• P2-M illegal drugs seized in Cavite


    DASMARIÑAS CITY, Cavite: Police on Thursday arrested three persons and confiscated P2 million worth of shabu during a raid at Barangay Datu Esmael in this city. Cavite Provincial Director Joselito Esquivel Jr. identified the suspects as Macatiwas Misugwas, his wife Isnihiya Lanto and their house helper Jeffrey Sanchez. Seized from the suspects were 56 pieces of plastic sachets of shabu and three caliber .45 pistols with  30 live ammonitions.


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    1. Datumama M. Macaindig on

      I have personal knowledge with this news because I actually live in the said place. By the way on the same day Isnihiya Lanto one of the suspect was released through the so called “areglo”, however upon going home together with her relatives they were ambush by unknown number of persons riding a motorcycle which resulted to her sudden death. The other relatives got serious gun wounds and they are all in the hospital right now for immediate medical treatment. The way I see it, the arresting officers must be considered as a primary suspects in the said ambush and it calls for an extensive investigation knowing that they are in power. As what Director Esquivel said, his people seized an almost 2 million worth of shabu during the search operation with a presumption that it was done through a valid search warrant and not only that they confiscated also a three caliber .45 pistols with 30 live ammonitions which only means that with that strong evidence that would really suffice to convict the alleged suspects. Now, how come Mr. Esquivel that your people ( I don’t know if your’re one of them or that was done with your permission..I hope not so..) allowed to released one of the suspects knowing that there were strong evidence against them (maybe because of money..it sucks!). And now right after the released and while the poor girl is on her way going home together with her relatives an unexpected ambush was exploded against them. Im calling the attention of media to expose this issue because that would might help in getting the justice for the said victims. No one is above the law..(Nemo Est Supra Legis)