• Pacquiao blasts BIR over asset freeze


    World boxing icon and Rep. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao of Sarangani province had very little time to enjoy his resounding victory over Brandon Rios, whom he drubbed in Macau on Sunday.

    Shortly after his return to the Philippines on Monday, Pacquiao learned of the devastating news that his bank deposits had been frozen.

    An angry Pacquiao threw jabs at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on Tuesday for a warrant of garnishment to the banks that essentially froze his bank deposits. The BIR filed a complaint against the lawmaker last year allegedly because of his refusal to submit tax documents.

    In a press conference held in his hometown General Santos City, Pacquiao said that the BIR has no basis in garnishing his P2.2-billion worth of assets because he has declared his right income and paid the corresponding proper taxes.

    He lamented that because he no longer has access to his bank deposits, he had to borrow money so that he could send help to the typhoon victims in Central Visayas.

    “Ako po ay hinabla ng BIR ng P2.2-billion tax case na walang basehan. Ang aking pera sa bangko ay ginarnish ng BIR. Hindi ako makapag-withdraw ni isang singkong sentimo sa sarili ko pong pera at hindi ko ito magamit para man lang makatulong [sa mga sinalanta ng bagyo][BIR leveled charges against me without basis, and I can’t withdraw a single cent from my money which I could use to help the typhoon victims],” Pacquiao said.

    “Ang pera kong ginarnish ng BIR ay hindi po nakaw at hindi po PDAF o DAP, ito po ay galing sa lahat ng suntok, bugbog, pawis at dugo na tiniis ko sa boxing [My money garnished by the BIR is not stolen. I earned it from the punches, perspiration and blood that I have endured in boxing],” he told reporters.

    Pacquiao scored a masterful unanimous decision win over Rios on Sunday in Macau for the World Boxing Organization International Welterweight Division title—his first victory in two years and after losing to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.

    A day after his comeback win, Pacquiao rushed to General Santos City, saying that he needed to prepare for his visit to Tacloban City.

    Pacquiao and his team planned a relief mission to Tacloban this week to provide assistance personally to the victims.

    He had said that he wanted to visit Tacloban right after the typhoon hit but he was prevented by his advisers and trainers because he was at that time in the thick of his training for the fight with Rios.

    “At last, now I can go to the affected areas after my fight. I really wanted to help,” he said on Sunday.

    The team of Pacquiao is composed of Top Rank chief Bob Arum, trainers Freddie Roach and Buboy Fernandez, Canadian adviser Michael Koncz, Pacquiao’s wife Sarangani Vice Gov. Jinkee, mother Dionisia, and brothers Roel and Bobby.

    A reliable source from the Pacquiao camp who requested anonymity said the Sarangani congressman will most likely use his helicopter to transfer relief goods if he makes good his plan to visit Tacloban.


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    1. a filipino american on

      If anyone here is familiar with paying taxes in the US after huge earnings, you file the quarterly report, pay your taxes via wire and all you have to show for it is your tax report. You don’t get a receipt or acknowledgement other than a reference number back if you file electronically. The control in the US is if you filed incorrectly, you will get a notice that you owe money. if it is minor as it happened with me, I paid it once I received it in the mail. If it is a major tax discrepancy or evasion, you get audited. So far, I’m not heard news that Manny is being audited by the US. This is simply a shakedown and they are sending a message to Manny that he cannot fund his upcoming election bid for the presidency. It’s as simple as that. Many politicians and Oligarchs don’t pay their fare share in taxes in the Philippines. I know they do that by distributing their assets across multiple corporations and descendants.

    2. hinahabol nila si manny dahil sa pera nya? in fairness,. ang laki ng 32% tax. mayaman pala talaga ang pilipinas kung wala lang corruption.

      subukan din naman sana nilang habulin yung mga taong nagbulsa ng pera ng taong bayan.

    3. Pacquiao, you are a hero for many Filipinos. Pls do something heroic by making the right thing – just comply by submitting the required IRS tax document. You will not be taxed any further because of the tax treaty between the US and the Philippines. Unless you are hiding something.

    4. Two years walang ginawa si Pacman para sagutin ang BIR. Hindi kaya nilagay sa ITR niya ang lahat na kinita niya sa USA? Nakakaduda tuloy. Hindi kaya nag file si Pacman ng Form 1040 sa America? Kung nag file man baka under reporting ang income niya. Baka ma-audit pa siya ng IRS. Kulong si Pacman kung napatunayan fraudulent ang tax return niya.

    5. Manny, dapat harapin mo yang utang mo sa BIR nang mabilisan. 2 Taon mo na yang tinatalikuran at yan ang alam kong dahilan kaya ka sumapi sa mga grupo ng mga corrupt na tao. Kung tunay kang maka-Diyos, ay dapat magbayad ka ng utang mo!

      Yang pag-tulong-tulong mo ay lumilitaw na pampasikat mo lang yan at pamumulitika. Hindi sinasabi ng gobyerno na magnanakaw ka. Pero pag di ka nagbayad ng tamang buwis ay pagnanakaw din yan. Intiyende?

    6. Name one Filipino who has done more for the country in terms of bringing glory,
      recognition and HOPE to every citizen of the Philippines. MANNY!

      Now name Filipinos who have brought SHAME, DISTRUST AND THE WORST IMAGE
      to our beloved country. – MANY!!!


    7. This is too much transparency. Why do the BIR or the court or anyone for that matter publish legal stuff that should be kept private? Why does it need to be divulged for the world to see? This is not good for foreign investors. Imagine if someone is contemplating on investing money in the country. These outrageous BIR tactics will discourage them.

    8. I deeply sympatize with Pacquiao for bearing the blunt of the law. The BIR is only implementing the law and it has no power to do otherwise or be remiss of its duties. My brotherly advise to Manny is to follow the law, i..e., “a Filipno citizen who earns income in foreign countries should pay the corresponding taxes in the Philippines”.

      • Pacquiao will not pay taxes in the Philippines once he has paid the US its due. He only needs to show that IRS certified copy to BIR, and that solves his problem. Why make a bug fuss out of it?

      • Geoffrey Matthew on

        I’m just alarmed with our lawmakers as a one of the laws they enacted in the past. But I have to point out first that Manny before every fight overseas enter and sign a contract, so I see in every angle of it, he is a genuine “Overseas Contract Worker” now what happen to that law that OCW are exempted from paying taxes? Proponent of this even have a slogan for them “OCW Mga Bagong Bayani” And why BIR is still after him when it showed that he already paid taxes on his prize money in the US where the Philippines has a Tax Treaty avoiding double taxation

    9. Franklin gujol on

      What the BIR is asking is so simple. If he paid the right tax amounts, submit the supporting documents. Very same as when you’re asked your name and if you are who you say you are, you will readily give your ID if asked. To prove, right?

      • You’re right. I see that as the problem of Pacquiao. Just submit the required tax doc from IRS and his woes are over. Simple.

    10. I missed something out earlier, i agree with some of you here in that the bir should also go after every public official. Ive said before every single politician should be audited to see if his wealth & lifestyle & bank accounts are commensurate with his earnings & taxes paid & if not jail them & take all their wealth off them as if they are stealing from the country thats what they deserve, & also the same to all the rich & famous. Im not just against manny im against anyone of these rich stealing whilst the poor are struggleing & get very little or no help whatsoever.

    11. Kayo ang Boss Namin! on

      Ganyan kagahaman ang administrasyon na ito; para may manakaw lang! Eh di kami na kumikita sa abroad, dapat magbayad ng tax diyan…mga gago’t gaga kayo, kundi sa amin patay na kayo diyan sa Pilipinas. Magpasalamat kayo at may tiyaga kami magtrabaho sa ibang bansa na di ninyo kaya ibigay na trabaho diyan. Pumapasok ang pera namin sa bansa natin at may kapal pa kayo ng mikha para i-tax kami para sa mga bulsa ng magnanakaw na pulitiko, mga hayop talaga at nakakapanginig ng laman! Nagtitiyaga na mahiwalay sa pamilya para kumita ng salapi pero ito at makakapal ang mukha para kumuha ng porsiyente bagama’t wala namang nakikita tayong pag-unlad ng bansa. Oo, pag-unlad ng mga kaalipores ng presidente, pero hindi ang bayan! PWE!

    12. I cant believe the reaction from the people here its like because its manny pacquiao you have to believe him. If what i read is right then the bir have done the right thing. If they are asking for proof of earnings & he doesnt give it then that is his fault. If it were a foreigner who wouldnt give the details & had his money frozen you would all agree with it. Its this stupidity in the pinoy what allows you to be robbed as a nation over & over again. Do not i repeat do not believe them just because of who they are. Everyone has to declare their income & or earnings & manny pacquiao is no exceptuion. If they had all the information they requested from him & sorted it out & it was accepted his accounts would be unfrozen. But what would you say if they find out he is trying to cheat the government out of their taxes he has to pay, would you still say its ok, i wouldnt.

      • Manny is exempted from paying Philippine income taxes because he is a special OFW. According to Philippine law, OFWs are exempted from taxes unless they have business ventures in the country.

    13. Although I live in England and visit Manila regularly, this Man has done good for the Philippines, he is well known throughout the World, why should the so called powers that be freeze his hard earned wealth, he wanted to spend some of his money to help those in distress, why do they think he has not paid his taxes, back off he is a Good Man
      Good luck Manny

    14. Diversionary tactic ng aso ni penoy para ilihis ang attention ng taong bayan sa kapalpakan na nangyari sa yolanda. Bogbog sarado na kasi si penoy. Kawawa si pacman.

    15. Manny, you are easy target, because you have bank deposits and also name recognition, therefore the next best thing to do, is do the right thing. Get all the necessary tax receipts from the IRS, that the BIR needs to resolve this situation. If in doubt you can hire a tax attorney to do the work for you.

    16. BIR should go after their fellow corrupt gov’t officials…obviuosly they can’t because corrupt minds thinks alike ! Let me help those worthless BIR who to go after….Gokongwei and his clans, Lucio Tan, Ayala Corp just to name a few. Of course they can’t do that….it’s not right, cause the bribe is in the mail !

    17. I’m running-out of good things to say about corrupt government officials…..oh, there’s nothing good to say about corrupt gov’t officials ! Theyr’e bunch of low-life blood suckers ! Once you meet your maker, you will be judged accordingly !

    18. Freaking BIR personnel didn’t get their bribe or so called “balato” and looking for an avenue to make a quick bucks ! Congressman Pacquiao should knock-out every single one of them…..and i mean everyone one of them !

    19. It’s a shame that the Philippine government is doing this to Manny Pacquiao’s assets. I suspect that Manny has enemies in the BIR – shame on them. Envy is a sin

      • Two years na naghihintay ang BIR sa kopya ng Form 1040 ni Pacman. Yon lang naman ang requirement para ma-recompute kung meron pang tax liability si Pacman sa Pinas. Ano bang hirap yon? Ang binigay lang yata sa BIR ay ang statement ng Arum na ganito ang kinita ni Pacman. Sabi nga ni Henares kadali-dali gumawa ng ganoon. Meron yatang tinatago si Pacman. Lagot siya kung hindi tugma ang SALN niya sa income tax niya.