• P70-million ‘unholy alliance’ vs Marcos


    Vice presidential candidate Francis “Chiz” Escudero recently forged an “unholy alliance” with two warring leftist groups in exchange for P70 million in funds purportedly for carrying out any form of propaganda to thwart the bid of his perceived biggest rival–Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos 2nd–for the second-highest post in the land.

    A reliable source, whom The Manila Times nicknamed as “Heart,” said Escudero’s decision to approve release of the P70 million to the two leftist groups who are enemies of traditional politicians was described as a “desperate move” by those who knew about the agreement directly or indirectly.

    The same source said Escudero gave the go-signal to give around P50 million to the Koalisyong Makabayan (KM).

    KM is the group that handles the party-list candidates of the “reaffirmist” or RA in the leftist movement.

    RA is known to favor the views, analysis, strategy and tactics being espoused by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in carrying out change in Philippine society.

    Jose Ma. Sison is reportedly the chairman of the CPP who is using the alias “Armando Liwanag.”

    The same source, who was interviewed by The Manila Times last Friday afternoon, said Escudero also gave the greenlight for the release of P20 million to Sanlakas.

    Sanlakas, headed by Lidy Nakpil, is the dominant force in the “rejectionist” or RJ in the leftist movement.

    RJ refers to the groups vehemently opposed to the views, analysis, strategy and tactics of the CPP under the supposed leadership of Sison.

    Nathaniel Santiago, KM secretary-general, vehemently denied the story, saying “that’s a pure lie!”

    RA sources described Santiago as a “key person” in the group.

    But Santiago strongly denied having knowledge of the supposed unholy alliance when asked about it.

    He laughed and said he has relayed the story of The Manila Times about the supposed “P50-million funds from Escudero” to Satur Ocampo, a former congressman. who is alleged to be an important figure in the RA.

    Leody de Guzman, national chairman of the Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) and the first nominee of Sanlakas to the party-list elections, said he has no knowledge about the P20 million from Escudero’s camp.

    De Guzman said The Manila Times story never happened at all.

    The source, who is “young” and “cute,” asserted that Santiago was the conduit of the RA group in the deal with Escudero.

    On the other hand, a certain Charlie Avila was allegedly the one who worked the agreement for Sanlakas.

    The Manila Times tried to find Avila, including in the social network, but to no avail.

    “Heart” described Avila as having been an activist also since the “First Quarter Storm” or FQS, in the early 1970s.

    “Heart” said Escudero has three objectives in connection with the “unholy alliance.”

    One, to stop Marcos from completely dislodging him in the vice presidential race.

    A recent survey showed Escudero and Marcos were preferred by voters to become the next Vice President of the country.

    Two, Escudero needs a big campaign machinery that will back up his vice presidential run and that could be provided by the KM and the Sanlakas, said the source.

    Escudero, running as an independent candidate, has no political party to speak of.

    The Nationalist People’s Coalition has projected itself to the media as being behind Grace Poe and her running mate Escudero but has not made up its mind until today, according to Quezon Rep. Mark Enverga.

    Three, Escudero he wants to make sure that he would be able to corner a wide base of voters through the KM and the Sanlakas.

    Santiago said the KM and other organizations connected to it are “cause-oriented, not cost-oriented.”

    He pointed to an anti-Marcos organization called Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoes to Malacanang (Carmma) headed by Bonifacio Ilagan, vice chairman of Selda, a human rights group.

    Carmma recently placed expensive whole-page ads in select broadsheets and tabloids. newspapers.

    A whole page black-and-white ad in a broadsheet goes for P185,000 or higher and in a tabloid, an average of P45,000.

    De Guzman said Sanlakas agreed to support Escudero since the senator fully supports their electoral battle such as the campaign for regular jobs, not contractual ones, , pro-people public service, among other reasons.

    He admitted that it was the Sanlakas top brass who “manage” the Never Again Movement, an organization that is actively campaigning against Marcos’ vice presidential run.

    Wilson Fortaleza, spokesman for Partido Manggagawa (PM), said they have officially declared support for Poe and Escudero’s candidacy.


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    1. From the beginning Bicol region has been the hottest spot in the country dominated NPA and NPa symphatisers, that includes the rscuderos,!the cayeranis, the robredos et al whom they idolised the communist stalwarts in the name Sison, Jalandoni, rosal, Ocampo. Had the vision of benigno succeeded our life could have been asmiserable as North Korea, Cuba and Cambodia, noting there ideology is patterned against Communist Party of China. Granting thousands or tens f thousands were killed during the martial in my opinion it was wise and just as those killed tortured or salvaged are either npas npa symphatisers or collaterals damges of eradicating the communist followers like Aquino buscayno Dante Ocampo sison Jalandoni balweg. Speak to victor corpus who came into the government fold after realising the dirty tricks of these communists. Despite of the on going truths in social media about the aquinos their cohorts et al do pilipinos still patronise the yellow movement

    2. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The thirst for power and the gnawing desire for its satisfaction drives Chiz to contract this Unholy Alliance, should this be true, and play dirty; very dirty. Lest anyone would suppose that to play for the Win is not a universal trait then he is guilty of outright ignorance. No one except Saints play with morality because it is not Winning that Saints promote but how to win morally. Chiz is no Saint that we completely understand. With Chiz it is winning first before morality. Because he can always play moral after he seats on the Vice Presidential Chair. What use does morality if Chiz munches peanuts on the gutter while Bongbong pops champagne celebrating victory on the Vice Presidential Chair. In short, Chiz must win first then become moral unto another kingdom come not before winning the Vice Presidential Chair.
      In a world of Dog eats Dog being a Saint would make you rake a truckload of rabbis instead of trophies. For every game every dog plays is dictated by rules; if you cannot play by the rules you will find yourself counting the stars in the middle of the day instead of reaping them in a cauldron to make a stew out of them. Election has but few rules; electioneering, vote buying, vote padding, dagdag bawas, etc. Chiz for the moment plays within these rules. But it was never in the rules that you cannot contract vermins to bite through the chances of others in order to win. When the rules are silent its playtime. Bongbong for his part must be aware of this because if he is not then he does not deserve to be called a Marcos.
      Is it wrong for Chiz to do this? Of course not! Chiz is running for Vice Presidency not for Canonization. He is running towards the spot in order to inch for Malacanang not onto Monterotondo to conquer Rome. Is it dirty for Chiz to do this, yes it is. But who is not doing this anyway? He who has no sin must cast the first stone and certainly none would unless a complete bigot!

    3. Chiz communist escaldero Gusto naming Malaman bilang isang mamamayang PILIPINO kung ano ang platforms of governments mo?ang manuhol ng manuhol at tumanggap ng suhol.do you remember CJ CORONA? Magkano nakuha mong suhol sayo to vote in favor to the impeachment of the chief justice..99 millions wow grabe ka chiz dito ka palang sa lupa sunog na kaluluwa mo.tapos ngayon magbabayad ka ng 70 millions just to destroy the credibility of VPBBM.SO you still have 29 millions left.at ginamit mo pang mga grupo ay mga communist allies.how dare you chiz kahit anong gawin mo Hindi ka mananalo kay BBM itaga mo yan sa bath.to Manila times admin ipabasa niyo lahat ng mga comment ng mga mamamayan againts CHIZ”COMMUNIST”ESCALDERO

    4. jeff jaramillo on

      A great number of my post were deleted. Wow, may binayaran ni Escudero sa loob ng Manila Times.

      Effective talaga ang bisa ng pera

    5. We will campaign hard against esp to chiz escudero as well his party list which is linked to communist party of the phils… we will not vote for these people….and allies… remember chiz escudero received bribe money from abno to impeach cj corona.
      remember all those people who received money from abno…

    6. Who is Chiz’s father? A marcos cabinet member and member of congress until the two (father and son) became seated in congress and lgu. They gained under martial law. Now the alliance with the left? Come on Chiz opportunist. How about Sorsogon where you came from? What is your production being a politician for your hometown?

    7. election watcher on

      Escudero figured that he cannot match Bong Bong Marcos election expenditures, so he came up with this type of strategy. It is evil, dirty, and beyond the comprehension of many civilized and democracy loving people. If Escudero wins the election, the Leftist Movement will be expecting something in return, as form of payment for the evil thing that they did for him during the campaign.

      Escudero is a lawyer and most likely, he will get away with these illegal activities. He was able to get away on the drug addict charges before, and nobody has proven yet, about his connections on drug lords freely operating in the country. Morals and integrity? these two fibers do not exists in his body nor in his vocabulary. In my opinion, this is a perfect picture of an evil politician.

    8. “By hook or by crook,” Escudero is “at it” again. Second nature na yata sa kanya yan.

    9. wow, if this article is said to be true…Escudero is a communist too…wake up kababayan…He is harboring and funding communist.Kaya malaks ang loob ng China na umaangkin ang karagatan natin, kasi alam nila na may kasabwat / kasama nila sa Gobyerno…!




      mahal ka ni lord GRACE POE hindi ka nya pababayaan. Madam president Grace Poe alam ko
      ikaw ang mananalong president ng republika ng pilipinas at c Vice
      ferdinand Marcos. Viva Grace. Poe the president of the Philippines

      doubt she is a true filipino…the issue about her citizenship is just a
      political strategy of the other candidates because they are afraid
      Grace will win the presidency!

      love you Senator Grace Poe, We will never give up on you, never lost
      hope still praying and hoping the Supreme Court will decide in your
      favor. Poe for President!Dapat
      ang ackasuhin nla ung kaso ng mamasapano un ang halukayin nla.hnd ung
      pgkatao n ms.poe ei, ano qng hnd xa tunay n pilipino qng xa nman ay
      tapat mglingkod s ating bansa hnd k2lad ng ibang nkaupo s malacañang
      tunay nga n pilipino cla rn ang ng bigay ng mrming problema.

      has every political ammunition to be a President of Philippines, we owe
      her the winning opportunity – the Rest Of The world think father was
      cheated from becoming President. We owe to the Daughter and full

      Support to Grace PoeWag
      kang bumetaw madam grace,,, nandito lng kami sumoporta xa inyo,,, God
      always guide you,,, at sana magigeng mas lalong matatag qa para lahat ng
      pilipino,,,, gogogogo,,, fight,fight,fight,,,, i will pray na ang aming
      presedente ngaung 2016,,,ay ikaw nah,,,God bless u all the
      time,,,,mhwaaaaaaaaa,,, love u much,,,Senator
      i vote u as a president. I salute u, idol q po ang daddy nu c late
      Fernando Poe Junior kilala s pngalang FPJ.mbuhay po kau future