Pacquiao and China


Hindi ko gets.

The People’s Champ, The Pacman, The Philippines’ Pride, world-renowned boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.
Will be teaching Chinese boxers how to get ahead in the sport.

It’s all levels of wrong isn’t it? And yet it seems we’re doing nothing but watching it happen.

Simple and simplistic
It might also be too late to do anything, least of all change Pacquiao’s mind.
Money talks after all, and China was willing to put out the money for a chain of Manny Pacquiao Boxing Education Institutes across their country. Some reports say that the first one has already been opened in Hong Kong, with 16 more in the works. Pacquiao himself told ABS-CBN News Channel on August 27 that the first school has yet to open in Beijing.

Regardless of when these institutes will be set up and how many there will be, this is a blow like no other to Philippine boxing. Because there is no rhyme or reason to having the best boxer we have had in recent history teaching boxers elsewhere how to fight well and better – if not how to become world champions, as Pacquiao himself says.

He thinks simplistically about this task he has become embroiled in. It is merely a matter of sharing knowledge and teaching Chinese boxers the basics. On Yahoo Sports he says, “They (Chinese government) will put up the facilities, and if I have the time, I will visit them like once a month or once in three months to supervise them.”

Pacquiao also believes that this engagement just might help mend problematic ties between the Philippines and China.

Like it just might solve the problem of China taking over our territories in the West Philippine Sea?

That is hilarious.

What about our own?
While Pacquiao makes it seem like a harmless enterprise, there is no reason to believe that this will mean nothing to our local boxers and athletes. Having Pacquiao train Chinese boxers is like having our best boxer on the side of another country altogether.

There is no other way, is there? How else will Pacquiao support our local boxers in fights when they are up against Chinese boxers? As trainer – and as the man whose name is on those Chinese boxing institutes – he will have no choice but to stand squarely behind China’s boxers. Supporting the Filipino boxer can only become secondary to that.

Which is already what this is about really. Pacquiao of course dismisses the assertion that training Chinese fighters is a choice he makes against Filipino boxers. Via Yahoo Sports, he says: “In the Philippines we don’t have a problem (with producing good boxers). What our boxers need is more support.” And as if to make a point, he has said in various reports that he’s already helping out some Filipino boxers.

Which of course is not, cannot be equal, to actually building a Manny Pacquiao Institute for Boxers in this same country that has cradled him, supported him, and provided his icon with the idolatry it demanded. And really, if Pacquiao’s attitude is that our boxers already know how to box, and can become champions without his help, then that has yet to be proven, yes?

And no, Nonito Donaire does not count.

Pacquiao gets away with …

I’ve been boxing at Elorde Gilmore for a good three years, and I have always wondered why someone of Pacquiao’s stature and power –  not to mention wealth – has not been able to come up with some grand project that will truly make a dent in the lives of boxers, young and new, old and retired.

I have wondered why someone like boxing trainer Daddy Larry, who fought with Elorde himself, has had to live to his old age training boxer wannabes and enthusiasts without a regular paycheck, no healthcare or job security. His story is one that will happen to the younger trainers in Elorde who, with no money for training, have stopped fighting and competing, and are merely stuck earning on a per-student-basis in various Elorde gyms in the metro.

Elsewhere in the world, the careers of bigger star athletes like Michael Jordan are riddled with charity work and giving back, with wanting to train others to do as well in the sport, if not better than the older generation. But lucky us, with Pacquiao what we’ve gotten is a whole gamut of roles that seem to only be centered on the self: politician and congressman (now with a political dynasty to boot!), singer and movie star, TV host and religious pastor, basketball player and coach. None of these roles has meant the improvement of local boxing, nor the development of Filipino athletes like him.

We might have good boxers yes. But without someone investing in them the way China – and Pacquiao – will invest in Chinese boxers, then there is no reason to believe that the good Filipino boxers will continue fighting. Or win in fights against Chinese boxers in the future.

Especially since the Chinese boxers will now be trained by Pacquiao himself, the People’s Champ.

No wait: the People’s Republic of China’s Champ.

That sounds about right.


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  1. Manny does not care about our opinion. He is a self made man. He is an entrepreneur, like I said in my past comment here, he is doing this as a good businessman.
    He is a true believer of “Global Economy” and I believe its about time to wake up and export our business to the world. Jolibee has so many branches here in California and they are not “unpatriotic” by doing this, in fact they are the most patriotic people because they believe in the Filipino Product.I have so many friends who are whites eating Filipino hamburger.I am proud of Manny because he is our “product” and very good product at that.
    I am proud of OFWs because they labor outside our Country and venture to the world.They are our “products” as well.
    Let us accept this reality. Let us not fight over Manny training Chinese boxers because its about time they too will learn our boxing instead of us always learning from their Kung Fu and tae kwon do and so many Chinese martial arts schools in the Philippines.Also, we have to balance the Trade deficit we have with China, they are flooding us with cheap goods in Divisoria, at least now, we can teach them how to box.

  2. garbage article, what wrong with pacquiao putting boxing school in china, are we afraid china will use boxing to invade philippine. all over china there are experts teaching there yet there people are not complaining, in fact proud of it.

  3. Well..let us disect this…Manny Pacquiao will let his name bannered in the Boxing Schools in China…and in return China will pay Manny technical fee of a certain percentage from revenues derived of that school..the money will be remitted to PH as earnings from abroad subject to PH income tax law…Likened it to Jolibee.. exporting our expertise abroad and nobody criticize…Mcdonald is happy exporting abroad and so are the likes….We now have our own export BRAND PACQUIAO that will generate taxes for the government and we are not grateful…So with this sordid logic of discouraging our own to propagate outside PH we encourage our citizens not to eat/buy foreign branded items and let us tell other countries not to patronize made in RP… Aw come on.

  4. We ahve a tradition in the Phils of only knowing people when they are famous and rich but if they are down and out we don’t want to know them.Pacquiao manged to be successful because of himself and himself alone no help from any of us.Everyone’s after a bit of him from his regular hangers on and worst the BIR with the approval of boy sisi because he didn’t vote for corona’s impeachment.I would say good on ya manny get as rich as possible doing what you do best because when you go down those fans and pals won’t be there anymore.How many movie stars,sports people who are now living almost like beggars,does anybody cares about them? So yes Manny good luck and if I were you I will even transfer all my money in tax free countries,then just go to the Phils as a tourist.

  5. victor m. hernandez on

    No doubt Manny Pacquiao the citizen, and Manny Pacquaio the congressman is much complicated. No doubt he has done the country proud, and has made much of himself from all the deprivation, sacrifices, and dint of hard work, blood sweat and tears. And now an enterprise in economic or boxers-training diplomacy. He is admirable for all his talents and versatility. He should choose what he wants as far as government service is concerned, and re-consider his being a congressman and lawmaker. Speaker Belmonte gives Pacquiao a lot of leeway and elbow room to pursue affairs other than as a lawmaker. There seems to be a legal issue here, and I’m am sure he does not need the salary and perks of a congressman, given his many business enterprises. Maybe the government just appoint him as ambassador-at-large or ambassador for sports diplomacy, if that is at all possible. But as a congressman, a law maker, that is completely a different matter. Maybe Congress Ethics Committee or whatever committee is appropriate to make some considered assessment on Congressman Pacquiao’s status as a regular member of the House of Congress should make out of it. My take is that Congressman Pacquiao should just give up his post as a congressman, and do whatever else he wants to do for the country. I’m sure there are many congressmen who are not on full time work as congresssmen, the media just have not focus on them. No wonder our lawmaking concerns are much wanting.

  6. mikhail hieronymus on

    Do I sense some kind of jealousy or envy because this self-made man is succeeding in his endeavor? He is not stupid or “Bobo” because he is a smart boxer, a good businessman and a successful politician. Is this a case of our “crab mentality”?

    To those who are “bad mouthing”, Pacquioa, what are your accomplishments so far? Have you accomplished any of Manny’s successful venture? Don’t be envious, friend. You are showing your “crab mentality.” Once somebody gets successful, envy sets in and you will try to pull the person and his accomplishment down to the gutter. Pity! Do something for your self, friend.

  7. Charity start at home.Pacguiao doesnt care about his country,doesnt pay his taxes right,he think he is above the law,should put him in jail for tax evasion.He is a congressman,doesnt attend session at the congress useless politician,instead of investing here to help filipino boxer,he goes to China and invest to help chinese boxer.We have problem with China stealing our territory.As a Lt.Col. in the Army reserve this is treason,court martial then firing squad.Traitor,will never watch his fight again.

  8. Some of your comments sounds funny though understandable. I believe if China and Philipines fight Pacquiao will fight for Philipines, absolutely!
    He is as good as you guys. You guys are not better than Manny. You think you are patriotics while Manny is not? Are you serious?
    Manny is a super star in China. He just wanna make more money in China. If Manny is richer, he can help Philipines a lot more, right?
    Some of you think Manny will train Chinese to be world champ. That’s good! But I wanna point out that China businessmen just need Manny’s reputation to attract more customers. Pacquiao doesn’t need to teach. Actually I think he has no time to be Chinese boxers’ coach.
    Many Chinese love Pacquiao, he is really a super star in China. That’s why Chinese businessmen wanna coperate with Pacquiao.
    “Pacquiao also believes that this engagement just might help mend problematic ties between the Philippines and China.” That sounds really good! Pacquiao is not local. He is a worldwide super star!

  9. I couldnt care less who he trains & why he trains them. As the one guy already said he owes the philippines nothing. When he was starting out tell us what anyone did for him, nothing thats exactly what they did for him so he owes you nothing. Where i think you should get angry at him is in his choice of opponent. Did you know that in over 3 years he has only fought 1 welterweight & that was tim bradley in fight number 2. All the rest of them, including his next opponent have come from the light welterweight division. You all watch him fight for free on giant screens in basketball courts, so most dont even pay him now to watch him fight. Yes the rich pay to see his fights at home. You all complain floyd mayweather wont fight him, yet floyd offered to fight him twice & the 1st time manny said no as he wouldnt take rbt to fight night. Not a single one of you asked why, where most foreign fans think manny was taking illegal substances to enhance his prowers. Did you know he is the only fighter ever to refuse rbt for a fight & not just any fight as that fight would have been the highest grossing fight ever in the history of boxing & he was getting 50% of it, that evidence alone makes it even more likely he was taking illegal substances. But not a single pinoy will ever question him, or any other pinoy as its something you dont do in this country, thats why corruption is so rife. & its why i personally think he is getting into politics as he has seen the money they can get when they are congressmen.

  10. mikhail hieronymus on

    You might be saying the right thing, but have you ever consider that Manny did it on his own without any help from our government? Nobody help or recognized him until he was doing good outside the country. He does not owe anybody anything.

    Remember, he used to sleep in the street using cardboard boxes as bed. He was selling cigarettes to survive. Nobody gave him a helping hand. Now you are saying he should do something for the country. The BIR is even giving him a bad time, and want all his money to cover his taxes. China offered him some deals that he can not refuse. What wrong with that? I am sure that if some outfit should offer you a better position, better pay and all the benefits you want, you will quit your present position.

    Let us look at things in a different light, my friend. BTW, I like your writing style.

    • Floriano Racho on

      Pacquiao should understand that he is a Congressman representing the Philippine government and it would be a great insult to all Filipino people if he will bring his boxing talent to China , teaching the New People’s Army the art of boxing which will then be part of their martial arts.He should understand that China has been involved in serious bullying against our country and the of the Asian countries. We are being deprived of our pride as Filipinos and I consider this as an act against the interest of the Philippine Republic.I therefore advice him to quit from Philippine politics and go there as an overseas contract worker.

  11. Dear Ms. Santiago,
    Nandito po ako nakatira sa U.S. pero most of my family members are in the Philippines. Napanood ko ang interview kay Manny Pacquiao ng TFC staff tungkol sa topic na isinulat nyo. Lumabas sa interview na si Manny Pacquiao pa ang parang galit sa pagsabi sa mga Pilipino na “Huwag muna kayong dada ng dada dahil tutulungan naman ako ng China sa pagpapagawa ng Boxing Institutes.”
    Agree ako sa opinion nyo na sarili talaga muna ang iniisip ni Manny at ang akala nya lahat ng larangan ay kaya nyang gawin. Dapat mabasa ng maraming tao sa Class C,D E ang article nyo. Baka pwede kayong magpublish ng Tagalog version nyan para masuring mabuti ng ating mga kababayan ang mga nangyayari at matutong mabuti ng analytical thinking of current events/issues in all aspects of life.

  12. Peter Gonzales on

    What do you expect of Pacquiao? He does that and becomes a footnote in our consciousness. Utak talangka yang si Pacquiao, iwan ko ba kung bakit naging
    congressman e walang naman alam. Niloloko niya lang ang mga taong bumoto sa kanya at walang representasyon and distrito sa congreso.

  13. It’s really ridiculous to see Manny has engaged himself to do this. As you said, why not train our own boxers here in the Philippines. Congressman ka ng Pinas tapos mga Intsik ang tutulungan mo at hindi Pinoy. Obviously, the “piggy bank” needs more.

  14. Sports is a worldwide business. Manny is a businessman. Philippine market is not as big nor there’s a lot of “demand” for him because in the Philippines he is more of a Politician than a businessman or even a Philanthropist.
    China is a big market and they are not known to be good exporter of the business of Boxing, so it makes business sense to place his Boxing Institute there. He is a Philippine Pride. He is our product.We should take pride of him as our “export”, just make sure though, he pays proper taxes.

  15. What can you expect from an unpatriotic Filipino like Pacquiao? How many stupid Filipino voters elected Pacquiao congressman and a number one absentee receiving his salary? There should be a law or a rule in Congress that absentee elected public officials should not receive full salary. Pacquiao has delusion of grandeur and who thinks he is a better person than the ordinary “canto boy”. There is no doubt, he is a great pugilist but to help Communist China develop boxers because he will be compensated is atrocious and full of absurdity. Why can’t he help his countrymen especially the jobless and underprivilege? Mr. Manny Pacquiao try to think profoundly because Communist China has intruded the 200 nautical miles of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Phiippines. As a congressman, you should start investigating Gloria Arroyo for her role advocating and agreeing with Communist China regarding the joint-seismic exploration of the territorial waters of the Philippines. Be a patriotic Filipino Mr. Pacquiao and help Filipinos for all you know, you cannot bring your money to hell.

  16. let’s boycott him in d next election and forever to prove to him that we Filipinos are not idiots/bobo like …..u know what i mean!

  17. Pacquiao is a very busy man. He’s a boxer, congressman, actor, rock star, product endorser, tv show host, pastor, basketball playing coach, lieutenant colonel in the Phil. Army, now a Chinese agent and future Senator and President. If he wants to make a fool of himself, I say let him.