‘P8.4-T for infra should be spread out’


THE P8.4 trillion that President Rodrigo Duterte plans to invest in new public infrastructure should be distributed evenly countrywide to foster balanced economic growth across all regions, House senior deputy minority leader and Buhay Rep. Lito Atienza said. “Development planners should see to it that the money is spent prudently, and spread out as fairly as possible so that all Filipinos will enjoy the economic benefits. No region should be left behind,” he said adding that the enormous spending should create new economic opportunities for less developed areas and help stop resettlements in highly urbanized and congested districts. The huge investment in new roads, bridges, railways and airport improvements is expected to spur a multitude of recurring construction-related jobs that would immediately benefit low-income households, Atienza said. The administration’s push for a “Golden Age of Infrastructure” calls for big projects throughout Duterte’s six-year term, including the country’s first underground electric railroad. Atienza also endorses the proposed P227-billion Mega Manila Subway that promises to take commuters from Quezon City to Taguig City in just half an hour.


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