• P679-M water system turned over to Cebu firm


    CEBU CITY: The Japanese government, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has turned over some P679-million worth of equipment and software to the Metropolitan Cebu Water District, which will help the MCWD monitor pressure and volume of water supply, reservoir and well pump stations.

    MCWD General Manager Noel Dalena last Friday said the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system will allow them to quickly respond to those who have water supply problems because the system is an on-site, on-field monitor.

    The first full-scale water system in the country, SCADA will help MCWD manage its non-revenue water, or water that has been produced and lost before reaching consumers.

    Dalena said that with the system’s on-site actual checking, which then informs the monitoring personnel on the current status of their pumps, they can immediately send out a team to repair a leak as soon as a sudden drop in water pressure is observed.

    Aside from this, the system’s new flow meters, detectors and transmitters have already been installed in 53 of the 126 pump stations of the water district.

    This would mean that if high pressure or leaking is detected, the MCWD will turn on and/or turn off the pumps even from a distance to save on water, fuel and transportation cost.

    “Although we have a roving team, they can’t immediately respond to those reporting from let’s say, for example, Guadalupe if our group’s in Mandaue City tending to a separate case,” Dalena explained.

    He said the entire project was funded by JICA’s grant and that the MCWD only paid for taxes.

    Takahiro Morita of JICA said the water district was chosen as it is one of the best water distributors in the country.

    Although the system has been installed and the personnel are already trained, the SCADA is scheduled for official operation in March 2017 yet.



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