• Pacquiao approves venue, date, purse of Mayweather mega bout

    Manny Pacquiao AFP FILE PHOTO

    Manny Pacquiao AFP FILE PHOTO

    FILIPINO ring icon Manny Pacquiao has already approved the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as fight venue, May 2 as fight date and the purse split for his mega bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr. The unbeaten American though is yet to affix his signature in the contract.

    “I know Pacquiao has already signed some parts of the contract with [Bob] Arum, including the fight venue in MGM Grand and the May 2 fight date,” Pacquiao’s long time business manager Eric Pineda told The Manila Times in a phone interview. “It’s now really up to Mayweather to sign the contract and let’s just wait. The ball is now in his hands.”

    Regarding the fight purse split which is reported to be at 60-40 in favor of Mayweather Jr. (47-0 record with 26 knockouts), Pineda said that there’s no problem with Pacquiao (57-5-2 win-loss-draw card with 38 knockouts) when it comes to financial matters of the contract.

    “Everything is completed and Manny doesn’t have any problem when it comes to money. Manny and Bob [Arum] already agreed to terms,” he added. “We are just waiting.”

    Arum also confirmed that all they are waiting is for Mayweather to sign the contract.

    “Negotiations have been going on and as far as we are concerned they are complete,” Arum told reporter Brad Cooney of Fight Examiner.com. “The people representing the other guy have to deliver him, and that’s what we are waiting for.”

    “They can’t produce Floyd to agree. It’s the same thing that happened with Ross Greenberg a few years ago when we agreed on everything then they couldn’t produce Mayweather. Same thing when we got past the drug testing, Pacquiao agreed, and Mayweather wouldn’t. This is no different than any other time.”

    “As far as we are concerned, we’ve negotiated all of the points, and we are all in accord,” he added. “Pacquiao signed off on everything, and we are ready to rumble. I can’t say the same for the other guy, but that’s not my job.”

    Arum also said that both HBO and Showtime are also doing their best to make the fight happen.

    “They wanted May 2nd and we [Top Rank] agreed. I didn’t want to throw any obstacles in the way of this fight, so we agreed,” Arum also said to Cooney. “I think it’s a silly date because there’s no Mexican fighter involved on that date, but Floyd wanted this for May 2nd, and Manny went along with it.”


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    1. I hope all excuses of mayweather had already been exhausted so that he has no way out but fight pacquiao.

    2. I can only agree that is happening when the bell rings in the first round. It does not matter if he agreed or signed a contract,that does not mean the fight between them had sealed. Just remember this guy Mayweather is a neuropsychotic. It can turned things around at any time. So when both are in the ring and the first bell rings then it is really happening.

    3. Mayweather may come up with another demand. My guess is that he will demand that they fight with softer gloves instead of the Reyes gloves that Manny likes. I’m pretty sure he will come up with another excuse.

    4. mikhail hieronymus on

      Sorry..but I think this will not happen! Period. I could be wrong, but then again , what do I know.