• Pacquiao camp denies Instagram ‘challenge’


    MIKE Koncz, adviser of Manny Pacquiao denied on Tuesday that Pacman uploaded a photo in Instagram challenging Floyd Mayweather Jr. to a fight—a supposed response to the unbeaten American’s Internet taunts.

    The said Instagram photo account under the name “emmanuelpacquiao” recently posted a picture of Pacquiao and Chris Algieri with a caption: “Stop throwing punches on Instagram and let’s get in the ring!” It has a hashtag #TBE #TheBestExcuses—in response to Mayweather’s TBE that means “The Best Ever.”

    “We and Manny [Pacquiao] have no time to answer Mayweather’s childish act,” Koncz, told The Manila Times in a phone interview. “Manny wanted to fight him, but he didn’t like to fight.”

    In a related development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that is willing to give millions of dollars so that the Pacquiao-Mayweather mega bout would finally push through.

    Boxing executive M. Akbar Muhammad, one of the principals of a UAE group, has made an offer of $110 million— so far the largest purse in the history of boxing —to make the fight happen in the middle of 2015.

    “I’ve been instructed by the group to do whatever it takes to bring this long-awaited and eagerly anticipated fight to fruition,” Muhammad told boxing website boxingscene.com.

    “There’s absolutely no doubt that each fighter, individually, will receive more money than any other boxer has in the past. The combined purses offered are approaching $200 million,” he added.

    “And, rest assured, we have the resources to do just that.”

    “In addition to receiving a record-setting purse, Mayweather Promotions, LLC will be the lead promoter of the event and a partner with the investment group,” added Muhammad.

    Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s Mexican archrival Juan Manuel Marquez has also joined the clamor for the Pacquiao-Mayweather mega fight to happen.

    “As a fan I think the fight should get done and they need to stop the bickering over who wants to earn more than the other,” Marquez told boxingscene.com.

    “The most important thing is that the fight is carried out and that both of them stop talking about nonsense and give the fans what they want—the fight.”

    “First thing they need to make this fight to make clear who is who.”


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    1. @ Dustin – oh I forgot. The issue of 50/50 is not fair to the wise and intelligent. Is Manny crazy to accept the 50/50 even if it was him who is going to win? It should be him he should get more if he wins. Not 50/50!

    2. Michael Konc you got it wrong, it was floyd who wanted to fight twice & both times manny said no. in 2009 floyd offered manny to fight with a 50/50 split of everything. All floyd wanted was rbt to fight night, in arbitration he relented to 24 days cut off, manny still said no. In 2010 floyd offered him $40,000,000 without even discussing ppv % & manny said no to that. So tell it like it is michael. Yoy can fool the filipino but not genuine boxing fans as we read whats going on all the time, they just believe everything you tell them.

      • And you believe in everything that Floyd tell you! Manny has been challenging him ever since! And Floyd is SOOOOOO SCARED!