• P10 billion of DAP money to ARMM, rebel groups


    How did President Aquino use the money he had hijacked from the regular budget and corralled into a fund for what he called the “Disbursement Acceleration Plan” (DAP)?

    Other than the P13 billion de facto pork barrel given to members of Congress as reward for taking out Chief Justice Renato Corona,  another major use of the DAP Fund would be controversial,  even shocking.

    P10 billion of the DAP kitty that totaled P142 billion from 2011 to 2012 was allocated to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), to the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army (CPLA), to one faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), and for a “Reintegration Program” of New People’s Army guerillas.

    One way to accelerate government spending? ARMM Governor Hataman distributes P10 million checks each to his provincial governors last January,  courtesy of Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).  Did some of the DAP money end up in the MILF’s war chest? (Inset: Aquino and MILF Chairman Murad).

    One way to accelerate government spending? ARMM Governor Hataman distributes P10 million checks each to his provincial governors last January, courtesy of funds for the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). Did some of the DAP money end up in the MILF’s war chest? (Inset: Aquino and MILF Chairman Murad).

    This is according to Malacañang itself.  An October 12, 2011 press release of the  Budget and Management Department posted in the Office of the President’s website (www.gov.ph)  entitled  “Aquino government pursues P72.1 billion disbursement acceleration plan” lists nine uses of the fund, the seventh of which is as follows:

    “The government will implement a Comprehensive Peace and Development Intervention package, worth P8.59 billion to be disbursed to the ARMM. . . .An additional P1.82 billion will be provided for peace and development activities with the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army and the Moro National Liberation Front and support for the Reintegration Program of former rebels of the New People’s Army, among others.” (Italics mine.)

    Former Budget secretary Benjamin Diokno, based on information from his sources in the department he once headed, claimed that P1.8 billion was solely for Cordillera People’s Liberation Army  while P700 million was allocated for an MNLF faction that broke away from its founder Nur Misuari.

    The P8.6 billion released to ARMM was allegedly to fund its “Transition Investment Support Plan” (TISP), set up simultaneously with DAP fund.  This was purportedly intended to fast-track ARMM’s development for the benefit of the Bangsamoro quasi-state to be set up and led by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

    But “investment” appears to be hardly the thrust of the TISP.  ARMM’s Department of Social Welfare and Development for instance was allocated P2 billion out of the fund, for “day care centers”—in a region where most mothers stay at home, and even culturally required, to take care of their children.  ARMM’s Department of Interior and Local Government was given P1.3 billion.  Some P2 billion of the fund was marked “unallocated”, but placed at the disposal of the ARMM governor.

    Aquino’s allocation of P8.6 billion through the sole power of his signature emphasizes the fact that through DAP, he totally disregarded the power of Congress to determine the nation’s priorities.

    Each year, ARMM officials—as well as all government agencies—are required to argue in Congress why the region (or their unit) requires the budget they are asking for.  For 2012, Congress allocated ARMM P11.2 billion.

    But Aquino ignored Congress and increased the ARMM budget by P8.6 billion—sourced from DAP—nearly doubling it to P20 billion.  That’s bigger than, say, the budget of P14 billion of the Philippine Navy, P13 billion of the Air Force, and several other departments.

    Congress priorities’ —which it has the constitutional mandate to determine through its power of the purse, i.e., approving the government’s annual budget—for instance could have been to use that P8.6 billion to buy two warships (which cost P4 billion each) to patrol our seas, to finance government hospitals, or even to organize a special forces brigade to wipe out separatists and communists.  But Aquino ignored Congress and its 2012 appropriations law and decided on his own that P8.6 billion would be given to ARMM.

    Quite significantly, Aquino also made sure that his people, and his people alone, would control ARMM’s new, huge budget.

    He got the Senate in June 2011 to pass a law postponing ARMM elections, which had been originally scheduled in August 2011, on the flimsy excuse that state funds would be saved if the elections were held at the same time as the May 2013 elections.

    With the acting governor stepping down and with elections postponed for nearly two years, Aquino handpicked as ARMM “officer-in-charge” party-list (Anak ng Mindanao) representative Hajiv Hataman, who is from Basilan and who had never figured in region-level politics.   Hataman was a leader of a coalition of NGOs that lobbied for the postponement of the August elections.

    Hataman became de facto ARMM governor and would portray himself as the Muslim patron distributing largesse in the region, in such forms as  P10 million checks coming from the P8.6 billion DAP fund to each ARMM governor for their projects. With his control of ARMM and its funds, Hataman trounced his rival in the May 2013 elections, making him the longest-serving ARMM governor ever.

    How did ARMM use the P8.6 billion that came from DAP?

    It certainly didn’t achieve one of its main objectives, which was to accelerate government spending in order to stimulate the economy.  That’s according to Aquino himself. He said in a speech in Davao City on June 2012: “Gusto ko ho sanang maibalita sa inyo ‘yung mga accomplishments. Pero dito po sa status, as of May 31, 2012, napakarami po dito ay ‘not yet started’ or ‘ongoing,’” (“I want to report the accomplishments of the Transition Investment Support Plan. But based on its status report as of May 31, 2012, so many have not been started yet or are reported as ongoing.”)

    Slow projects, or were the DAP funds intended for ARMM used for other purposes not in the official list Aquino was reading?

    Former Senator Joker Arroyo’s demand that DBM explain the use of DAP fund and the Commission on Audit’s promise to audit it have become a matter of national security.

    The ARMM government since it was set up in 1999 has been notorious for siphoning government funds to its leaders’ pockets , which is one reason why it has failed and why Sulu, Basilan, Maguindanao, and Lanao del Sur have remained as the country’s poorest provinces.

    COA auditors in the region who were too serious in their jobs have been killed and auditors there refuse to undertake ocular inspections of projects in the field for fear of their lives.

    Aquino’s success in getting MILF to the negotiating table couldn’t have been simply due to his promise that he would give the insurgents their virtually independent Bangsamoro state.

    They must have demanded something more concrete to believe in his promises. They must have asked for some money down first.

    Aquino dramatically flew to Tokyo to meet with MILF leaders on August 6, 2011;  he set up DAP on October 12, 2011,  simultaneous with the announcement that P8.6 billion of that would be for ARMM.  Talks with the MILF commenced a few days later and on October 15, 2012 his chief peace negotiator Marivic Leonen and the MILF head signed in a much-hyped ceremony in Malacañang the Framework Agreement for the Bangsamoro.

    Aquino dramatically flew to Tokyo to meet with MILF leaders on August 6, 2011;  he set up DAP on October 12, 2011,  simultaneous with the announcement that P8.6 billion of that would be for ARMM; and three days later, on October 15, he and the MILF head signed in a much-hyped ceremony in Malacañang the Framework Agreement for the Bangsamoro.

    About 60 percent of the population of ARMM to which Aquino gave P8.6 billion is in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao, where the MILF is based.

    Other than for rewarding Congress for taking out Corona, was it DAP’s main objective to raise funds to buy off the MILF, so they would agree to the charade of the peace talks?   Could the funds have come from TISP’s unallocated P2 billion?

    For that matter, how was the P1.8 billion allocated to CPLA and the P700 million to an MNLF faction used?

    Did some of these funds end up in the war chests of MILF, CPLA, MNLF faction, and the NPA because of the stupidity of this student council-type administration?

    Only a full COA audit of the P10 billion fund would determine whether Aquino did or did not stupidly hand over taxpayers’ money to rebel groups—at a time when our officers and soldiers were being massacred in battlefields in ARMM, the Cordillera, and Surigao and when China was laughing at our tiny Navy and Air Force.

    Bastusan na yun  (That was patently an insult to Congress).”  That’s former Budget Secretary Diokno’s description of how Aquino pushed Congress aside and created his own budget.

    Congress’ integrity will sink deeper in the gutter if it doesn’t investigate how Aquino used the DAP fund he had hijacked.

    www.rigobertotiglao.com and www.trigger.ph


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    1. Enrile is laughing,on the other side.But really a blunder on the side of Malacañang student council,mga baguhan ang mga ito,bakit hindi pinagdebatihan sa Congress,maybe thingking that they are political geniuses?
      Marami na ring mali itong si NOynoyin,Our TaxMoney is pfttttt. gone.(*_*)

    2. felix servidad on

      This is the worst administration ever I have seen and experiencing right now.
      I wonder why he is still very popular according to the latest survey, hmmmm!
      I smell something fishy! guess what, I think your guess is as good as mine.
      Gising mga kababayan wag tayong tutulog tulog it’s time for us to rise again.
      Thank you Mr. Cignal for your bravery andheroism. God Bless You!

    3. The Philippines is already 25 or more years behind our neighbors like Singapore, Malaysia , Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, etc. The people hoped that the current government will move us forward somehow to catch up. But with what’s happening now with our government coffers, how and what can we look forward to have.. Mga kababayan, it’s time to get up and find the future for our beloved Philippines.

    4. so what is going to happen now? I say abolish DAP and make Aquino accountable for all money lost or misused and make him repay. Our country is not really poor. Our country is very rich in natural resources including tourism. The average Filipinos do not have to be poor. But we are because of scandals after scandals of plunders after another. If these monies stolen by our leaders were spent where they are supposed to be spent then we will be not the sickman of ASEAN. These plunderers are just as bad or similar to terrorists who caused deaths during calamities, lack of food and shelter for evacuees in war torn Mindanao, homeless children and smokey mountain people. If I have my way I will have them all executed and confiscate every centavo they stole from the people.

    5. They better check it if Janet Napoles had been involved with or just using those rebel groups including ARMM and the CPLA to her “PDAF- DAP” scam. What an extravagance way P-Noy doling out those money to those group without peoples consent, as if he has his own money printing machine inside Malacanang Palace. Ging Delis should be investigated too she could have acted as the Napoles herself.

    6. This Philippine President has no respect for the law. The only reason the majority of the Congressmen and Senators allowed it, was because of their LOVE FOR MONEY…. Money is the root of all evils.. Most, ( not all ) of our politicians, are unforgiving hypocrites, who thought they have no sins. What a shame for our country to have leaders like them ? It is even doubtful, if these people believe in God; if they do, things described here, and those already reported, would not have happened. My advise to corrupt politicians : Let them meditate a verse in the Bible from the Book of Nahum : 1:3 : which says ” God is slow to anger, and great in His Power. God wll NOT LEAVE the GUILTY UNPUNISHED. He has his ways in the whirlwind and in the storms and the clouds are the dust of His feet” The President may still have time because his term ends on 2016, and his presidential immunity protects him… But God moves in ways in His time and no human being can prevent it…Let’s see what happens, and when this monumental hypocricy lasts…

    7. santiago caisido on

      Wow grabe bastusan talaga. Saan ba piperma para sa peoples initiative para mawala ang Dap, Pdap at hulidap.

    8. Charles Krauthammer, the doyenne of political analysts in the U.S.,once said that “If we insist that public life be reserved for those whose personal life is pristine, we are not going to get paragons of virtue running our affairs. We will get the very rich,who contract out the messy things in life; the very dull, who have nothing to hide,and nothing to show ; the very devious , expert at covering their tracks and ambitious enough to risk their discovery” .
      By a quirk of circumstance we elected an accidental President in 2010 who surged to the forefront of winnability following the sentimental backlash of his mother’s death, and riding high on the perceived family heritage of integrity, unsullied public record and , pristine personal life.
      Now three years later, the pristine image is rapidly unravelling. True, we now have a leader who is undoubtedly rich, but obviously dull, with very little to brandish about by way of solid accomplishments save for tuwid na daan sloganeering that now rings more hollow than ever; and above all, we have a leader whose shockingly devious ways have become plainly obvious in the PDAF scandal, the wanton and unprecedented bribery of politicians to achieve his sinister political agenda. and the hitherto unknown juggling of public funds through the nefarious DAP scheme. How such staggering amounts – in hundreds of BILLIONS- were realigned (or malversed) to the Presidents discretionary funds without anybody knowing about it {except for PNoy and his budget secretary } is indeed mind-boggling. Senators, Congressmen do not even know there is such a thing called DAP. Where has transparency gone? Is this what we get for choosing someone with a “pristine” private life and a sainted mother?

      • I agree with you 100 percent for every word that you have said.but let me ask you this.is there anymore that justice corona can do to regain his position as Chief Justice in view of all this allegations that emerged that clearly proved that the evidences against him are not sufficient enough to take him out of his post compare to the evidences now emerging against his jurors. Corona I believed that even before the congress impeach him is already guilty in the eyes of all his jurors cos of the bribe that being given to them.poor atty.roy for apologizing to this hypocrites when in fact he was right. Who is going to put put the records straight now for all the victims of penoy (in pampanga means bugok or rotten egg) that their honor, dignity and reputations had been tarnish.

      • even if the supreme court declares the dap and pdaf as unconstitutional, what will happen then? scandals after scandals are unraveling daily, yet once the dust has settled, will real change ever take place? will the politicians go back to their old merry ways and fool around with our tax money again? will the disbursement of funds be centralized on one person if ever pdaf is really abolished? can the president’s “incentive” to the lawmakers during the impeachment of the chief justice be correctly termed as bribes and be charged accordingly? will these crooks ever be jailed? will real reforms in the system of disbursing funds to our country ever be realized? So many questions, yet if you review our nations history in dealing with big fish, sadly, nobody ever got punished. I wouldn’t be surprised if napoles will be a free woman and will probably run for office in the future. that’s how it is here.

    9. sir, pnoy, can do whatever he wants as long as congressmen and senators are for sale, and, 85% of pinoys still believe on him, saan ka pa. “bastusan na” seems still a decent words to describe what they are doing..

    10. After subduing Congress and making its members his vassals, BS Aquino now has arrogated unto himself its power over the purse and taken over the function of enacting a budget outside of the regular GAA. With his DAP, he can now dispense largess to whoever he pleases. When are the rest of us going to wake up? Quo usque tandem, B.S. Aquino, abutire patientia nostra?

    11. Sa administration ni Noynoy bawal ipakita ang documento ng mga pork barrel ni Noynoy noon siya ay congressman, senator at ngayon siya ay presidente na. Ganoon din sa mga pork barrel ng mga miyembro ng KKKK. Kaya yong sinasabi ni Mr. Tiglao na P10 billion fund na galing sa DAP ay dapat i-audit ay hindi mangyayari hanggang nasa puwesto pa si Noynoy. Kaya bago mawaldas ang billions of pesos mula sa
      pondo ng bayan ay dapat maalis na siya puwesto.

    12. God Almighty! PNoy is treating the Philippines as his personal bank! When will these abuses end? The public must act now before the Country will be bankrupt Yet, BS Aquino continue to blame the past administration when he is actually doing much more damage than isr predecessor. Surely this article will confirm the blatant and shameless manipulation of public funds of PNoy in favor of his favorite recipients proving that it is not only the legislators who are PNoys favorite but certain groups, factions, government departments as well.
      Again, a well researched article by Mr. Tiglao. Thank you and congratulations Mr. Tiglao for getting out of your way to inform the public important and relevant information how this President is prostituting the Filipino people.

    13. Perhaps BS Aquino felt that his popularity meant that he could do anything that he wants, even if it means to violate the constitution. The Republic becomes meaningless if the constitution is mocked and violated. Where are the supposed defenders of the constitution? The time to act is now. The country is falling to an abyss.