• P9M for Makati policemen’s gear


    IN a move to intensify its campaign against criminality, the Makati City government has allocated more than P9 million to purchase protective gears for its police force.

    The Makati City Council has approved City Ordinance No. 2013-026
    appropriating a budget of P9.1 million to strengthen the capability of Makati City’s police personnel in curbing criminality.

    The latest budget approval, according to the Makati City Hall, will cover the purchase of stainless steel portable spike barriers to hinder the mobility of suspects and criminals, as well as protective gear that include filtering gas masks, fire-proof suits and helmets.

    Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay expressed satisfaction over the swift passage of the ordinance that would bolster the capability of Makati’s police force.

    “This recent appropriation would further equip the police force in making our streets safe for residents, business owners, tourists and other stakeholders,” he added.

    Binay said the upgrading of police equipment and hardware is a component of the overall peace and security program thrust that aims to make Makati safer for everyone.

    “The program includes the upgrading of the CCTV [closed-circuit television] cameras, together with the expansion of Makati C3 workstations at the 23/F of the new Makati City Hall Building, which were launched last July 12,” he said.

    The original 11 CCTV cameras were already removed and replaced by high resolution CCTV cameras which were installed at the Central Business District and major thoroughfares in Makati.

    The emergency operations center of Makati, the Makati Command Control and Communication (Makati C3) Center, has also expanded the workstations to 18 to be manned by 18 personnel per shift.

    Each personnel will man three monitors, two for stationary cameras and one for the Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.

    There are currently 43 Makati C3 personnel, including the administrative and dispatching teams, and seven officer-in-charge and supervisors.

    Additional personnel will be trained for the workstations.

    The city government had also appropriated P10.6 million for the acquisition of 15 new patrol cars, which were recently turned over to the Makati Police Department to improve law enforcers’ response time to crimes and emergencies, as well as increase police visibility to deter criminal activities.

    “I am deeply committed to making Makati a crime-free environment, and our police force and other force multipliers from the public safety department, barangay Bantay Bayan, and other volunteer groups are working doubly hard to attain this goal,” he said.

    Ritchie A. Horario


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