The outstanding Mizuno JPX-900 forged irons


    It is always a thrill for me to test golf clubs around the driving range. It’s like trying out new toys you wished you had. So after my golf session at City Golf driving range at Ortigas Center, I decided to drop by at Master Sports Mizuno. Out of curiosity, I started to look around to find out what would interest me.

    The Mizuno JPX-900 forged irons caught my eye. I tell you, it is definitely an eye-catcher. Very nice! I tried it out, and wow, for me it’s the best!

    Mizuno claims that, “built on the foundation of the highly regarded JPX 850 Forged which was our first integration of Boron, the JPX 900 Forged makes ‘across the board’ enhancements that improve the look, feel and distance, with new levels of ball speeds from a forged iron.”

    Mizuno JPX-900 forged irons from various angles. PHOTOS BY BUDDY DE JOYA

    I have tried the JPX-850 and I find it really great, too. But, I must say that the JPX-900 is even better.

    The mid-size clubhead has a matt finish and really looks elegant and pleasing to the eyes. It gives you that extra boost of confidence when you address the ball.

    The back of the head where the bottom of the chassis is more U-shaped in the JPX900 than the V-shaped JPX850.Also, just like before, the cavity in the back gets smaller as the club becomes shorter. It is completely closed when you get to the wedge.

    The sole is cambered grind with a beveled leading and trailing edge. What it does is skips through the turf easily with no resistance.

    The “Grain Flow Forging process delivers soft, solid, consistent feel,” according to Mizuno. Even on mishits, vibration is at a minimum.

    So far, this is the best-forged iron I have ever tried. With pure solid shots, it literally feels like swinging through butter. It is definitely a big wow!

    The stock shaft seems to be perfectly fitted for the JPX-900 heads, unless you really want to change the shaft when fitted. It has a True Temper Project X LZ in steel or graphite. It is light at 115g and performs very well indeed.

    Other benefits
    The 1025 Boron is roughly 30 percent stronger than 1025E, allowing thinner, hotter, more extreme geometry. Also, the increased strength of Boron material frees up discretionary weight to be more optimally used.

    The new CORTECH design is a Multi-Thickness Face that allows higher ball speed retention on off center hits. It was designed to optimize rebound and ball speeds on center impacts.

    The Pocket Cavity was reshaped to promote greater ball speed across the face. The thinnest area of sole was extended in both the Toe and Heel directions. So, 21.5 grams was removed and redistributed to the Power Frame to allow more forgiveness and stability.

    A complete set of irons is from 4 to Gap Wedge.

    This is a very well thought of and designed club head, by Mizuno. The stronger Boron Steel will be one of the irons to beat in the market.

    Therefore, the JPX-900 forged irons are really worth moving up to. It has gotten all it takes to be perfect in this single club. The unity between looks, forgiveness and feel will attract middle to top-level players.

    For more information, please contact Master Sports, the exclusive distributor of Mizuno.


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