• P50-M ‘bonus’ to oust Corona – Jinggoy


    Hay, Jingoy sayang lang laway mo wala ka naman binatbat, kung hindi mo tinangap yon Pesos 50,000 bida ka sana ngayon, eh ungoy ka suwapang mukhang pera, hindi mo tinularan si Sen. Santiago, Marcos at Arroyo. Tapos bandang huli sasabihin mong hindi suhol yon? Gago ka. Sinasabi nyong mag ama na victima kayo ng nakaraan administration hindi mo napuna ang kasalbahean nitong mapaghiganting administration?? Samantala kayong dalawa ay pinakawalan ng nakaraan administration. Sa mulat mula pa kung may utak ka dapat na tantu mo ang mga ginawang paninira kay CJ Corona ni abnoy at ang mga yellow medya.. Ngayon ikaw ang umiiyak na trial by publicity ang ginagawa sa inyo ngayon? Karma yan merece sa iyo. Sana makulong ka ng tuluyan ngayon, mayabang ka akala mo nasa pilikula ka pa baboy ka, tignan ko kong may mag lalabas sayo pag ito ang nangyari. HA HA HA
    Butch, chico.fernandez7272@yahoo.com

    50M pesos as additional fund for the senators who voted for the ousting of the chief justice??? do you think the 3 senators – santiago, arroyo and marcos will not create noise on this thing…unless they are not aware about it…but i doubt it…let’s wait and see…(just an speculation)

    Sen. jinggoy clarifies during interpolation that the 50M does not directly mean a bribe to convict corona. upon my observation and personal analysis is that the intention was to establish the source and the purpose of giving the money…

    Likewise, his 14-pages which is almost an hour of privilege speech will not save him from the plunder case filed before the ombudsman and neither be used as an excuse to drop said graft and corruption act which they are (along with others) facing now.

    About the former chief justice…even if the 50M bribe to oust him is true…he cannot hide the truth that what has been delivered and presented during the impeachment trial were genuine and has basis…he was not able to justify his innocence…so where is vindication there which he claims?
    Sam, tataysammy@yahoo.com

    There is nothing wrong with that additional pork money being given to theme as long as its being spend for the public interest..
    Jess Suguitan, jmsuguitan91@gmail.com

    The Php50 million which Lolong Frank Drillon had distributed was only the BONUS.

    According to an online dictionary: Bonus – A payment or gift ADDED to what is usual or EXPECTED, in particular, etc Therefore it is logical to state that there were already negotiations earlier that a basic payoff for every Senator who will vote for Renato Corona’s impeachment was already on the table and since PNoy was very happy of the outcome, he directed Frank ‘the pig” Drillon to distribute the Php50 million BONUS.

    This information will jibe to the statement of Sen. Bongbong Marcos that a Php100 million was already earmarked by PNoy to each Senatong who will vote for impeachment. In short the total Pork reward for all the Senatong thieves and scalawags was a cool Php150 million to find a good man guilty for a mere mistake in his SALN. These are the kind of men and women the people “elected” to work for the good of the poor folks. Or were they really “elected?” Is it not possible that these thieves also bought their way to election with the kind of corrupt COMELEC we have today?

    Inocent, villaflordeon@ymail.com


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