• P353M farm projects only 5 percent done


    Could it be that this projects are legit which is why the funding is very slow? Could it be that there’s not much to steal from this projects, hence the “molasses speed?” And if these projects would have involved a senators’ or congressmen’s PDAF, the release would have beaten the 6 o’clock news, time enough for the kickbacks to settle in each of these senators’ and congressmen’s pockets. The scenario is an age-old reality in every corner of the Philippines. Thievery among the elected officials is “expected,” a cultural norm in this society. The Napoles scam is a revelation that the judicial system of the Philippines does NOT know how to handle, hence the confusion of which venue the scam should be litigated: Ombudsman or Senate. And, who is in charge of convicting these thieves? Hell, every single one of them is a thief! From the president on down, with the exception of Grace Poe and Nancy Binay should be jailed for stealing people’s money. I think I share the Filipino people’s perspective and expectation: this soap opera will fizzle out, the “tanda,” “sexy” and “pogi” will survive to run for the next election. There will be no cultural shift; the governmental structure will always be the only place to get rich from by pervasive and blatant thievery without any repercussion. History proves my point: look at Arroyo, the most despicable person in the Philippines, and yet she is voted congresswoman again. Look at Erap, the Jalosjos….etc… Jocjoc Bolante, you will win next time.

    Melencio Escaber


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