• We should be outraged at the ICC case vs Duterte by Trillanes and the Yellows



    NEVER before has the Philippines’ image been so badly yet falsely tarnished as in the case maliciously filed by the opposition gang at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Duterte and 11 other government officials for alleged “mass murder.”

    While impossible to be given course by the ICC, the suit has in effect put the country in the league of African countries with failed states, where tribe-based armed groups committed horrific atrocities against other tribal groups.

    Three of the four convictions by the ICC were against warlords in the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. Congolese rebel leader Thomas Lubanga Dyilo was the first convicted by the ICC in 2009, for abducting boys and girls under the age of 15 and forcing them to fight in the Congo’s Ituri region in 2002-2003.

    Children as young as 11 were recruited from their homes and schools to take part in brutal ethnic fighting in 2002-2003. They were taken to military training camps and beaten and drugged. Girls were used as sex slaves.
    Another Congolese warlord, Jeane-Pierre Bamba was convicted of ordering his private army into the Central African Republic, where it undertook widespread pillage, rapes and murders.

    Sabio with his handler Trillanes 4th, who’ve likened us to war-torn central African countries.

    Congolese rebel leader Germaine Katanga led an attack on the village in which rebels under his command went on an indiscriminate killing spree, imprisoning survivors in a room filled with corpses, and raping women and girls. Katanga also led the massacre of more than 1,200 civilians in an attack at Nyakunde Hospital in September 2002.

    All of the 32 people so indicted by the ICC were all from sub-Saharan Africa—the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Central African Republic, Mali, and Cote d’Ivoire, countries wracked by civil wars that had tribes fighting against each other to capture the state, and committing mass killings and rapes.

    C’mon now. Not by any kind of exaggeration or imagination could the killings that have happened in Duterte’s war against drugs be compared to the horrific massacres and pillage that occurred in this godforsaken part of Africa that is really barely emerging from the Stone Age. And to think that Sabio’s complaint is entirely based on media reports, primarily from the website Rappler.

    The gang which filed the ICC case isn’t just tarnishing Duterte’s image. It has blackened our country’s reputation, putting us on the league of the least-civilized and most violent nations on earth.

    The ICC is not just a “criminal court” with global jurisdiction. It was set up in 2002 specifically, to quote its so-called Rome Statute, to try only the “most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole: “the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity; war crimes; and the crime of aggression.”

    It would take only somebody with a depraved mind or one intent on using all propaganda schemes to blacken Duterte’s image to allege that he has committed mass murders that would rise to the scale of being crimes against humanity.

    Congress must investigate this crime against the country and expose to the public who really are responsible for it.

    While it was this mediocre lawyer Jude Sabio who filed the case, obviously behind this plot is Antonio Trillanes 4th, whose office even released the photo of his minion posing beside the ICC signboard holding a copy of his ridiculous complaint.

    However, I don’t think Trillanes 4th has the brains for such a plot nor the willingness to spend his own money for such a costly move. It could only be the Yellows and the Liberal Party behind Trillanes, who after all have demonstrated their propaganda expertise by getting much of Western media to believe their lie that there have been thousands of extra-judicial killings in our country since Duterte assumed power.

    Could Aquino’s former foreign secretary Albert del Rosario, when he was in The Hague for the case against China in the arbitral court there, have seen the ICC offices there, and during Duterte’s administration remembered it, to suggest to his Yellow gang the filing of the case?

    I am confident though that the former publisher of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Raul Pangalangan who was nominated in 2015 by President Aquino to the ICC as judge isn’t part of this plot.

    This ICC case shows that this rabidly anti-Duterte gang, Trillanes and the Liberal Party, are so willing to taint the entire country’s image in its attempt to bring down this government. They have to be scolded that the nation’s welfare should be above partisan politics.

    Or in Dutertespeak, Trillanes and Sabio together with their Yellow co-conspirators should be arrested and brought to the Rizal Park (Luneta), and there shot by firing squad for their treasonous act against the country.

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    1. Though a lot of people told me that our new president is a mass murderer, I just retorted back that I hope he will include ALL those corrupt politicians that are slowing the progress of my beloved country. You should see all their reactions, it is priceless.

    2. Aphetsky Lasa on

      Only the EU and America would fall for this betrayal by Trillanes et al. And, of course, the westernized Filipinos who pretend to care about our country who they abandoned for a piece of certificate. But they must beware. There are still millions of nationalistic Pinoys who will stand up to their bullying and fight for their right to be treated with respect.

    3. The Great Defiant on

      daig pa ni Sabio ang OFW…
      na mahilig mag pic sa mga landmark fro FB posting…
      that’s it…all for a show…

    4. Armchair Generals Trillanes and Alejano, as they will never become Generals or Commodores or Flag Officers are just hoping Magdalo remains in the public consciousness. That too may soon be a thing of the past.

      Magdiwang faction of the Katipunan was the rightful and decent faction of Ka Andres. Magdalo was Aguinaldo’s group who mistreated the Bonifacio brothers and General Luna .

    5. George Winter on

      You should try to understand that talk full of death threats is one day gonna fire back at you. He and you are indeed giving the country a bad reputation. And obviously you are not democratic: you prefer to dispose of any opposing ideas with a bullet. Shame on you for your primitive attitude!

    6. Everytime Filipinos travel abroad they are asked about the killings supposedly authorized by the government. OFWs bear the brunt of these criticisms daily in their workplace. The PNP and DOJ need to investigate these traitors and file cases so they will be slapped into jail ASAP! 92% of us Filipinos are doing our share in building up our country and these traitors are pulling us down before the world. We cannot allow this to continue.

    7. Reminds me of Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” , Libya “bombing their own citizens”, and Syria “gassing their citizens”. Smears and lies.

      Syria is obviously fake since Sarin penetrates the skin. The white helmets handled the bodies bare handed.

    8. let the truth come out and justice be seen to be served, one way or the other.

    9. Sir, the Trillanes gang is so delusional and hallucinated that shooting the scums at Luneta could give them the opportunity to be called modern-day Jose Rizal. That they are willing to die to liverate the Philippines from the dictator that is President Duterte. Haha

      • Aphetsky Lasa on

        Well, you have a point. But would Trillanes et al be willing to be shot in front of spectators and die like heroes?

    10. I agree with you wholly, but the conspiracy to topple the democratically elected government is wider. There are the coconuts, former Filipinos, now Americans, who pretend concern for the Philippines while advancing the interests of their country by choice, the US. There is the catholic church, one of the most reactionary, wanting to preserve their hold on the country through their identification with the elite and the suppression of any growth among the people.

    11. There are some foreigners still believed in the accusstions of Trillanes, Sabio, Matobato, Lascañas and other LP’s because the DOJ or other govt. office did not file a case to Trillanes et al. They are stiil in the circulations of media and other groups while I think like other countries, Trillanes gang should be in jail for treasons and libel.

      • George Winter on

        Foreigners do not care much about belief. We care about facts. Not threats.

      • Allen Aniciete on

        Foreigners do not care much about beliefs only facts….facts that will be in line with whatever narrative these foreigners are aligned with…..

        I challenge these foreigners to come and live in the Philippines and see for themselves the actual situation… or shut their trap….

    12. Dig deeper and exposed them please. We really need to remember all those people. 2019 is near, remind us again.

    13. “However, I don’t think Trillanes 4th has the brains for such a plot nor the willingness to spend his own money for such a costly move. It could only be the Yellows and the Liberal Party behind Trillanes, who after all have demonstrated their propaganda expertise by getting much of Western media to believe their lie that there have been thousands of extra-judicial killings in our country since Duterte assumed power.”

      walang duda, Liberal Party iyan. kahit noong 1960’s-1970’s ay ganyan na ang gawain nila. gagawin lahat kahit mapahiya ang Pilipinas sa international community at foreign investors, at isakripisyo ang buhay ng kapwa LP politicians.

      Ang Liberal Party miting de advance sa Plaza Miranda ay binomba sa ng CPP-NPA communist rebels noong dekada sitenta. sa youtube ay inilahad ni Herman Tiu Laurel, secretary ni senador Gerry Osmena, na nag-uusap sina senador Gerry Osmena at Jovito Salonga. Pinag-uusapan ng dalawang senador ang hinala nilang kaugnayan ni Ninoy Aquino sa Plaza Miranda bombing dahil tanging si Ninoy lamang sa mga mataas na opisyal ng LP, ang wala sa Plaza Miranda during the bombing.

      Kahit alam na ng dalawang senador ang kaugnayan ni LP senator Ninoy sa Plaza Miranda bombing, pilit pa ring inuugnay ng dalawang senador sa gobyerno ang bombing.

      • Adolf D. Roa on

        Sinong Gerry Osmena ang sinasabi mo?

        Wala namang ganyang pangalan. Pinagsama mo si Gerry Roxas at Sergio Osmena.

    14. That Savio dude needs money, lots of it, for his ambitious plan of a facelift.