• Outstanding science club to be awarded


    Science Clubbing provides an avenue for youth leadership and creativity. It is also an excellent way for the youth to come up with innovative solutions in the pressing issues of our society, particularly the environment.

    Recognizing this, Haribon continuous to support the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC). Now on their third year of partnership, Haribon and PSYSC encourages Filipino students to think solutions to various biodiversity concerns.

    In lieu of this, the Search for the Most Outstanding Science Club (SEARCH) returns this years with the aim of recognizing socially active and service-oriented science clubs that not only uphold academic excellence but also serve the Filipino community.

    In SEARCH Competition, science clubs from elementary and high school from all over the country submit their portfolio of accomplished projects and activities for the entire year. The top five finalists per bracket will present their main project to a panel of judges during SEARCH Convention, a leadership-training seminar for science clubbers all over the country.

    This year’s SEARCH Convention will be held today at the NISMED Auditorium, University of the Philippines-Diliman with the theme “Transcending Horizons: Science Clubbing with Passion, Science Clubbers in Action.”

    The contest also serves as a venue where ideas meet and where youth can be inspired and empowered through talks and workshops from notable speakers from different sectors who have made significant impacts in their respective communities. It is also the culminating event of the competition and where the Most Outstanding Science Club of 2015 will be determined and awarded.

    This year, Haribon will give the Haribon Eco-Scout Award wherein it highlights the winning project’s methodology and execution in biodiversity conservation, its long-term impact to the community and its capacity to endure and remain effective for years to come; thereby ensuring protection of our environment and securing the future of lives dependent on it.

    Haribon believes in the Filipino youth’s ingenuity, resourcefulness and creativity in providing solutions for our country’s pressing issues. It aspires to keep on building and sustaining partnerships to educate and empower our country to become proactive in protecting and conserving our biodiversity.

    Act. Make an Impact. Protect, conserve, and save biodiversity. Be a Haribon member. Register: bit.ly/joi nHF and e-mail to: membership@haribon.org.ph.


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