Out of good character good leaders are born


LEADERSHIP quality is important in heading a group of people or an organization, but for a Chevrolet executive, leadership is more than just a position, it’s about character.

“True leadership is having the character of a leader – one that has both integrity of heart and excellence in skills, responsible and accountable to the ultimate boss, God,” Selena Yu, executive director at The Covenant Car Co. Inc., said at the 5th general meeting of the Association of Certified Accountants in Public Practice (ACPAPP) on Thursday.

The Covenant Car Co. Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Chevrolet in the Philippines.

“For everything that we do, we are accountable, because there are people who are affected. There’s also an eternal accountability and I think, being accountable means that we are held answerable. You do something and there is a consequence, you are answerable for that consequence,” she added.

“My standards were not in accordance with God’s standards but in accordance with what I believed. It is the right standard, that is what the world teaches us, but it’s not in accordance with God’s standards. I’m not saying that all standards in the world are wrong. What I’m saying is that there are standards where God expects us to be.”

In February, ACPAPP President Donnies Alas told The Manila Times: “Philippine auditors should upgrade their work standards to international levels by 2015 in time for the economic integration of Southeast Asia set for that year.”

“So they [the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Board of Accountancy]are pushing for it. We started this in 2005 so they are trying to bring the quality of the work of the [Filipino] auditors up to a higher level,” Alas said.

The organization sees the advent of new business trends, emerging global markets, and advances in technology as challenges to the practice of the country’s certified public accountants (CPAs).

“Responsible means you respond correctly to an issue because there are many ways of responding to an issue but there’s God way of responding, to which we align ourselves,” Yu said.

On January 28, ACPAPP inducted a new set of officers for 2014. The theme of the event was “Standing Tall Amid the Global Challenges,” which echoed the call for the country’s CPAs to raise the quality of their practice to international standards.

The government should also place a strong focus on the quality of continuing professional development and advanced training requirements for CPAs that would fit the needs of today’s market.

ACPAPP said earlier there is a strong need to contend with an evolving political and economic environment that continuously requires improvement in public accountancy in the Philippines in order to protect public interest.

Yu said that there is a leadership crisis in the Philippines. “It may be that the government is permissive…it’s in the school, in the church, in the businesses so the point here is that it’s not just about position, it’s about the character of the leader and if you have the position but the character is not there, you will make decisions that are not right with God.”

“Unfortunately when you want to deal with character it always has to come from the heart. Good governance and true leadership are first of all issues of the heart and then you have to address the standards,” Yu said.


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