Out-of-control corruption


It must be where all the increases in the presidential pork barrel go; from 17 billion pesos during the time of Arroyo to 65 billion pesos for Aquino. It is hear-rending indeed that the people are living the reality of what the common folks often refer to : “niluluto tayo sa sarili nating mantika”. Everyone is for sale under this administration, which makes it the most corrupt administration ever to have been in power in the country.
Miriam Quiamco


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  1. joeber banderas on

    Yung mga corrupt officials hindi na talaga magbago yan pag hindi sila natatakot sa parusa ng Dyos na darating sa mga taong masama nasa Apoc.21:8 yan kasama na ang magnanakaw dyan parusang walang hanggan sa dagat dagatang apoy.

  2. rico santiago on

    Nothing illegal about the pork barrel. It is a government appropriations for political patronage. Nowadays, we have the COA, commissions of audit. Receivers of pork barrel will have to details how they spend their share. It’s up to the constituents of these politicians to check the projects, where did these politicos spend their pork barrel. Overacting comments is not working anymore.

  3. Kintanario Abunggo on

    For generations, we the people in the Philippines have acquiesce to chronic corruption mainly brought by our own cultural practices. For generations, the average citizen wants to be a politician to have a license to steal, enrich himself/herself, his minions and family members through pork barrel kickbacks and outright “in your face” thievery. Arroyo awarding her son about a billion pesos in pork to build a bridge to nowhere, only to end up as his reelection campaign ATM is a good example. I could go on and fill hundred pages, but then I won’t be saying anything the Filipino people don’t already know. I’ve always believed that the reason why people are poor in third world countries like PI is the fact that these respective nations (where these poor people live) have porous laws, where politicians can obscon these laws at will, and no one can say or do anything.