment of highly-paid employees to her offices.
    “It’s something more than that. The Liberal Party (LP) is using the OVP and the HUDCC to consolidate their forces,” said the source.
    “In fact, the OVP and the HUDCC have been converted into the LP’s version of Taiwan after the Chinese Revolution,” the source claimed.
    One solid proof of that, aside from the appointment of political operators Cucio and Gutierrez, is the appointment of Sofia Lanto Abad, wife of former Budget Secretary Butch Abad’s nephew as Robredo’s assistant chief of staff.
    “The sad thing is the LP is using the government’s own machinery and resources to consolidate its forces,” the source said.

    Dear Ma’am Malou, YOUR OPINION ON LENI REGARDING THIS, if you may please.

    I have to admit i am biased against her. You (and others) may say cheating and corruption are not in her DNA. It’s tantamount to saying BS Aquino III is no cheater and was not corrupt. So if we did not actually do the stealing but let it happen right under our nose, we are “clean?”

    • Agree with you. Leni might not have the dna at the start but along the way she was in it…there are many reported alleged irregularities last may, but she deliberately ignored them.. innocent? Nope? Naive in politics?i dontt think so
      . contaminated by yellow virus ? Yes? Can she go out from the web of the LP? No coz leni is very much part of the LP agenda…. her actions speak louder than words.duh!!

  9. wow… You just captured our thoughts… Hope the yellow’s can wait for the 6 years to be done with…. Cuz , I think the Pinoys have grown much more mature now. If DU30 can’t deliver us from this situation, then by all means we will try another yellow , blue or red feathered politico come 2022… We just have to trust in GOD’s wisdom …

    • You can make your comments to the international media. The more Filipinos do it, the more impact it has. You do not have to be a journalist or writer to express your views. Usually after the article will be a box where comments can be posted.
      I have been doing that in Australia to 60 Minutes, Media Watch, Sydney Morning Herald and whenever I see a very biased print or broadcast news.

  10. Indeed!

    We can honestly admit that Pres. Duterte has done more than what is expected of his first 80 days in the office.

    Let’s give our President all the support for this genuine “change”.

    Very honest article.

  11. Thank you for speaking the dark truth they do not want us to know. Will 2016 finally be our legit year of independence? I hope I’m right with what I’m seeing right now, that people have started to wake up, and have realized that it is not about picking a particular side but about finally going with what’s best for the country.

  12. Very accurate analysis. Despite his limitations, Duterte is the right person to lead this nation. Hi love for the country is very evident and his style of leadership is great.

  13. what a refreshing to know that Philippine media is not dead.As Mcarthur said,,give me ten filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world,If the Philippines have ten journalist like TIQUIA,,it will conquer the bad image of this country internationally!

  14. Would the incumbent vice president, if at all, orchestrate any grab? Doubt it. It is not in her DNA, even cheating is not. But she has to control her tendency to be swayed because it will be misinterpreted and that will always be her onus, being with LP.

    This is just the part i do not agree with. Leni refused to clear her name regarding the validity of her questionable “win.” But, YES, she is so easily swayed. The country does not need a “swayable head of state.” Mabenta pa niya ang bansa. Masisira ang mga magagandang nasimulan ng Pangulong Duterte.

  15. Pablo A. Dublin on

    A powerful argument and a keen logic from the columnist again. Akin to a breath of fresh air, despite a weekly column, compared to the almost daily, anti – President Duterte opinions of hoary, Mr. Tatad and twice monthly by
    Mr. Rene Saguisag. And not counting the constellations of similar anti – Digong columnist within Manila Times and from other newspapers.

  16. Very interesting to read but, at the same time, spine tingling. So this article validated the plan of the enemies to oust Pres. Duterte from his office. We, Duterte supporters, can thwart it. We have the power and the capability to destroy their plan because we stand united behind Pres. Duterte. They have the money and material resources; we have the manpower. Let us not allow the enemies to succeed.

    • I have read somewhere that our support is not enough. Like stated in the article, part of their plan is to use international media to paint their (LP’s) own version of what Phils is like right now. We must get articles like this out to the world.

      Thanks for this brilliant analysis.


    an enlightenment piece of analysis especially to those who have not yet grasp the succeeding events in our country.

  18. I really appreciate what Pres. Duterte has done in so little time. Totoo pong mas tahimik na ngayon sa aming komunindad. Natigil na ang mga magdamagang pag-videooke ng mga kapit-bahay namin. Nabawasan na rin ang mga nag-iinom sa gitna ng kalsada. Ang mga akyat-bahay, drug addict nabawasan na din. At ngayon, napagisip-isip ko ay parang di na ako masyado natatakot sa mga pulis. Dati kasi ang tingin ko sa kanila mangongotong palagi. The image of our policemen were somehow renewed. Salamat po Pres. Duterte.

    • Nakakatuwa naman kung tahimik na ang bansa natin para pagbalik naming mga ofw, di na kami mag-alala o matatakot na baka ma-hold up…medyo lang nag-iisip din at nagtatanong, bakit kaya may state of lawless voilence declaration kung tahimik naman pala…just asking po.

  19. What a brilliant opinion and observation, how come other writer can not f ind the true scenario of what we are now, i always ask our relatives in the Philippines and i always received a positive answer ” BIG CHANGE”. I am planning to go home next year to see for myself because two i’ve been held up inside the jeepney in 2012 and 2014..

  20. Thank you for your openness and fair opinion.
    You are one of the few professional journalist unlike most reporters/journalist that downgrade journalism.

  21. Priscilla Bato Escama on

    Thank You Ma’m Malou…. I’ve Been a Fan of YOURS, Having heard SO MUCH about you from my Former “Boss”… This Article Can “OPEN BLINDED EYES”…. May I share it, that Others May be ENLIGHTENED too.

  22. The playbook the yellows used against Marcos and Erap eh bistado na ng mga tao. The yellows and their American masters can always try, and if they do, that is when they will realize the spent force that they really are. If 9/11 was the beginning of the end of America, then EDSA 2 and the GMA and Boy Sayad administrations that it spawned marked the beginning of the end for the yellows. If Duterte declares a revolutionary government in response to efforts to oust him, who is willing to bet that 90% of the people will not rally behind him? I don’t think even the yellows, retarded as they are, will make that bet.

  23. Question is, is anybody even talking about ouster? Even De Lima is not talking about ouster. Robredo does not support ouster.

    Is it really bad to express criticisms to help the president correct his mistakes?

    Can we just stop the extrajudicial killings and sanctioned vigilante killings and do everything according to the laws of the land?

    • Of course, nobody is gonna talk about ouster out in the open. Mere hints and whispers on social media is like a campfire being doused with an ocean of comments by supporters who really believe in the president..anybody willing to dare that ocean and see how few come to the rescue?
      As sen cayetano said, one can be biased, but we have a responsibility that comes with it. criticise responsibly, or better, offer an alternative solution to the problems the president is trying to solve.

  24. This well thought article is what we need at this very trying time especially in our senate. Hope Delima and Trillanes will read this article so they will wake up from their unbridled ambition to topple down PRRD. Shame on both of them!

    you got that wrong madame.

    In police operations, when the person being arrested resists violently to the point that killing him/her is the only way to suppress the person, it only makes sense killing that person. That’s judicial killing. That’s within the bounds of law.

    Also, self-defense is judicial killing. You have to prove that it is indeed self-defense, though.

  26. Very good article. Short but to the point. Could your staff repost this in international papers? Or are we allowed to repost it and cite you?

  27. Salamat Ms. Tiquia.
    We hope that peoples’ councils at all levels of government and key agencies will be organized as soon as possible by the people themselves.
    I am looking forward for a stronger Philippines.

  28. Exactly. We feel the slight improvements now and it is like a breath of fresh air. Any ouster against Duterte especially if initiated by a foreign power like the US runs the risk of generations of Filipinos with ill will towards them. They must tread lightly on this one.