• P500K fine for colorum PUVs eyed


    Neophyte lawmaker Bayani Fernando of Marikina wants to impose a hefty half a million peso penalty on colorum or unregistered vehicles to eradicate illegal public utility vehicles.

    Fernando, a former chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority, made the proposal during the first day of the Executive Course on Legislation held at the House of Representatives.

    Fernando argued that the drivers and/or operators of these colorum vehicles should be fined so steep that they will instantly go bankrupt after being caught twice.

    “These colorum vehicles… it would be better if we burn the unit instantly so it ends immediately. But kidding aside, these vehicles are on the road because the fine for their offense is a pittance. That should not be the case,” Fernando said.

    “If a colorum vehicle is caught plying our roads for the second time, that should be it. The fine for their offense should exceed the capital money they spent for buying that vehicle,” Fernando added.

    An Asian Utility Vehicle that is generally used as a colorum vehicle costs around P800,000 or more per unit.

    “And so, they are winning their gamble here because they don’t get caught most of the time. You should be only be able to commit the same mistake twice,” Fernando emphasized.

    “We have to put them (colorum drivers and operators) in a position where they will go bankrupt after their gamble. Right now, they have slim chances of getting caught and when they are caught, they pay a little fine. They should immediately lose their gamble on an illegal activity,” Fernando added.


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