Pacquiao calls Mayweather coward for refusing to fight


FORMER world pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao has called undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr. a coward for refusing to let their dream fight happen.

Pacquiao said Mayweather is envious and insecure of his ring accomplishments, including being the only boxer in the world to hold eight world titles in various weight divisions.

Mayweather “is just a coward, insecure and envy my accomplishments. I don’t like to bite his gimmicks and I just want to
understand him, although it’s too much,” Pacquiao when interviewed by The Manila Times via a DZAR Sunshine Radio phone patch on Thursday night.

The 34-year-old Pacquiao believes that whatever happens, the Grand Rapids native won’t fight him and will continue to make a lot of excuses in order to avoid the megabout, which the boxing world has been craving for since 2009.

“But I’m really thankful that he always remember me in some ways,” he said.

In Internet reports, Mayweather Jr. (45-0 card with 26 knockouts) has told Pacquiao to leave the Top Rank Promotion first before signing a fight with him.

He has also cited the drug testing procedures and argument over dividing pay-per-view profits for taking on Pacquiao.

“Top Rank already allowed us to directly negotiate with them [Mayweather] before but they never communicated with us,” said the boxer-turned-Sarangani congressman. “Mayweather Jr. is saying a lot of negative things against me but he doesn’t like to fight.”

Pacquiao (55-5-2 win-loss-draw card with 38 knockouts) said he is ready to agree to Mayweather’s 60-40 pay-per-view sharing if ever he offers it again.

“We will consider everything but until now, they don’t like to fight. At the same time, people are saying the fight between us needs a trilogy, but how can it be possible if he’s not going to fight me first,” said Pacquiao.

Pacquiao said he and trainer Freddie Roach is not discussing any release from the Top Rank Promotion since the boxer still has a year left in his contract with Top Rank’s Bob Arum.

Mayweather said Pacquiao should have worked for Al Haymon instead of Arum.


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  2. thank you manny calling mayweather coward huhu at last…mayweather yes coward [unprintable words here]…

  3. We will see the fight by the way Mayweather never been knock out Pac was put to Sleep he should take much time he can to fight Money I don,t think his head is right yet So Pac stop talking let us see you in a few more bout I think if you wasn,t playing ring game with you know who you would have got Knock Out.

  4. its gotta be debate # 3 thousand and 1 at this point about which fighter is playing games or not playing games..
    we know 2 things for sure…..1. the answer about floyd being #1 has absolutely not been answered yet,no matter what floyd may believe…and 2. why doesnt floyd himself realize,at this point,how absurb he sounds to his fans and the boxing world (here and now,2014) ,when he FLAPS………..and FLAPS……….and FLAPS some more,about all the problems or issues, Pac has..
    If floyd is such a brilliant and gifted business and marketing guy,….is it fair to say his predicament of avoidance (and his refusal to give the sport what is really wants) is getting a little too painfully clear?
    the only other pain factor is trying to buy into the whole silly idiotic,mindless,desperate argument that being bored to tears,witnessing a “master display” of the sweet science…………can ONLY MEAN,that we dont appreciate or understand it………………….;NO!,it just doesnt measure up to a PPV charge. I’d be happy to watch floyd fight,for FREE,just like so many other uneventful fights.

  5. Tyrone Sweeney on

    Floyd Mayweather has managed to do something very few if any current or past fighter has done. Retire from boxing on his own terms, healthier, wealthier and wiser. Able to provide a financial future where none of his children have to follow his path into the hurt business. Manny is begging now for this fight maybe due to all the issues Floyd predicted that he would have as long as he remained a boxer being promoted by Bob Arum. What Manny needs to do is earn the right to fight Floyd by fighting some real competition say Keith Thurman at 147 or anyone who can bang and slip, not a stiff who stands right in front of him. Manny has a habit of fighting Floyd’s leftovers. So a Manny vs Canelo would be great to see before Floyd put some hurt on Manny. If he really wants to fight Mayweather then call his bluff by taking the drug test, agree to take the spilt, and leave Top Rank. Only then will you find out you have bitten off more than you can chew.

    • yeah. i agree.. plain and simple. pull off a bluff with floyd …but does it guarantee floyd will no long find anymore reason for not making the fight.?

  6. FORGET ABOUT IT, if gayweather does not want to fight the biggest fight of the century it is because of FEAR and nothing else. It is not even businesss, it is not even about legacy, it is about FEAR and it is about his face the topography of which will be changed on TV, it is about being shamed all over the world. This gayweather cannot handle, he rather leave it to history as the greatest fake fighter who did not fight Manny Pacquiao.

  7. Only stupid people believe Floyd’s excuses.

    He is a ducker. No shame in that. For him boxing is a business. No shame in that.

  8. Do you know that this idiot Mayweather pees in his pant whenever he hears the name of Pacquaio. That’s how deathly scared this idiot is of Manny. No amount of money will make this idiot face Manny inside the ring. Much as I join the world in seeing this megabout become a reality, the fact is, it won’t happen as long this idiot remains a COWARD.

  9. Isnt it strange how when they were first talking of fighting the only obstacle was manny refusing rbt to fight night. The other day freddie roach was talking & mentioned ariza was always giving manny this special drink before trining each day & when he asked what was in it ariza wouldnt tell him. So the inference there is was something illegal in that drink. For that fight manny & floyd were going 50/50 on everything.
    Well after manny refused that he was then a year or so later offered $40,000,000 to fight but said no as he wanted 50/50 split, they didnt even get to rbt which would also have to be complied with. Well since then what has manny done. Well nothing. He lost his welterweight world title to a light welterweight in tim bradley & then refused the re match & fought jmm & got knocked out cold. Jmm was also a light welterweight made to fight at welterweight. Not a catchweight then they fight manny as it would be in their favour. Then he fought brandon rios who less than a year earlier was world lightweight champion & fighting at lightweight, he had to fights at light welterweight winning one & losing one, he also was made tio fight manny at 147, no catchweight for him. So now why on earth would floyd give manny 60/40, why. In mannys last fight he got $18,000,000, in floyds last fight he got $100,000,000. Again i ask why would floyd give manny 60/40. Manny hasnt fought a welterweight in almost 3 years & hes lost 2 of his last 3 fights, so why would the undisputed world light middleweight champion & world welterweight champion who is unbeaten as a professional give manny a 60/40 split.

    • We heard it from Larry Merchant, a top-tier HBO boxing analyst,
      Mayweather is not afraid of Pacquaio and if that fight happens Mayweather will be the favorite to win. The only problem is that Mayweather is afraid to lose and doesn’t want the injuries that may come from fighting Pacquaio in the ring.

      Mayweather earns around 40 million dollar a year fighting once every year and Pacquaio earns probably the same amount by fighting twice a year.

      Business-wise there is no incentive for Mayweather to fight Pacquaio.
      Why would he risk a loss and an injury when he is already living the best of both worlds. As Mayweather said his main objective in a fight is to protect himself from injury so that he can continue providing for his family.

      Everybody wants to see this fight on the ring, but Mayweather is not
      into legacy, he is into protecting his zero loss. As boxing experts have said, a loss is not a predictor on how a boxer is considered great,
      look at Ali, considered the greatest fighter by many, he has five losses

  10. Keep trying Mr Pacquiao. All Filipinos and friends of the Philippines support your cause.