Outfits to wear from the office to the office party


    Everything that Sparkles. Black glittered dress and overcoat, H&M.

    Who doesn’t like a good party? Especially now that we are fast approaching the season of endless nights out—from booze-filled nights and gabfests with friends and colleagues to long-planned family reunions. Admit it or not, dressing for the occasion has always been the dilemma.

    So, the situation is, and always will be: you have to report to work from 9 to 5 and you have to get to a party after 6. Let’s just say that hour-long gap is reserved for light touch-ups in the comfort room and some serious bouts of patience while battling traffic. This leaves you very little to no time to change into a party outfit, and don’t even consider the idea of rushing home, because, hey, ain’t nobody got time for that. Oh, and by the way, bringing a change of clothes is never a good idea.

    For women, the key to successfully pulling off looking professional in the office and looking like the life of the party without it becoming too much of an ordeal is to curate a versatile wardrobe of party-ready work outfits. Smart dressing for the office, with the right mix-and-match strategy, could take you a long way—and you know what we’re saying.

    You would save time, effort, and money picking items in a store that you would label as something you can wear to a client meeting and something you would wear when you’re with your girls, waiting to go all out when a Beyonce hit comes up on the dance floor.

    New Patterns and Silhouettes. Top and wide-leg trousers, H&M.
    Shoes, Celine.

    For this issue of Rank, I pieced together key looks that would make for a good office outfit AND double as a party ensemble.

    The power of black
    Black is arguably one of the most versatile colors you could add to your growing wardrobe, if it’s not already there. It has a timeless quality that would not go out of style. When pieced together wisely, an all-black ensemble could seamlessly transition from sophisticated office wear to a sultry night out look. Add on a twist, be it a detailed piece or a pop of color, to accent the entire look and you’re good to go.

    New patterns and silhouettes
    Pants have long been a career woman’s style staple in the office. But it doesn’t mean you cannot play around with it. Especially with trends coming in, a classic pair of pants may be reinvented and given new infusions to make it more than just your go-to look for work. These days, skinny jeans are slowly being replaced by wide-leg pants in varying lengths. Doesn’t hurt to get more leg room, yeah?

    The key to make it versatile is to pick one in a vibrant color, or with patterns and print that would make it pop. A basic office top could also be reinvented, now with a slew of different styles and fits. I personally love the return of the dramatic sleeves. Add these two elements together and you can be the party monster that you are right after the clock strikes five.

    The Power of Black. Jacket, Uber Finds. Bustier top, Avel Bacudio. Skirt with floral accents, H&M. Shoes, stylist’s own.

    Everything that sparkles
    Thou shall not be afraid to sparkle. Or so they say. A girl’s closet won’t hurt having a piece or two that glitters. In an office setup, you might want to try to subtly play on the sparkle by something that isn’t overly-embellished. Try a more subdued piece that shines. A body-hugging glittery dress would keep you interesting to the eyes without it going too overpowering. At night, you may also layer it with a light jacket in an interesting color palette and you’re good to go.

    Flower power
    Florals, contrary to traditional belief, aren’t just a Spring style essential. A floral dress, when mixed and matched with flair, could be a versatile piece in a woman’s wardrobe. On a casual dress-down workday, instead of putting on a basic shirt and jeans (Although, that’s good too. But let’s talk about that some other time), you may opt to wear a dress and play it up with a denim jacket or a leather jacket, even and it would double as a Friday night-out with the gals. Karaoke in style, anyone?

    Produced and styled by Leo Balante
    Photographer: Advan Ramirez
    Makeup: Jopie Sanchez
    Model: Shanice Eve Bailon


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