P11M gathers dust at NTC


THE LACK of a project plan hampered the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to effectively use P11 million in funds, originally appropriated for the inspection of radio stations and telecommunication facilities.

The Commission on Audit (COA) reported that the monitoring section of the Regional Office of NTC in Metro Manila failed to implement a project plan to carry out its function, resulting in the cost deficiency of P11.62 million.

The NTC monitoring section is mandated to, among others, detect, intercept, measure and analyze frequencies of radio stations with the use of precision measuring and testing instruments.

Records of all intercepted signals including spurious and harmonic radiation are maintained inside NTC’s office in cases of legal and security investigations.

However, the COA said that when auditors reviewed the program, the cost efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring and project accomplishments “could not be validated.”

COA pointed to NTC’s lack of program implementation policy of the regional office.

An unnamed officer-in-charge of the NTC division said that most inspections were conducted on a per-instance or per-request basis of clients.

COA said that the only data the team gathered was that there were 9,063 inspections and investigations compared to the 5,300 target.

Monitoring accomplishment was at 206 percent as 122,567 were carried out, way above a 40,000 target.

However, COA said that the “lack of project policy or plan” in the implementation of the monitoring and inspection of radio stations and telecommunication facilities hampered the P11.62-million appropriation.

“Documents to support the project as well as its implementation and results of operation could not be provided for our verification since there was no program or policy plan formulated,” the audit report read.

COA asked the monitoring division to formulate a plan to provide as a basis for the validation of cost efficiency and effectiveness of the program accomplishments and fund utilization.

The NTC division agreed to the audit finding and said that they are in the process of drafting the plan that would facilitate internal assessment and evaluation.


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