P559 million released before Senate vote vs. Corona


Sino pa ang natitirang sangay ng gobyerno ni Pnoy ang may natitirang #Dangal? wala nang CREDIBILITY . . . .WALA NA !!!!
1. Congress
2. Senado
3. DOJ
4. Ombudsman
5. NBI
6. Supreme Court
7. Palasyo
Sino naba ang pwding takbohan nag mga taong bayan ????? nakakalungkot isipin, san na natatakbo ang mahihirap? panu ang kinabukasan ng mga kabataan???? mula 1986 pera . . . pera . . . pera ang pinag-aawayan ng mga politiko natin . . . limpak . . . limpak na pera ng taong bayan ang kanilang panaghahatian???? sana naman nabusog na sila, ng makapagsimula na tayong ng bagong buhay, subrang kwawa naman na ang taong bayan, kaming mga OFW, nagtitiis ng hirap mapalayo sa familia . . . kumita lang ng parehas at mabuhay ng marangal, insultong malaki ang makita mong niwawaldas lang ang billion . . . billion pera ng taong bayan . . . panu naba tayo ngayon????????? GOD SAVE PHILIPPINES . . . GOD SAVE US !
Engr Jun DyJongco, makisigq8@yahoo.com

Ganyan na ba ka bobo ang mga Pinoy? Dapat tanggalin na sa position ang mga yan! Matuwid na Daan??? PWE!!! Sana si Marcos pa rin ang presidente!
Darwin Pepito, Infraredp7@gmail.com

Hands down, THE PHILIPPINES is the Numero Uno in the whole world when it comes to the business of CORRUPTION. Nakawan kabi-kabila sa lahat ng sulok ng Gov’t at Private sector. It is a way of life, a CULTURE of impunity—reason why this Philippines is the weakling beggar of Asia, economically and military-wise. And Her Leaders have the gall to call upon THe good old USA for help for the simple reason She can not assert her rights to her territorial domain when foreign land grabbers asserts ownership of territorial islands and chunk of Borneo that dutifully belong to her domain . . . while these corrupt politicians are left and right busy stealing government coffers’ money intended for development of the country.
Vik, vik_kachupoi@yahoo.com

Ano pa kaya kung naging matalino si PNoy? ahh matalino din, kasi nakahanap ng paraan bayaran agad ang mga lintang senators nag create sila ng DAP. evil of all evils na ang mga eto. can”t wait for the day he goes to jail as well. he’s got to go to jail along with his buddies Abad, Lacdierda, Ochoa, Valte, Julia Abad lahat lahat sila!
Maria, geminikidd1966@yahoo.com

At first I thought Lacson was after limelight of his political career, hands up, you and Joker Arroyo are true Filipinos, mga iba magdarambong, nakakasuka kayo!!!!!
Carlito, lolo_taba@yahoo.com
Too sad to hear what’s happening in the Philippines nowadays. We were happy when pony was elected as president of the Republic. Now we realized how badly he wanted the Chief Justice Corona to out of the way . . . With position the Hacienda Luisita will be divided to all it’s tenant. That the cojuangco can’t accept much more pnoy. Taking the sound advise of his expert by using the PDAF the corona problem was eliminated. If that is the case as perceived by the masses. The what went wrong in Zamboanga City recently??? The facts when misuari was convinced by Butch Aquino the uncle of pnoy to return to the fold of the law during the Presidency of the late Corazon Aquino. And Butch Aquino was in company of UPI staff members at the Jungle lair of the MNLF in Sumisp, Basilan Province . . . everyone was hopeful for the peace to last. The MNLF and the Military embraced that peace will materialized or normalized at least. In which the MNLF when on consultative trip in much of Mindanao and Sulu. Even the time of Col. Bulan Head of the NICA in Zamboanga. Never got alarmed with the landing of the Heavily armed MNLF in Barrio Pitogo. Just about 6 miles to Camp. Navarro the main HQ OF THE WESTERN COMMAND or the former Sowescom. The MNLF seem really went out for a rally. Judging from their weapons. They are not there to fight our Military nor challenge the supremacy of our Republic and it’s Armed Forces. The MNLF got use traveling with their forces in Mindanao and Sulu. Our Field Military Commanders got used in associating with the MNLF forces for almost 3 decade. No major skirmishes in the region. Except some erring faction that someway got into some confrontation the least and most if not all been reprimanded or taken of from the regular rooster. Now . . . The tragedies in Zamboanga could have been avoided if only the Intelligence Report was truthful and accurate. Then how come they failed to gather much reliable Infos. That could have thwarted the supposed attack. Rio Hondo is part of the Campo Muslim where the Mosque is located. And it is known as a hideout of hoodlums and Warring Clans. Therefore saturated deadly high powered weapons. It’s not a little secret in the City people of all walk of life are fearful of the said place. The weapons that was shown recovered in the TV news even the local resident has it. And if the MNLF really want to attack it’s not the kind of weapons they have to engage a fair firefight. It seem things when wrong. And somebody new panic at the situations and others see opportunity. I don’t think the Tausug nor the MNLF will engage the Military. Knowing some of our American friends are in Camp. Navarro and the help of the American Soldiers is highly appreciated in the region and the Tausug respect the Americans Soldiers. We hope the old Police and Military who understand the Mindanao and Sulu situation can give nor contribute some knowledge in order to avoid similar situations in the future. Peace is when we can understand all the trouble and find and work what is best for all equally be satisfied and end the discontent with wisemen working for the good of all. Not just the corruption in their mind.

Brian Enriquez, Capricornsun@yahoo.com


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