P20M more from Canada in assistance for Mindanao


The Canadian government announced on Thursday that it is providing an additional P20 million (CAD$500,000) in humanitarian assistance for those affected by conflict in Mindanao.

The funding will be channeled to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to address the humanitarian needs of thousands living in conflict-affected areas there.

“Canada has committed to scaling up interventions that will have the greatest impact, focusing on the areas of strengthening health systems, improving nutrition and reducing the burden of leading diseases,” Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines Neil Reeder said in a statement.

Canada is supporting ICRC operations in Mindanao by providing seeds, tools and fishing equipment to help improve the livelihoods of 59,500 conflict-affected people; technical assistance to rehabilitate water and sanitation facilities at the community level, benefitting up to 6,000 people; support to improved detention facilities for up to 6,000 vulnerable detainees; medical and surgical supplies for hospitals; and food and other supplies for up to 84,000 people.


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