P559 million released before Senate vote vs. Corona


As it turns out now, then Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona didn’t have a chance in the impeachment trial. It was all a charade, a tele-novela by the Senate and the administration. To use that biting Pilipino term, “pera-pera lang pala,” (“It was all about money.”)

President Aquino bought the senators’ votes to find Corona guilty, using the pork barrel system, called Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). In his privilege speech last week, Senator Jinggoy Estrada claimed that after the conviction of the former chief justice, those who voted to convict were allotted an additional P50 million” in pork barrel funds.

What he didn’t disclose, probably since it would incriminate him as well, is that a few weeks and even days before the Senate decision on May 29, 2012, with only a trickle of such releases in the first quarter of the year, President Aquino and his Budget Secretary Florencio Abad released P559 million to 12 senators to ensure that they get the required two-thirds vote to convict Corona.

Hours after Estrada made the accusation, Senate President Franklin Drilon said: “What I remember was during the four-month Corona trial, no PDAF was released by Malacañang precisely to avoid suspicions that funds were being peddled to influence the trial.” Abad toed that propaganda line: “We were careful not to make (PDAF) releases before, during or after the trial.” (Emphasis mine.)

*Angara got another P58 million released June 5. **Trillanes got another P38 million released June 26. Source: www.dbm.gov.ph accessed Sept. 29, 2013

*Angara got another P58 million released June 5.
**Trillanes got another P38 million released June 26.
Source: www.dbm.gov.ph accessed Sept. 29, 2013

Drilon was lying. And Abad is a bad liar, since the data on the date and amount of releases of PDAF funds are posted in his department’s website. I accessed the information there to come up with the accompanying table.

PDAF releases just before the May 29 decision amounted to a minimum of P20 million in the case of Senator Trillanes to as huge as P98 million for Senator Francis Escudero. Senator Lito Lapid—who said during the trial that he understood the issue only after the “pizza pie” depiction of Corona’s wealth – got P50 million in pork barrel funds on May 8.

Sadly, even a billionaire such as Senator Manuel Villar still availed himself of Aquino’s “incentives”, which for him totaled P49 million, released on May 18. Senators crossed party lines for Aquino’s “incentive”: Senator Ramon Revilla, who could have been the opposition Lakas-Kampi party’s presidential candidate for 2016 got P86 million of his pork barrel on May 4, the second biggest PDAF release after Escudero’s.

Even as he was one of Aquino’s loyal strategists, and even as he acted practically as a prosecutor in the impeachment trial, Senator Drilon wouldn’t be left behind in the distribution of incentives, and had P40 million of his pork barrel released April 24 and May 22.

Estrada, who claimed that the “incentives’ were doled out after the Senate decision, actually got P50 million of his pork barrel released May 8.

The other senators who voted against Corona and who got their PDAF released just before the May 29 decision are: Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, the Presiding Judge in the trial, P54 million, on April 19 and May 11; Pia Cayetano, P55 million on May 5; Gregorio Honasan, P42 million on April 23.

However, unlike the “money-down-first” senators, there were a few who trusted Aquino to release their funds even after the Senate decision. Angara got P58 million of his PDAF released a few days after Corona’s ouster, on June 5, while Antonio Trillianes 4th got his P38 million on June 26. Sen. Teofisto Guingona got P153 million or two-thirds of his P229 pork barrel on three dates in July. Then-Majority Floor Leader Sen. Vicente Sotto got his P50-million pork released on July 26.

To their credit, Senators Alan Cayetano, Francis Pangilinan, Loren Legarda and Sergio Osmeña 3rd—who voted against Corona—had very little or zero of their pork barrel funds released just before the Senate decision and got their PDAF releases many months after. Osmeña 3rd for instance got all of his PDAF funds only in December, and was even half of his P200-million allocation.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago had no PDAF funds released in April and May, although another senator who voted to acquit Corona, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. , got P15 million released on May 5. Senators Joker Arroyo and Panfilo Lacson had made it their policy as senators not to touch a centavo of their PDAF allocations.

Very significant is the fact that it is only Drilon among the senators who has denied that the pork barrel system was used to ensure Corona’s conviction. On the other hand, not only Estrada, but two other senators, Lacson who is an ally of Aquino, and Marcos made the same allegations that the pork barrel fund was used to buy-off senators to vote against Corona. Lacson even said the amount to be released was announced in a Senate caucus, while Estrada cited a confidential document promising the funds. An administration ally, Senator Guingona 3rd, admitted he got the P50-million pork barrel immediately after the Corona trial.

Perhaps it’s because of Aquino’s tight hold on media, but what Aquino and the Senate did was so outrageous that people should be in the streets now to demand not only his resignation but also to set up a revolutionary government, so we can begin from the beginning and construct a new system.

Can you find or imagine anything else so shameful, grossly wrong, and such a betrayal of the nation as the Executive buying off the Legislature—using people’s money—to remove the head of the Judicial branch of government? Janet Lim-Napoles took advantage of a weak system to siphon governments to her pocket. Aquino is wrecking the very structure of our republican system consisting of three independent branches of the state.

There’s more horrific news. It turns out now that it is not only the PDAF that was used to buy off senators in Corona’s impeachment.

Aquino and Abad invented another budget item not in the 2012 Appropriations Act called the “Disbursement Acceleration Program“ (DAP) to allow the quick release of promised funds for the senators who voted against Corona. According to Abad himself, P1 billion from this DAP funds were given as additional pork-barrel type of funds to the 20 senators a few months after they convicted Corona.

More on that on Wednesday.

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  1. It is not far fetched that Philippines will be in the Guinness Book of World Records – for having the most presidents who got jailed! Jesus Mary Joseph!

  2. si Pinoy ay spoiled brat, kung ano luho nya di sya makapapayag na di makuha, asar sya kay corona o takot sya na di nya makontrol kya pinilit nya matanggal kahit sa papanung paraan.. sa unang mga araw ng impeachment trial, lumalabas kasi na parang matatalo ang bilang ng mga senador na kakampi nya, taranta sya kya gumawa ng paraan, yun nga lng di nya akalain na lalabas lalabas ang napoles scandal kya heto ngayon big problem na.. malas nya nakarma…

  3. God knows I can’t wait to go to the streets now and demand the resignation of this president and his minions from the government, but I hope we can do more after that to ensure that no one like them will be elected again into power! We Filipinos never seem to learn our lessons….

  4. Cool guys! Are you not corrupt yourselves? Corruption is everywhere / universal. Corruption can be found within family, companies and even churches. Once you have political leaning you are blinded by what is the truth. You will throw mud on whoever is against you. Isn’t this what is happening in our government? Look at US Congress both Democrat and Republcians are throwing mud at each other. The government officials take advantage of people who lacks education and/or finances. Equally our government officials lacks moral values, lacks education and corrupt themselves. Corruption is less on countries who are rich and well educated i.e the Scandinavian countries.

  5. Isa pang nagmamalinis si Joker Arroyo.Tigilan niya tayo, isa siyang malaking joke sa republika ng Pilipinas

  6. Una gawin ng mga pinoy pressure this gov if nothing happens civil disobedience huwag tangkilikin ang products endorse by relatives of Pnoy at saka ng mga senators/congressmen involved sa Pdaf scam at suhol sa impeachment ni CJ Corona.at kong hindi pa tinsa darating na bayaran mag holiday sa payment.St ang pinaks impt.sa lahat sa darating na botohan PLS. mga PINOY huwag niyo na ibenta ang bito niyo huwag iboto ang endorse ng yellow ribbon o kaya mga politico na mga naka upo na ngayon involved sa scam

  7. Can you post a direct link to the DBM website which shows these data. It’s easy to say that those entries are taken from the DBM website but you can’t even post a direct link to it. I was looking for it in the DBM website but I couldn’t find it.

  8. In May, 2010, President Arroyo did a questionable appointment of Chief Justice Renato Corona. Then Senator Aquino and former President Ramos criticized the appointment There is a constitutional prohibition of a President appointing anyone to a position 3 months before an election. To show his non-recognition of Chief Justice Corona, President-elect Aquino picked an Associate Justice to perform the Presidential Oath of Office. To further antagonize President Aquino, the Supreme Court ruled against his family’s the Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI). The Court ordered HLI to redistribute 6,000 hectares of land (the land combination of City of Manila and Pasay City) to poor farmers. Until today, I was questioning the President’s Integrity much. Ambassador Tiglao chart concerning the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allotments showed that the President used money to pervert justice. He won’t be removed, but shows that is no better then a dictator.

  9. I agree with most of you here. But in reality, Philippine government today will stay the same for a long long time as long as family dynasties and movie stars controls. We have nobody to blame but ourselves because it’s the Filipino people who put them in their position in the first place. The system is corrupt and it’s going be very hard to change that system. I know it’s doable but not in our lifetime. It’s sad but that’s the reality.

  10. Dapat tanggalin na si pnoy maglagay nang revolutionary government palitan ang systema ibalik sa parliamentary government para madaling alisin ang leader

  11. Ronald Napigkit on

    There are 110,000 people displaced, properties damaged in Zamboanga Crisis while majority of our Senators are enjoying millions of pesos for self-gratification. No wonder our Country is the most corrupt country in the world. I believed there people who have no conscience at all. God have mercy.

  12. mark antolin del rosario on

    Sir, may pinagkaiba. Sa panahon ni Gloria kahit may korapsyon may proyektong natatapos. Eh yung ngayon, nganga! Atsaka wala pa pong napapatunayan sa korte na talagang nagkasala si Gloria sa bintang na korapsyon. Huwag magpapaniwala sa dilaw na media at propaganda.

  13. nur muammar omar on

    dapat lang na mag bitiw sila sa pwesto lalot sinira nila ang mga institution na nirerepresent nila….pwedeng kasuhan yang mga yan ng betrayal of public trust, bribery, plunder, malversation of public funds at administrative case…

  14. Time is ripe for us to set up a revolutionary government that will replace this bullshit administration and to create a special people’s court to try all corrupt government officials and sentence them death by hanging!

    • I can understand your frustration but revolution is not the answer.Think. Corruption can’t be stop by another corruption. Follow our Lord path to repentance. Politicians need to repent!

  15. Engr Jun DyJongco on

    sino pa ang natitirang sangay ng gobyerno ni Pnoy ang may natitirang #Dangal? wala nang CREDIBILITY……….. WALA NA !!!!

    1. Congress
    2. Senado
    3. DOJ
    4. Ombudsman
    5. NBI
    6. Supreme Court
    7. Palasyo

    sino naba ang pwding takbohan nag mga taong bayan ????? nakakalungkot isipin, san na natatakbo ang mahihirap? panu ang kinabukasan ng mga kabataan???? mula 1986 pera….pera….pera ang pinag-aawayan ng mga politiko natin…limpak…limpak na pera ng taong bayan ang kanilang panaghahatian???? sana naman nabusog na sila, ng makapagsimula na tayong ng bagong buhay, subrang kwawa naman na ang taong bayan, kaming mga OFW, nagtitiis ng hirap mapalayo sa familia….. kumita lang ng parehas at mabuhay ng marangal, insultong malaki ang makita mong niwawaldas lang ang billion…billion pera ng taong bayan…. panu naba tayo ngayon????????? GOD SAVE PHILIPPINES ….GOD SAVE US !

  16. Ganyan na ba ka bobo ang mga Pinoy? Dapat tanggalin na sa position ang mga yan! Matuwid na Daan??? PWE!!! Sana si Marcos pa rin ang presidente!

    • Kaya nga ginaya ng mga susunod na corrupt politicians ang mga Marcos dahil hindi naparusahan at hanggang ngayon nasa gobyerno pa ang pamilya niya, kaya mula ng pag upo niya at hanggang ngayon nag umpisa ng maghirap ang Pilipinas. Imagine isang Pilipino handang mag Abroad kahit isang buwan para Lang kumita ng 15, 000 pesos dahil wala siyang mapagkunan o mapagkunan na trabaho sa Pilipinas samantalang itong Ating mga politicians milyon milyon ang binubulsa nila na pera ng bayan. Hindi dapat maghirap ang mga Tao sa atin Kung ginagawa nila ng tama ang kanilang mga tungkulin. Sana panahon na para mabigyan ng hustisya ang pinag gagawa nila at magkaroon sila ng conscience na ibalik ang mga ninakaw bilang pera sa ka an ng bayan.

  17. migs doromal,walang ninakaw si gloria,hanggang ngayon walang mapatunayan ang amo mo si noynoy abnoy ,huwag mong isama si gloria sa ka bobohan mo

  18. Hands down, THE PHILIPPINES is the Numero Uno in the whole world when it comes to the business of CORRUPTION.

    Nakaw-an kabi-kabila sa lahat ng sulok ng Gov’t at Private sector. It is a way of life, a CULTURE of impunity – reason why this Philippines is the weakling beggar of Asia, economically and military-wise. And Her Leaders have the gall to call upon THe good old USA for help for the simple reason She can not assert her rights to her territorial domain when foreign land grabbers asserts ownership of territorial islands and chunk of Borneo that dutifully belong to her domain…..while these corrupt politicians are left and right busy stealing government coffers’ money intended for development of the country.

  19. ano pa kaya kung naging matalino si PNoy? ahh matalino din, kasi nakahanap ng paraan bayaran agad ang mga lintang senators nag create sila ng DAP. evil of all evils na ang mga eto. can”t wait for the day he goes to jail as well. he’s got to go to jail along with his buddies Abad, Lacdierda, Ochoa, Valte, Julia Abad lahat lahat sila!

  20. At first I thought Lacson was after limelight of his political career, hands up, you and Joker Arroyo are true Filipinos, mga iba magdarambong, nakakasuka kayo!!!!!

  21. To sad to hear what’s happening in the Philippines nowadays. We were happy when pony was elected as president of the Republic. Now we realized how badly he wanted the Chief Justice Corona to out of the way…With position the Hacienda Luisita will be divided to all it’s tenant. That the cojuangco can’t accept much more pnoy. Taking the sound advise of his expert by using the PDAF the corona problem was eliminated. If that is the case as perceived by the masses. The what went wrong in Zamboanga City recently??? The facts when misuari was convinced by Butch Aquino the uncle of pnoy to return to the fold of the law during the Presidency of the late Corazon Aquino. And Butch Aquino was in company of UPI staff members at the Jungle lair of the MNLF in Sumisp, Basilan Province…everyone was hopeful for the peace to last. The MNLF and the Military embraced that peace will materialized or normalized at least. In which the MNLF when on consultative trip in much of Mindanao and Sulu. Even the time of Col. Bulan Head of the NICA in Zamboanga. Never got alarmed with the landing of the Heavily armed MNLF in Barrio Pitogo. Just about 6 miles to Camp. Navarro the main HQ OF THE WESTERN COMMAND or the former Sowescom. The MNLF seem really went out for a rally. Judging from their weapons. They are not there to fight our Military nor challenge the supremacy of our Republic and it’s Armed Forces. The MNLF got use traveling with their forces in Mindanao and Sulu. Our Field Military Commanders got used in associating with the MNLF forces for almost 3 decade. No major skirmishes in the region. Except some erring faction that someway got into some confrontation the least and most if not all been reprimanded or taken of from the regular rooster. Now… The tragedies in Zamboanga could have been avoided if only the Intelligence Report was truthful and accurate. Then how come they failed to gather much reliable Infos. That could have thwarted the supposed attack. Rio Hondo is part of the Campo Muslim where the Mosque is located. And it is known as a hideout of hoodlums and Warring Clans. Therefore saturated deadly high powered weapons. It’s not a little secret in the City people of all walk of life are fearful of the said place. The weapons that was shown recovered in the TV news even the local resident has it. And if the MNLF really want to attack it’s not the kind of weapons they have to engage a fair firefight. It seem things when wrong. And somebody new panic at the situations and others see opportunity. I don’t think the Tausug nor the MNLF will engage the Military. Knowing some of our American friends are in Camp. Navarro and the help of the American Soldiers is highly appreciated in the region and the Tausug respect the Americans Soldiers. We hope the old Police and Military who understand the Mindanao and Sulu situation can give nor contribute some knowledge in order to avoid similar situations in the future. Peace is when we can understand all the trouble and find and work what is best for all equally be satisfied and end the discontent with wisemen working for the good of all. Not just the corruption in their mind.

  22. It is now the right time for the people to go out in the street and demand for the abolition of this government. If the people succeeds in bringing down this administration, and an election is to be held, all those Senators and Congressmen, including their relative up to the 3rd consanguinity who took part in this shenanigan should be barred from all kind of position in government, that include for both the Pres. and VP.

  23. How were these funds released – directly to the recipients? If so, we, the people, ourselves, should press these legislators to account for the funds particularly this new-fangled DAP. It’s futile to expect the COA to give us an honest audit of how our taxes are disbursed. And why this DAP only during and after the Corona trial? More likely than not, the releases were indeed made as bribe, reward or incentive, not for any development assistance to benefit the people. How long shall we allow ourselves to be so abused by this government? Quosque tandem, Catilina, abutire patientiam nostram?

  24. Chief Justice Corona – your impeachment was “moro moro lang”. To me you are a hero –
    my hero. You stand up for trial rather than resigned. They crowned (Corona) you with thorns like what they did to “Our Lord Jesus Christ”, accused falsely and you chose to stand for the truth. You should be declared a hero at least in “Batangas. God answered our prayers. Is this “tuwid na daan”? Is this “kung walang corrupt walang mahirap”?

    • CJ Corona can walk with his head up, sasabihin niya, ma-aring nagkasala ako for not properly accomplished SALN e-kayo mga plunderer(magdarambong).Ya, straight path to DOOM !!

  25. Makakapal na talaga ang mga mukha ng taga Malacanang! Lacierda, Carandang, Valte, isama nyo na si Ms. Mar Roxas Sanchez, Ochoa, Drilon the Oink oink, Abad, at sino pa kundi ang pinakamakapal sa lahat, garapal to the max! Sino pa eh yung abnormal na presidente. that the Philippines would ever have: Aquino the son of thieves Ninoy and Cory!

    • Please bear in mind that PDAF is intended for worthy projects. Its practicality to quickly address the needs of the constituents vs. line budgeting is desirable. What is questionable is its implementation. This is where reforms or effective control measures are needed to be instituted. Burning the house just to kill the rats is irrational. Calling Ninoy and Cory thieves is simply disrespectful and outrageous.

  26. Poor True Filipinos,,,, millions of Pesos just pocketed only. This was the reason why filipinos still poor

  27. “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

    – Victor Hugo


    This student council is only good in one thing: PLUNDER!

    Walang pinagkaiba kay Gloria!

    Matuwid na daan? SHAME ON YOU BS AQUINO!