P8 billion to P21 billion DAP funds missing


    With the secretive and utterly irregular nature of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), billions of pesos have escaped government accounting, raising the distinct possibility that they were stolen in a scheme similar to Janet Napoles’ pork barrel scam.

    Only President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad know where the money went since only the two decided, at their whim, where to allocate the funds from the DAP. Not even Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa was consulted on this scheme, recently slammed as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

    Was Abad, as chief of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), so sloppy that he didn’t know how to count how much they had spent of the taxpayers’ money? The discrepancies and inconsistencies in the government data are so glaring that you would think that. But there is still the possibility that Aquino and Abad diverted the money for their nefarious purposes.

    Perhaps this was in Mr. Aquino’s mind when he said, quite defensively, in his prime-time television speech devoted entirely to defending DAP in October 30, 2013: “I am not a thief.”
    Consider these discrepancies in the official reports from Abad on how much of the DAP funds were released:

    • According to the document “Frequently Asked Questions about the Disbursement Acceleration Program” posted on the websites of the DBM and the Official Gazette (www.gov.ph), DAP funds released from 2011 to 2013 totaled P157.4 billion.

    • According to “Evidence Packet No. 1,” which the DBM through the Solicitor General submitted to the Supreme Court during its hearings on the case, the DAP funds released totaled P149.2 billion (cited in page 2 of Senior Justice Antonio Carpio’s concurring opinion).

    • According to Abad’s memorandum to the President dated December 28, 2013 that recommended the termination of the scheme, DAP funds released in the same period amounted to P144.3 billion.

    • And finally, according to the DBM’s press statement issued last week (July 4), the DAP amounted to only P136.8 billion.

    Did you notice how the funds kept getting smaller? But these aren’t just minor discrepancies due to some clerical error. The last three amounts mean P8 billion to P21 billion less than the amount in the first report.

    What happened to the money? Who pocketed this missing P8 billion to P21 billion? These discrepancies alone are reason enough to fire Abad, being the brains and creator of the DAP.

    For having blatantly lied on so many aspects of the DAP, it wouldn’t be below Abad’s principles to have been so busy the past few days shredding documents that could reveal the very anomalous disbursements from the DAP.

    Is that the real reason why he’s been invisible the past days, and why he told a reporter that he’s just been “swamped with work”?

    In countries that really follow the rule of law, a team of law enforcers would have already descended on Abad’s offices to seal every single file and computer so that evidence would be preserved.

    I’ll bet that in some future Sandiganbayan hearings, Aquino and Abad’s lawyers would demand that his original memoranda to the President be presented to the court—with the Malacañang Records’ Office reporting back that it could not locate such documents.

    Two of Abad’s memos to the President in fact were even sent to him through the president’s “Private Office”—as the “receipt” stamps on these show—and not to the Office of the President, obviously to bypass Ochoa. Documents sent to the “Private Office” since these are precisely considered “Private” are not recorded in Malacañang’s Records Office.

    Already there have been denials of receiving DAP funds as claimed by government. Senator Joker Arroyo, known for his probity and one of the few who didn’t accept pork barrel money, strongly denied that his office received P47 million in DAP funds. But the Aquino government claimed that the good senator received DAP money.

    Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council president Manuel Sanchez similarly denied that his agency, chaired by Vice President Jejomar Binay, received P2.2 billion in DAP funds, as Abad’s records claimed.

    Several of the DAP funds supposedly released also were not reported in the recipient agencies’ annual audits by the Commission on Audit.

    Some P6.5 billion of DAP funds were purportedly released to the Department of Interior and Local Governments (DILG) in 2011 and 2012. However, there is no report of such huge infusion of funds in the COA’s annual audits of the DILG.

    The only reference to the DAP was in its 2012 audit which noted that out of the P1 billion funding for the DILG’s so-called Performance Challenge Fund (extra funds given to local governments), some P253 million were supposedly from “DBM’s Disbursement Allocation Fund.”

    Some P1.8 billion of DAP funds were, according to Abad, released to the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) for its funding of rebel group’s “livelihood projects”.

    There is no record of such receipt of funds from the DAP in the COA’s audit reports of the OPAPP for 2011 and 2012. A huge amount of DAP money released to a government office, but no COA recognition or audit?

    Some P8.6 billion of DAP funds were released to the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) for the so-called “Transition Investment Support Plan.” Aquino even boasted about this funding in a public event in Cotabato CIty, and ARMM governor Mujiv Hataman was reported—even photographed —distributing P10 million checks from the DAP to local officials in the region in January 2013. (See my column July 1, 2014, “Aquino used P9B of DAP funds for his Nobel Prize fantasy”).

    “This year (2013), the government has committed P8.59 billion for the Transition Investment Support Plan on top of the P12.93 billion already allocated through our budget,” Aquino was quoted in several newspapers at that time.

    But the COA’s audit of the ARMM for 2011 to 2013 doesn’t have any reference to this money, and the regional government’s cash inflow do not reflect any increase in its funds from the national government.

    Nearly P9 billion in taxpayers’ money, and not audited by the COA? Was the DAP intended to fall between the cracks in the government’s accounting system?

    It would certainly be criminal negligence on the part of COA chair Gracia Pulido-Tan if she doesn’t order immediately a special audit of DAP funds. She should even send a team now to the DBM to secure all relevant documents.

    Or is she waiting for Abad to shred his files?

    COA has already finished its annual audit of government entities for 2011 and 2012 , when the P157 billion DAP funds were purportedly released.

    That COA did not see such an anomalous source of funds and their equally anomalous use gives rise to suspicions that the COA chair is complicit in the cover-up for the DAP.

    FB: Rigoberto Tiglao


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    1. Normandy Canlas on

      Don’t we think this revelations and discussions seem futile or useless? the common “tao” which comprises about 70% of the population do not know anything about this, they do not have access to social media like Facebook or Twitter, they don’t even read newspapers or watch news on tv, glued on telenovelas, these are the very same people who vote for these corrupt officials, wala tayong mapapala kung tayo tayo lang nag nagdidiscuss, how do we educate our people? no way. God save our country.

    2. che mendioro on

      Well said mr.Bob tiglao! Noynoy Aquino and Abad should be held responsible!

    3. Wish to see Filipino crowd in the street to say goodbye to PNoy and his Daan Aswang ni Pnoy (DAP).

    4. Johnny Ramos on

      Don’t be naive Pnoy and Abad will get out of these Dap mess, because no one cares. The masses are more concern about the rising pricing of prime commodities. These are main factor why Pnoy want more masses to get poorer and will care less about these scam. Pnoy have the best spinners than his predecessor plus abs Cbn on his side how can he loose.

    5. Benigno KUHA-KO AKIN-NA on

      Pork KING PeeNOY, Butch A-DAP, LIE-la Delimaw, ConCHEATa Moral-LESS and Pulido-Tan have been so “swamped with work” shredding all the records and doing alterations. PERO HINDI SILA MAKAKALUSOT. SA BARTOLINA RIN ANG PUNTA NILA.

    6. Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw ang corruption ng gobyernong ito, for those people who still believe the honesty of Abnoy and company, gumising na kayo, baka ayaw nyo lang ,maniwala dahil fans kayo ni Kris. Come on guys, mabuhay kayo sa katotohanan na talagang di si Abnoy ang naging presidente kung naging maayos lang ang takbo ng isip ng mga botante at di nagpadala sa kanilang huwad na emosyon di sin sanay di tayo nagkaganito. What a shame for having an inasane, vindictive and corrupt president….sana panaginip lang lahat ng ito, pwede nating itama if we can have these guys impeached or jailed. At least malalaman ng buong mundo na we Filipinos are not dumb, maybe the Yellows are….

    7. …manila times can be like, the light tower of alexendria…serving its light to those who dont know place or the truth…

    8. Dear Mr.Tiglao, it appears that your article pins down only Butch Abad as solely responsible in asking the President to approve DAP. People who are familiar with it says that the real ‘Mastermind’ of DAP is the Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima. Why? Because he ordered the tightening of spending, and was very vocal about corruption in the different Government agencies. Later, when the underspending accumulated, it was the Finance Secretary who saw the opportunity to make these discretionary funds, in the guise of savings. It was Purisima who convinced Abad to juggle the funds and had the same approved by PNoy; PNoy Trusted these two idiots 100%

    9. What goes around comes around rings true. These hypocrites are doing the same crime they have condemned in the past. Now its the yellow birds’ turn to stand as target in the shooting gallery.

    10. Sa napakaraming anomalyang nangyayari sa ngayon na sangkot ang perang ibinayad sa buwis ng taumbayan, saan papunta ang kaawa awang bayan nating ito?

    11. rosendo bagtas on

      matagal ng nabuking ang pamahalaang aquino sa kanilang paghocus-pucos ng government funds. di malayo ang kanilang pinagagawa sa pera ng bayan sa kaniyang panalo bilang pangulo noong 2010 sa pagitan ng ‘hocus-pcos’!
      nadaya ang sambayanan noong halalan ng 2010, napaikot ang taumbayan sa paglustay ng PDAF at ngayon, winalanghiya tayo sa pagbingi-bingian ng malakanyang, esp. abnoy and his cabal of liars and cheats, na mai-account ang bilyon-bilyong pera ng bayan na kanilang nilustay matapos mahatulan ng SC na unconstitutional ang DAP. sa totoo lang, no amount of PNoy’s alleged ‘good faith’ could overturn his culpability in cheating the Filipino people of billions of pesos! good work mr. tiglao! the bottomline here is – – – IT IS PNOY AND HIS CABAL OF LIARS AND CHEATS’ POCKET WHO BENEFITED FROM DAP AND NOT THE FILIPINO PEOPLE. MASYADO NG BUGBOG SA KASINUNGALINGAN ANG TAUMBAYAN!

    12. Very sweet talk Mr. Tiglao. I would suggest you present your chart in chronological order so that people could understand more what you’re implying! I’m wondering why you are so biased in your reporting. I looked back in history that you and Abad were former cabinet members of PGMA. In 2005 Abad resigned in the wake of “Hello Garci” scandal. And you are Presidential Spokesman in 2001-2002, Press secretary April-November 2002, presidential chief of staff from 2002-2004, Head of Presidential Management Staff from 2004-2010. I would rather believe what you will say if you presented the loss of trillions of PDAF money during your boss PGMA administration because you are personally knowledgeable. You have more credibility in exposing trillions of PDAF money rather than DAP. People seems to be forgetting…they accepted wholeheartedly the unconstitutionality of PDAF and scrutiny DAP which boasted our economy. In the past we cried for transparency regarding anomaly in PDAF. Many people were killed or jailed to silence them. Now Pnoy have done something better in our economy and you still want to punish him. Why don’t you read the statement of League of Municipalities of the Philippines In Manila Bulletin (http://www.mb.com.ph/lmp-backs-aquino/) They are the more credible to say regarding our economy rather than hearing this non-sense black propaganda to free their bosses! Para kayong mga taong sumisigaw ipako sa Krus si Kristo at palayain si Barrabas.

      • Are you doubting the 13-0 verdict of the Supreme Court, which was very clearly based on evidence presented

      • Jimmy Perez: I am absolutely no doubt of Supreme Court decision. I admire their decision.. I don’t mind about DAP issue because it is the same as PDAF! Full of corruption if it is misused or falls in the hands of kurakots!
        What I do care most is the booming economy of the Philippines. The end of PDAF and DAP which were the cause of corruption! The improvement of services of the government.. etc! Sa DAP napabilis ang pagdating ng pondo sa proyekto. Kaya napabilis din ang paglago ng ekonomiya. Ang PDAF usad pagong ang pagdating ng pondo sa proyekto kasi kailangan mo pang mag hintay sa susunod na taon para masama sa appropriation ang proyekto mo. Tapos dadaan sa mga kamay ng kurakots at mga galamay nito. Kaya usad pagong din ang ekonomiya natin sa PDAF. Nabulok na nga yong proyekto mo barya na lang dumating dahil sa daming kamay na pinagdaanan. Kahit sabihin mo pa legal ang pag appropriation ng PDAF… Illegal pa rin ito at unconstitutional. Kahit anong magandang batas ang gawin mo basta pinondohan ng PDAF.. illegal pa rin ito! Dahil in the first place, dapat walang PDAF dahil nga unconstitutional ito. Kuha mo ang logic?
        Kaya kung sasabihin mo na kinurakot ni Pnoy ang pera ng DAP… wala rin yang pagkakaiba na sabihin ko sayo na kinurakot din ng mga nagdaang Presidente ang pera ng PDAF.
        Uulitin ko kung bakit sang-ayon pa rin ako kay Pnoy.. Dahil sa dinami-dami ng nagdaang presidente… siya lang ang nakapagpakulong ng kurakot na senatongs. Dapat bilis-bilisan pa niya ipakulong ang second at third batch para mabawasan ang mga nakikihati sa pera ng bayan! Gets mo???? Kaya bilang ganti… gusto rin nilang ipakulong si Pnoy!

      • greg de silva on

        The bottom line is DAP is against the law therefore those behind this are criminals that are accountable to the people and to the laws of the land. Here for example a family whose fortune is quite astounding they came from rags to riches but lo their richest came from illegal sources. Are you going to praise that family and make them a model family and citizen.

      • Carlos Castaneda on

        Ms Juliet can you please read again not only this article but the other articles on this matter by other journalist. Look at facts for what it is. Like what Mr Perez below says. I can understand your confusion, please stop and breath. Your thirst for justice is misappropiated. Ang pamilyang Aquino-Cojuangco ay palmiyang magnanakaw. Magbasa po kayo ng History.

      • Jimmy Perez on

        In response to your reply to my comment, we do share the same concept of what is corruption.

        But I do not share your views on the following:

        1. Take a look at the list of the DAP funded projects, do they really figured in the growth of the economy. As cited in the column of Mr. Tiglao, a very good portion of the DAP funding were not seen by COA audit and therefore the likelihood is the funds were lost.

        2. Growth of the economy is only in the eyes of the administration. Just ask an ordinary street-vendor, did she felt the growth in the economy?

        3. Your sense of justice is selective; why only applaud the incarceration of the three opposition senators. All crooks must go to jail, irrespective of party affiliation.

        By the way, I am using my real name as I am not afraid that my political views be known.

      • Carlos Castaneda on

        Tama ka Juliet dahil sama-sama lahat sila sa Bilibid pagdating ng panahon. Sa katangahan ni Aquino ay blessing in disguise para sa sambayanang Pilipino. Lumlabas na pareho lahat sila at kailangan pati ang grupo ni Aquino sa Liberal party ay dapat ding ikulong.

      • Butch Abad and Noynoy have ignored calls to publicly release the list of DAP-funded projects. Naturally they won’t release any such list of projects, since many items in the DAP were clearly used to serve their political ends. Abad claimed there is no truth to the allegation DAP funds were used to buy spying equipment, adding the executive is still studying legal options regarding the DAP. Yet there is proof positive that indeed DAP funds were used to but the spy gadgets, including the special allotment release order and purchase order for their spying ops.
        If Butch, even if proof stares him in the face, denies, without batting an eyelash, that this is untrue, just what other lies can he and Noynoy spin on the unconstitutional and illegal spending of the DAP funds?
        Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales is also said to be investigating the DAP funds. Really? And who will again be her focus? The opposition senators? Abad has been slapped with a plunder case. Is Morales also going to charge him before the Sandiganbayan, or will she dismiss the complaint, since Abad is an ally, and therefore part of the protected species of Noynoy? The three female dogs of Noynoy — Tan, De Lima and Morales — are being tasked to probe the DAP funds, they who are beneficiaries of the DAP? So who watches the so-called Justice system’s watchdogs who are all involved in DAP scam?

      • Mr. Jimmy Perez: Thank you for arguing…

        In response to your comment:

        1. Yes I looked to the DAP fund projects carefully. As Mr. Tiglao said it was billions. Therefore it is enough to improve our economy like what I see it now. I don’t easily believe in hearsay specially if it is wrapped with malice. You said, I qoute “a very good portion of the DAP funding were not seen by COA audit and therefore the is the funds were lost”. Your judgment is based on assumption. Is it not possible that some papers may have not yet received by COA or misplaced or mislooked, or Mr. Tiglao got mistake too, tao lang po… lost agad?? Can’t you wait COA release their audit on DAP? Hindi pa nga sila tapos mag audit sa PDAF, uutusan mo na naman.

        2. Yes.. I saw the growth. Why only ask street vendor? Is that your basihan sa growth ng economy? Why don’t ask policemen, teachers, military, salesladies, call center agents, factory workers, and the like. Why don’t come here in Davao or visit Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Surigao, Palawan or other cities. Ask the people there the difference of noon at ngayon! Even I visited Bohol a month before the earthquake, folks there said that vote buying is worth more or less 7K. Eventough rampant vote buying, they still have progress as the 6 lanes highway going to the beaches is in progress. Our driver got job because of booming tourism. There is also proposal to build new airport there. Our driver tell that story and see it by myself. Here in Davao they have also proposal to build new airport to accommodate International flights and increasing demand for domestic flight. That’s how I see progress…

        3. I’m applauding 3 senators in jail because now they can feel what the poor people felt when they steal the people’s money. If you had read my other comments on other issues.. I called to hasten the filing of the case to the second and third batch involved in PDAF including DAP scam so that they can join the senatongs. I don’t see Abad or Pnoy be responsible if they don’t misuse the DAP fund personally. Distributing DAP fund to senators and congressmen is no difference distributing PDAF funds to them. If you feel pity why only the 3 senators… I feel justice as they are also not fair to the millions of Filipino people. The way police treated them is so kind to pay their sins to the Filipino people!

      • Diehard Batang on

        Agree 100%. These writers, Tiglao and Makabenba who obviously have either sour grapes or advancing their hidden agenda to protect their benefactors or their own vested interests, are now looking the other way instead of appreciating a strong and vibrant economy, lower umemployment and dramatic increase in the inflow of foreign investments indicative of the trust and confidence of the international business community. I strongly believe Pnoy is an honest and a very good performing president who has the resolve to put to jail corrupt senators and their cohorts compared to GMA and her Husband Mike who corrupted all agencies of the govt, from fertilizer fund scam, Hello Garci, NBN-ZTE, second hand helipcopters deal and various illegal contracts in DPWH orchestrated by Interior Sec Puno in connivance with highly questionable (though accredited) contractors. These anomalous transactions are now under investigation unearthed by ABS-CBN and Inquirer reporters.

      • Any government official who says the economy grew in his territory should not be believed. The people are the ones who could rightfully say if the economy is booming since they would be the ones to feel it. Now, what did Pnoy do to boost the economy? Did the people feel it? Are more people poor or rich? Those are more reliable dipsticks to determine whether the economy has become better or worse.

    13. Even when i saw some senators talking about them using the dap, they said things like we didnt know it was dap we thought it was pdaf. Are they trying to confuse the issue. Then he said he didnt have figures on how much went to each orgnisation, well isnt that corruption, yes i spent it on worthwhile projects but i dont know how much i spent on each one or where it actually went. They think they can just spend it willy nilly & no one cares. Well in the past no one did care & though most probably knew large ammounts were being stolen who cared, they could do the same.

    14. BantayKurapsyon on

      magnanakaw. kung hindi mahiya ang ama, ang mga anak nila ang napapahiya at dapat pagsabihan nila ang kanilang ama. di ba julia? malamang yung nawawalang bilyong pera sa illegal DAP ay naibigay na bilang bayad sa HLI, 12 billion ang gusto ng mga kohuangco bayad para sa HLI di ba?

    15. Another SLAM dunk Mr. Tiglao. Not the one laimed by Judas of yellow ribbon committee.

    16. Now ladies and gentlemen let us hear the rebuttal of his Excellency, King if DAP, his spokespersons and any yellow left standing. Or are they yellow cowards to make any comment defending their stand?

    17. What happened to PDAF and the accused? Why is there a shift from PDAF to DAP? Is this to confuse the majority of the Filipinos? Can we try to sort issues one by one? I agree that there needs to be investigation but let’s try to sort out first thing first. There are obviously powerful people being invesitigated on both sides. If we have to clean the government let’s lits all the agnecies that need to be investigated and then the government corporations.

    18. Migs Doromal on

      Enough is enough already!!!

      Calling all our Filipino brothers in the military to intervene and save the constitution from further rape and abuse by BS Aquino and his THIEVES in government!

      This BS Aquino and his conspiring ilks e.g. Butch Abad, Frank Drilon, Mar Roxas, Grace Pulido-Tan, Leila De Lima, and Conchita Carpio-Morales must all be held accountable together with all the crooks Estrada, Revilla, JPE and others – including Catherina Mae Santos, GMA’s former Assistant Secretary at the Department of Agriculture who was also a collaborator of Janet Lim Napoles!

      • Calling the military to interfere in the pure civilian affair is an absurd idea.
        It will bring more chaos-after-chaos as it will open military adventurism.

    19. Alejo Rosete on

      Thank you Ambassador Tiglao – fearless reporter of the Manila Times.

      You are a very credible columnist Ambassador. Keep up the good work for the sake of the Filipino People.

      Thank you “Manila times” for having very credible and fearless columnists.

      Continue the good work – very inspiring.

    20. adrian faustino on

      With these figures, the people deserve to know where the money went, what projects did these senators undertake with this money, which congressmen and palace officials were involved. If they cannot prove projects were made, time to explode and hang them all……..

    21. eltee mulawin on

      >>> Formerly SC CJ Corona was removed in his position by the Senate Impeachment due to INCOMPLETE SALN which is about MILLION OF PESOS he earned as indicated in his bank accounts. Although he admitted it happened without malice and it was done in GOOD FAITH, the Senator Judges (except 3 Senator Judges..J.Arroyo, F.Marcos Jr & M.D.Santiago) voted to him as guilty.

      And now Nguyngoy Cojuangco -Aquino3 and Florencio Abad connived and created this DAP which is ALSO A CULPABLE VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTION AND BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST AS DECLARED AND RULE BY SUPREME COURT.

      >>>a) …”that good faith does not excuse an official who juggles government funds or property from one public purpose to another”.
      >>>b)….“It is the commission of an act as defined by the law, and not the character or effect thereof, that determines whether or not the provision has been violated. Hence, malice or criminal intent is completely irrelevant,”


      Of course this Grace Pulido Tan is obviously a complicit in the cover up of the DAP
      funds. As we see it, she conductive a selective audit too. How can she be a justice
      in the Supreme Court when as early as now she is already selective and targeting
      only these in the opposition? This Pulido Tan like De Lima are attack dogs of
      ngoyngoy and abad. She should be charged too for derelict or negligent in the
      performance of her duties. She should be held liable abetting the commission of
      a crime the illegal disbursement of government funds that was declared unconstituitiional by the Supreme Court. Let all these who participated, abetted
      and allowed the illegal disbursement of the peoples money be punished to the
      fullest extent of the law. No mercy no matter who they are so that no one will
      emulate them. By any means they cannot invoke the doctrine of operative fact
      because they knew from the very beginning that what they did was illegal. They
      are all criminals.