P2,000 SSS pension hike can be ‘approved’ by Dec


A bill providing for an across-the-board P2,000 Social Security System (SSS) pension increase can be approved by Congress by December, one of its authors said on Sunday.

Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate cited the bill’s approval at the committee level in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“I would say it is possible to have it approved [by both Houses]in December. If the lawmakers really want it approved, this can be approved on second and third reading by Christmas,” Zarate said in an interview over radio dzBB.

“The retirees have been waiting for this for so long. To increase a pensioner’s benefit by P2,000 is just equivalent to a P66 increase per day. What is P66 a day? That won’t even be enough to buy them a healthy and sumptuous meal,” he added.

The P2,000 across-the-board hike for SSS pensioners was vetoed by immediate past president Benigno Aquino 3rd because of supposed lack of SSS funds to back the increase.

Zarate expressed confidence that President Rodrigo Duterte would not break his promise of signing the measure into law.

“This is a campaign promise and we have seen that he is firmly standing up for this. He sees that problem of our senior citizens, which is really their lack of pension fund,” he said.

Under existing law, an SSS pensioner receives P1,200 a month.

“P1,200 is just P44 per day. That is way too small amount. It cannot sustain a life,” Zarate said.


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  1. Mas maganda po siguro na ang mga SSS executives ay tulad di namin na covered ng SSS pension funds. Sa ngayon po napapasin namin na walang malasakit ang mga namamahala nito dahil pagdating ng takdang panahon ng retirment, sa GSIS sila mag pe pension, kaya sinasamantala nila ang malalaking benefits sa SSS pati narin ang napakalalaking bonus tulad ng nangyari sa Aquino Administration, pagkaraang i veto ang 2 thousand, across the board increase, sabay release naman ng napakalalaking bonus ng SSS executives. Kailangan may malasakit din ang mamumuno sa SSS dahil dito rin sila magpe pension.

  2. Your pension in the amount of 1,750 pesos per month is depending what u have contributed for the previous years. if you only contributed minimum then your pension is too small. What if your contribution is maximum 1,760 per month then your pension maybe 9,900 pesos you must think first your future.

  3. Ernesto Dela Cruz on

    The first thing that should be seriously looked into is the salaries of SSS officials. Almost all of them are getting millions a year and for what? And why is it that there are too many commissioners in SSS? De Quiros is even getting more than 6million!

    A regular SSS pensioner receives 1,200 pesos a month – that’s 14,400 a year. Now that some good-hearted people are pushing for an additional 2,000 a month, SSS officials even have the balls to suggest to pay that amount in 4 equal installments, i.e. 500 per year for the next 4 years?

    The nerve!

    What these SSS officials must do is to work harder and see to it that all companies operating in the Philippines are remitting their monthly SSS contributions. Hindi ung puro pagpapayaman sa sarili ang iniintindi. Kakapal ng mukha!

    • Willie Marquez on

      I do not know if ur a pensioner urself, sir, but u have driven ur point. These sss commissioners and employees are sucking the pension fund dry with their hefty salaries, allowances and what have you. This is what they fear. The day when they could not suck it no more. To preserve it for their own good they must at all cost prevent the final implementation of the 2000 php pension increase long overdue its suffering retirees. Mabuhay ka, sir.

  4. Ceila Oliquiano on

    Sana tuparin ni President Duterte ang promise nya na increase sa sss pensioner,isa ito sa mga promise nya nung nangangalmpanya sya nung eleksyon, wag ito pangako na mapapako lang

  5. I am a senior and I am receiving 1,750.00 pesos per month. I am also diabetic and buys maintenance drugs weekly. Spends 400.00 weekly and I have to ask my son to help me out. The pension I receive does even includes my food and shelter. The pension is very small that I do not think that it is not even humane. They must start computing a decent pension because we Seniors rely heavily on our pension. All workers must petition to re compute their SSS benefit before reaching retirement age. SSS must change the way they do their business. It is too late for me now. It does even reach the poverty level.