P11-M shabu stuffed in coconuts sneaked into Dumaguete City jail


And we thought we’ve heard it all. That is, the various ways by which prohibited drugs are smuggled by their carriers. But jail guards in Barangay Bajumpandan in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, recently found a “clever” way such contraband was concealed, novel until it aroused suspicion.

The guards found bundles of shabu weighing about one kilo and valued at P11 million in a most unexpected hiding place – inside young coconuts.

While Mass was going on at the jail chapel on Sunday, an unidentified man and a minor delivered about 30 pieces of buko (young coconuts). They were allegedly selling it to a certain inmate, known only by the initials “JC.”

Chief Insp. Prizel Arevalo, city jail warden, said the two jail guards became suspicious after the suspects insisted on delivering and leaving the young coconut past the regular visiting hour or about 5 p.m., while a Mass was being held.

He said he ordered the jail guards to receive the bunch of young coconuts, but wait for the Mass to finish and conduct a thorough search.

Along with the young coconuts were cans of fruit cocktail and milk to make it appear that these were really intended for making buko salad.

After a search was conducted, the jail guards noticed six of the young coconuts—kept in the inner part of the bunches—had slotted portions and were already drained of water.

The guards decided to open all the 30 young coconuts. Inside they discovered four big packs of shabu deftly stacked into the drained fruits.

Jail officials said that it was the first time that a big quantity of shabu was intercepted about to be delivered to the City Jail. The delivery was caught in the CCTV footage.

Upon investigation, the intended recipient “JC” denied ordering or buying the young coconuts.


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