• Pacquiao camp denies BIR’s claim of P2.65B tax debt


    THE camp of Manny Pacquiao on Saturday denied the claim of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) that he has accumulated tax debts amounting to P2.65 billion since 2008.

    A highly reliable source in the Pacquiao camp, who refused to be named because he is not authorized to speak on the issue, said the boxing champ’s tax lawyers in the United States have settled his obligations with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    “We already settled the tax issue in the United States a long time ago and we are expecting Manny’s tax liability will lessen, but we’re surprised to hear the latest news from the BIR [that he owes P2.65 billion],” the source told The Manila Times in a phone interview.

    The source did not say how much Pacquiao paid the IRS.

    A day after the Filipino ring icon and congressman scored a unanimous decision victory over American Timothy Bradley on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, BIR Commissioner Kim Henares reminded him that he still has a huge tax debt to settle.

    Pacquiao’s lawyer Tranquil Salvador gave assurances that Pacquiao will pay all his tax obligations, including the take from his latest fight, where he reportedly earned $20 million.

    Pacquiao’s lawyers also filed a petition with the Court of Tax Appeals questioning the BIR’s assessment of his tax liabilities.

    Pacquiao arrived in Manila on Friday from the US.


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    1. Why is it the filipino way to deny everything. Why not just produce the documents needed to prove things. Its very simple & why mannys team havent already done this is beyond me. If they arnt up to the job sack them, but it is a bit of a scandal as he is a congressman & should be setting an example to all filipino citizens, so if someone with that ammount of power & money cant get it sorted what chance do any of us. Or is it he thinks he is above the law as he is manny pacquiao, i know some senators have called for him to not have to pay tax, now that would be an insult to the poor & hard working people of this country. Just because he has success doesnt mean it makes the country a better or whatever place, it just means he is a good fighter, lots of other fighters from other countries are good fighters but they still have to obey the laws of their country.