Paano mananalo si Mar?


AT a family gathering, an aunt brought me to her table, asking me to explain to her and her friends why it was that I had yet to get on the Mar Roxas wagon.

The rundown seemed easy enough. The fact that he had intervened in the National Competitiveness Council’s (NCC’s) project to rehabilitate NAIA 1, and then left the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) a year later for the Department of Interior. The NAIA 1 is still the worst airport in the world four years hence.

And then there’s the fact of Tacloban post-Typhoon Haiyan. I know too many stories of how Roxas dealt with survivors of the storm, too many Taclobanons who happened upon him on Tacloban streets, and who did not receive the care and compassion they expected from a government official – the Secretary of Interior at that.

Ah, but these seem to be forgivable to many-a-voter, and one respects that. One understands that when choosing the lesser among evils, well, we choose an evil, regardless.

True colors
In a speech five days after he was declared official Liberal Party candidate for president, Roxas talked about perceptions of him as hurdles that his candidacy must conquer:

“Mga kapatid, brother to brother: Suplado daw ako. That’s okay. You can smile. Elitista, at minsan nagmamagaling, o malakas masyado ang dating. Nanghihingi ako ng paumanhin kung nabigyan ko kayo ng dahilan para isipin ito. Umaasa ako na sa mga susunod na buwan, makikilala ninyo ako nang higit, na kung paano ako kakilala ng mga madadalas kong kasama. Ang puso ko po ay bukas, ang puso ko po ay malinis, at sinsero at nais ko po na magkasama po tayo sa pagtahak sa Daang Matuwid na ito.” (4 August, Gathering of Leaders, San Juan)

Now it seems that while Roxas knows what might be going against him, not much is being done to make the elitist and suplado tags go away.

I mean if the goal was to try and erase those tags, I would start by picking another campaign color altogether. Because the color yellow has ceased to be the color we equate simply with freedom and democracy. After five years with the current President, yellow also now stands for a burgis presidency, the kind that is vindictive and petty, the kind that is removed from what it is truly like on the ground, the kind that takes offense at every criticism instead of using these to do things better.

That is what the color yellow is about. It is the color of arrogance and pettiness, of Kris and PNoy, and all that they stand for.

There was a time we equated Roxas with the color blue. There is every reason for him to go back to that.

The burgis as presidentiable
But there is more than color to worry about for Roxas. Because there is rhetoric.

It is one that by now is classic matuwid na daan, and one wonders if Roxas realizes that the tendency is for him to sound about as elitist as his friend PNoy.

“Traffic is a problem. From my point of view, it is a high-class problem. Why is it a high-class problem? Because traffic is a reflection of the 260,000 vehicle addition last year to the number of cars on the road. When I was in DTI, 60,000 vehicles a year was a big year. That was about 12 years ago. Today, 260,000 vehicles. Last year, 300,000 vehicles projected this year. <…> this is a high-class problem. This is a problem in a sense that arises from prosperity. Because there is money. Because there is economic activity.

“Some of you were complaining, ‘Oh my gosh! It was so hard to… my plane was delayed. The airport was so slow’ this and that. Think about it. There were 50 million tickets, domestic tickets, that were sold last year in our country. Equivalent to half our population flew on a flight within the Philippines. That’s high-class problem. I mean, yes, we have to invest in our airports. Yes, we have to expand our terminals and so on and so forth but 50 million people, Filipinos ha, flew domestically point to point in our country. That one seems unnerving.” (12 August, Philsutech 62nd Annual National Convention, Cebu)

To have asserted that heavy traffic and inefficient airports are “high-class problems” because it means a population that can afford cars and travel, does nothing but reveal Roxas’s kaburgisan.

It is after all so removed from the reality of why we suffer unbelievable traffic and cramped airports with inefficient services. It limns over the fact of unplanned road repairs by the Department of Public Work and Highways (DPWH), which happen regardless of inconveniencing the populace.

Paano pwedeng mananalo si Mar?
I think it might be time for him to create his own identity. Start by Insisting that his resignation as DILG Secretary be accepted by PNoy. And then admit his mistakes as DOTC and DILG secretary. View matuwid na daan as something he can and must improve on, and not something that he will merely continue. Admit that the current matuwid na daan has disenfranchised many still, and has had its faults.

Reveal that he is in fact different from PNoy and that six years of him as president will mean a different kind of governance, one that listens to criticism, and one that does not believe its own spin and press releases. One that is not as shameless as the current matuwid na daan.

After all, if there’s anything we’ve learned the past five years with PNoy, it’s that corruption is the least of our problems. Roxas should start getting on that wagon.


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  1. fred h. Dumas on

    Maaaring manalo si Mar Roxas kung ang makakalaban niya ay si Binay,Poe or Duterte
    ang unang dahilan wala naman tayong makita na malaking kasalanan na nagawa si Mar Roxas sa kanyang panunungkulan sa ating Gobyerno. Ang kanyang malinis na panunungkulan at kakayahan ang magiging pangunahing dahilan kaya palagay ko si Mar Roxas na ang ating the next President of our beloved country.
    God Bless the Philippines.

  2. Amnata Pundit on

    Paano mananalo si Mar? Eh di ayusin niya ang Smartmatic para siya papanalunin, unless one honestly thinks the voting public has a say on the matter and are not just spectators in this upcoming farce they call elections. Any talk that assumes it is the voters who will make the choice is hilarious at best.

  3. Paano mananalo si Mar? Simple lang po, Ms. Santiago. Sa pamamagitan ng PCOS machines ng Smartmatic.

    • ang tanong as maayos, dapat ang sagot ganun din in an objective way, hindi po kalokohan dahil po ang sinasabi mo ay sumasalamin sa kabobohan ng maraming pilipino na sa tingin ko kasama ka roon.

  4. Paano mananalo si Mar?

    sus kalimutan na po natin yan
    Panis na po si Mar.
    ang panis d na po nagiging sariwa.
    nabubulok na lang.


    paano kaya ibenta ang produktong nakatatak na sa isipan ng mga tao na mababang klase, wala sa ayos, mabaho na, ni ayaw ng tingnan, banggitin pa lang ang pangalan ay naka ismid na ang mga tao? kung minsan galit pa mga tao kung ialok mo.

    wala ng ibang gawin kundi- mamili ng boto, bayaran ulit ang PCOS/COMELEC/SMARTMATIC MAFIA

  6. What we are looking for is a Competent Leader with proven Track record of Achievements and has a Mind of his own and a Heart of a true Filipino ,Selfless, Compassionate and has a Vision of a Reality that will bring prosperity in everyones life.

    Not someone who has name recall of his family history and a Masquerading Character. as Qualification . NO TO ROXAS!

  7. “Paano pwedeng mananalo si Mar?”
    Easy answer: just rig the election and “program” the hocus PCOS to Mar’s advantage

    Then, what are those gimmicks that Mar and LP were doing?
    They are just trying to “smoke screen” everything to make Mar’s “winning” votes looked “credible”. Even “repackaging” Mar into something else won’t help.

    answer: Now you know why S’MAR’TMATIC is already in place!

    Solution? – OCCUPY COMELEC or be dammed! Again!

    • COMELEC repeatedly mocked our law and our people.

      It’s high time to occupy COMELEC and mount a revolt

  9. we will have poquino and marquino to poquino na hilaw na hilaw pretending to be ripe marquino is actually has mature politically…but both has the same yelo tag

  10. Norodin Lucman on

    Pilipino bourgeoisie defined the status of former indios who served the Spaniards and Americans during the colonial era. This doesn’t mean that they have as much privilege as the aliens in trampling the rights of the cultural communities who reject colonial subjugation for centuries. Mar Roxas is a product of that era treating ordinary natives as subjects as if his Basque ancestors are royalties of Spain.

  11. Oh dear, you rightly said so Ms. Katrina what’s wrong with Mar ? Simply put he lacks
    ” gravitas and charisma” to inspire and rally this nation of 100 millions and bring them out of this pit we are in, full of myriad problems. A leader with vision and action is what is needed to give marching orders to this 100 millions to band and join together to move the country towards a develop nation status, where the economic gains are felt by many living in peaceful and prosperous nation. The man of action and proven experience and leadership is, PANFILO ” Ping” LACSON for president and a vice president in BongBong Marcos or even a Digong Duterte as vice. All the others will bring back the same kind of lethargic government.

  12. edgardo bonifacio on

    Its obvious, of course if roxas won and already lead a new administration, in my own opinion, he will continously do all good that aquino administrarion has done and on his own way will do much more better for the good of the country and the people of this country as well as putting us (the country) to be known around the world as a great country.

  13. Mr. Korina, eheste, Mar Roxas forgot to include the” low class problems” of a million plus
    motorcycles and tricycles and trisi-kads( the 2LP , Leg Power not the motorized hp, horsepower) he rode as Boy Sikad to add to Boy Kargador (with sack of rice or grain?), and Boy Karpintero,( parand charot ung hawak sa martilyo,hehe) that were added to the traffic as the poor man’s answer to the burgis buying cars to level up with traffic and color coding. Tumuwad nalang si Mar,BS Pnoy, Abaya sa Daan, then pasagasa ng cars by the rich and/or tri-sikad by the poor, as boasted by these three blind mice .

  14. Mar is just like a talking parrot who keeps of talking about daan matuwid, as if it was successful as well as all the false and imagined presidential achievements which never happened. If Mar keeps on echoing those false statements, he will never make it.

  15. I don’t think Roxas admitting that he made mistakes at DOTC and DILG will do him any good. In fact, that would put him in a more precarious position. As it is, Roxas is perceived as incompetent. Admitting that he indeed made miscues would all the more bolster that perception. By owning up (admitting), he’s giving his opponents ammunition against him. It’s like your handing your enemy a gun and telling him to shoot you with it.

    So how can Roxas win? I guess his camp is on to something – if they remove everyone in his way (Poe with birth and citizenship issues and VP with corruption allegations that may or may not even stand in court) they may actually squeak by. No amount of all of a sudden showing his newfound affection for the masa can help him. He’s not only disconnected from them, he’s disinterested. And it shows.

  16. You are just talking about the wrapping. How about the real thing inside the wrapping, his character and ability? That can’t be changed overnight, if at all. What you have seen is what you will get.