• Pacquiao badly needs PED


    BOXER (!!!) – LEGISLATOR (???) Manny Pacquiao, who’s slated to meet World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Jessie Vargas on Nov. 5 in Las Vegas, direly needs to take a performance-enhancing drug (PED).

    Pacquiao hasn’t kayoed anybody since facing Miguel Cotto in 2009. However it isn’t in giving him a better chance at knocking Vargas out that Pacquiao must take PED. While he is first and foremost a boxer, he’s also a senator. He definitely needs a drug that could enhance his performance as a lawmaker, especially during the rare times that he attends plenary sessions.

    During his nine years as representative of Saranggani, he excelled in absenteeism. Oh yes, he once engaged Rep. Edcel Lagman in a “debate” where he cited verses from the Bible to argue why the state should not allow birth control. Ah, but his woeful performance in the House was overshadowed by his superb performance in the ring. A grateful electorate rewarded him by electing him senator. And they say, “the voice of the people is the voice of God?”

    He’s now holding a different elective post but he remains a Bible-quoting individual. In his maiden privilege speech two weeks ago, he cited passages from the Bible to justify the imposition of death penalty. In fairness to him, he wasn’t quoting from the Bible when he said, “death by hanging is cheaper. All you have to do is kick the chair.”

    In deciding to fight Vargas in November, Pacquiao reneged on a campaign promise to work full time as a senator. Well, his performance as congressman for nine years tells us we shouldn’t expect too much from him even if he works full time as senator.

    Will a PED help him? The problem is, no drug has been developed so far to make a lawmaker perform better, or to make one remember that dogma has no place in lawmaking.

    SC cans non-performing lawyer
    While the people may shrug off Pacquiao’s failure to provide credible service as a lawmaker, the Supreme Court is unforgiving in the case of a high-profile lawyer who failed to provide a client any legal service at all.

    The Supreme Court last week barred lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles from law practice for three years for failing to file any case in court after getting P350,000 from one Cleo Dongga for the annulment of his marriage.

    Angeles and her law partner Wylie Paler refused to refund the amount to Dongga, and even billed him an additional P45,000 for, among other things, fees for “consultants (prosecutors).” Such schemes can’t be tolerated by the SC, her propagation of an image as “crusader” notwithstanding.

    The suspended lawyer previously hogged the news as counsel for her friend Capt. Nick Faeldon, now Customs Commissioner, in the Oakwood mutiny case.

    She was also the high-profile lawyer of expelled Iglesia Ni Cristo members Lottie Manalo-Hernandez, Lowell Menorca 2nd and Isaias Samson Jr. She projected an image of an activist against the persecution of his clients by the powerful INC. No television coverage of the case took place without her presence.

    It’s not farfetched to imagine that she made a pile in her association with the expelled INC members. Angeles, though, does not have anything positive to show.

    The Department of Justice dismissed last year the criminal complaints against INC she filed on behalf of Samson, Menorca and company. A Quezon City court has ordered Hernandez to vacate the INC compound. Menorca’s habeas corpus case at the Court of Appeals is awaiting inevitable dismissal after Menorca fled the country in March 2016.

    Angeles deserves being slapped with a three-year suspension by the Supreme Court. She has exhibited utter disregard for the high ethical standards of the legal profession, which every lawyer has sworn to uphold. The public now knows that the “crusader,” like the king in the fables, has no clothes at all.



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    1. I hope he rethinks his Presidential ambitions !!
      If the package as Senator is inadequate, he might want to consider acting ??
      Comedy ??

      While his accomplishments in the ring and out of it are outstanding, popularity should not be a
      factor in choosing legislators.

      Further, I believe he could have given more pride to the Pilipino if he got an Olympic medal but Arum wouldnt allow it and it doesnt pay enough, incentives notwithstanding.

      • we cannot tell him to run for president in 2022. BUT IT IS OUR DUTY NOT TO VOTE FOR HIM considering his track record. sana nadala na tayo sa gingawa natin nuong 2010 na ibinoto natin ang isang wala ding track record to show

    2. Pacquio is an opportunist, greedy,Trapo, balimbing , etc. The government should be refunded for the salary paid while absent in congress. He is unprincipled, all along he led to believe that he is for Binay during the campaign. When Duterte won, he made an statement that he was supporting Duterte, what an ingrate person. Congress should have a law recalling the like of Pacquio, and there are many in congress. Now he is a PDP-Laban, maybe he want Duterte to shield him from his problem with the BIR.